"On Your Knees"

Her tongue snaked out, licking the tip of the silicon and Anna felt the wetness gush out between her legs. She bit her lip, stifling a moan as she watched Rachel’s mouth slowly take in the length. Anna’s hips bucked forward, pressing the middle insert against her clit. She rocked back and forth, nearly coming at the sight of Rachel’s head bobbing up and down, leaving a sloppy wet trail with her tongue as she teased the fake cock. Anna’s fingers slipped into dark locks as she canted forward, sliding deep into Rachel’s mouth. The brunette moaned, spreading her lips wider and arching her neck so that she could bring her eyes back to Anna’s, a look of complete submission firmly in place.

At that, Anna came undone, shuddering and groaning as she continued to fuck Rachel’s mouth with the dildo. Not bothering to bask in the afterglow, she slid from between wanton lips and pulled the brunette to her feet. She pushed Rachel towards the bed. “On your knees,” she growled, loving the way Rachel obeyed immediately. She dropped to her knees on the bed, spreading her legs wide and burying her face in a pillow.

Grabbing her hips, Anna slid in deep. She set a fast past, pressing as hard as she could. Rachel’s muffled cries filled the air of the otherwise silent room and something primal snapped inside of the blonde. She bent forward, nipping the spot at the base of Rachel’s spine as she fucked Rachel harder and harder. She reached forward and grabbed thick, dark curls, pulling Rachel up close enough for her to whisper the dirtiest things she could think of. She reached around the front, pinching Rachel’s clit between her fingers and smiling when Rachel let out a high pitched whine from the back of her throat.

She let go of the hair, pushing Rachel forward again and she grasped slender, tan hips, enjoying the gentle sound of flesh meeting flesh. Rachel’s moans seemed to be building on one another and Anna was pretty far gone herself. So, she pressed up one last time, just the way she knew Rachel liked it. The brunette’s body went rigid before she began to shake, her scream muffled in the pillow she was biting. Anna followed behind her with a gasp and a whimper before she pitched forward, carefully avoiding landing on her stomach.
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