You: hey
Stranger: f 20 us horny
You: m 19 horny
Stranger: mmmm
You: want me to make you cum?
Stranger: yes
You: can you talk dirty?
Stranger: yes
You: show me
You: you wanna suck my dick?
Stranger: i have pjs with no underwear on
You: I'm in my boxers..
You: take off your pjs
Stranger: can you take them off
You: I'll tear them off
You: :P
You: ;)
Stranger: and throw me on the bed and tie me up
You: sure
You: also use clothes pins
You: on your nipples
You: how big your boobs?
Stranger: 48c
You: what color your nipples?
Stranger: brown
You: ohh.. nice..!!
You: I'll nibble on your nipples..
You: suck on your boobs
Stranger: im your slave do whatever you want
You: you getting wet?
Stranger: mmmm yes
You: want me to make you more wet
You: dripping wet?
Stranger: yes master
You: beg me
Stranger: please master make me wet as a river
You: I'll slowly make my way to your pussy
You: 1st lick the left pussy lip
You: upto your clit
Stranger: mmmm
You: then I'll lick your righr lip
You: then I'll slowly open your lips and lick and eat all your love juces out..
You: tongue fuck you..
Stranger: mmmm i have no where to run im helpless
You: put your fingers in your pussy
You: all the way through
Stranger: oooooooooooooooo
You: are they in?
Stranger: mmmmmmmmmmm all the way
You: now slowly take them out.. feel them sliding out..
Stranger: mmmmmmmm
You: now put them in your mouth
You: lick everything off them
Stranger: immm my cum
You: how does it taste?
Stranger: yummy
You: now I'll fuck you..
You: what style do you want?
Stranger: im tied up
You: I'll free you If you tell me how you want me to fuck you
Stranger: i don't want to be freed fuck me tied up
You: okay I'll tie you up
You: hang you by the cealing
You: then fuck you from behind
You: for hours..
Stranger: mmmmmmmmmmm yes yes
You: get a carrot or a cucumber now
Stranger: ummmmm you will stick it in me
You: yes!!
You: get it
You: did you get it?
Stranger: yes
You: now put it in your pussy
Stranger: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm its in there i need a dick tho
You: I'll put my dick in your ass
You: I'll put ice cubes in your pussy then stick you with a big slippery cucumber..
You: are you cumming?
Stranger: oh yes master ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
You: now where should I cum on your face or on youur body..?
Stranger: on my body
You: I'll drench you in cum
Stranger: mm all over my body
You: all over baby..!!
Stranger: mmmmmmmmmm
You: you done baby?
Stranger: mmmmmmmmmm
You: show me your picture..
You: you look devine
Stranger: mmm thanks
Stranger: im still horny
You: put ice cubes in your pussy
Stranger: mmmmmmm
You: attach car battery pins to your nipples
Stranger: i have closed pins
You: use them
Stranger: i am
Stranger: i do like it kinky
You: yea
You: me 2
You: rub your pussy vigirously
You: press it
Stranger: mmmmm
You: make it rough
Stranger: mm yes master
You: keep rubbing
Stranger: mmmmmmmmmm
You: reach the peak
Stranger: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooooooooooooo
You: rub!!
Stranger: im rubing im cumming master
You: cum
Stranger: im cuming
You: yeahhHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stranger: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm im cum i have cum all over me master
You: lick yourself clean
Stranger: yes master
Stranger: mmm i taste good
You: yeahh
Stranger: mmmmm
Stranger: what else you want me to do
You: suck my dick and tell me how you'll do it
Stranger: i will get on my knees and suck it
You: and
Stranger: suck it hard and fast and you hold my head down
You: deep throat me
You: make it sloppy
Stranger: mmmmmmmmm
Stranger: wet and sloopy
Stranger: my hands tied behind my back
You: you dont need them
Stranger: i know
You: carry on
Stranger: im sucking harder and harder im gaging on your dick and i want to take it out but you will not let me
You: no i wont
Stranger: im begging you to
You: okay one breath you can take
Stranger: yes please
You: okay
Stranger: thank you daddy
You: whose your daddy?
You: !!
Stranger: you are daddy
Stranger: mmmmm
Stranger: fuck me daddy
Stranger: please
You: I'll fuck you!!
You: ride me like a cow girl!!
Stranger: yes ummmmm
You: ride me girl
You: !!
Stranger: yes daddy
You: ride hard
You: bounce up and down
Stranger: i turn around so you see my ass in your face spank it
You: I'll make my hand print on it
You: SMACK!!!
Stranger: mmmmm harder
You: now your ass is red!!
You: Ima smack you soo hard that you'll not be able to sit for a week!!
Stranger: ohhh yes
Stranger:Now cum in my mouth.. mmmmmmmmmmm
You:open wide..!
Stranger:ohh soooo tasty...!! mmmmmmm
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