Caught dad with hooker.

My dad had been sick in cancer for a long time.
I drove by his house everyday to give him something to eat.

This day was like every other day.

I finished work and drove by the grocery store.

As i parked outside his house, i noticed a old european car outside his house.

Didnt think much about it as a walked to dads front door and rang the doorbell.

I just heard dads voice "Come in , son!! "

Entered the old house and walked in the kitchen.

I put the beers and the chickenwings in the fridge.

- Come in son, dad screamed.

I walk to his bedroom.

And he wasnt alone !!

He had called my regular hooker.

- She is better then you said , he said as he looked at me for a second.

Then he turned back looking at her sucking his cock.

I saw the smile on dads face as he came in her mouth, pumping his cum in her mouth.

She stopped sucking him , the cum dripped from her mouth as she said.

- Is your son paying ?

I looked at dad, he looked at be continued.
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