Me, my wife, and Carlos

It was a regular Wednesday night. I was out bowling while my wife stayed at home to watch her weekly TV shows. I was having a pretty good night bowling. I had already punched out back to back 200 games and was about to start the 3rd game when I got a text message. It was from Carlos. Carlos is a friend of mine that I met through Craig's List last summer. He had posted an ad looking for someone that would give him a blowjob on a regular basis, no strings attached. I answered his ad but explained to him that I couldn't host. I sent him my stats (Professional black male, 5'10", 180lbs, 48, 8" cut, oral bottom, married to a beautiful white woman, 5'7", 145lbs, 51, 38DD, shoulder length brown hair) and he gave me his in return. Carlos is Hispanic, 5'11", 49yrs, 190lbs, 8" cut and thick. He also mentioned that he was a heavy shooter, which caught my attention. I responded to the ad and we set up a place and time to meet. Our meeting place would be at a local adult bookstore.
I was there waiting on him when he walked into the place. It was mid-summer and quite warm outside. I was wearing spandex shorts with a sleeveless Under Armor shirt. I had just worked out prior to my arrival, so my muscles were pumped, and the veins in my arms were protruding. A lot of people could barely keep their eyes off of me when I walked in. I don't know if it were my muscles or the bulge in my shorts. I wasn't wearing any underwear under my spandex, so the outline of my semi-hard cock was noticeably visible.
It was early afternoon when he finally arrived. I was walking around the store browsing XXX videos when I noticed him. The bulge in my shorts began to grow the moment I looked at him. He was wearing a white tank top and cut off jeans that were really, really tight. He had a huge bulge that looked to be screaming for relief. I would provide that relief. I made eye contact with him and proceeded to the counter. I informed the clerk that I was retired military, which allowed me to enter the arcade area free of charge. I made my way back into the dark rooms to wait for Carlos. I found a booth with a gloryhole and patiently waited. I peeked out and saw Carlos heading to the adjoining booth. We actually stood there for a few minutes as our eyes adjusted to the darkness.
The darkness had finally subsided and I knelt down to the gloryhole. As I peered through hole, I could see Carlos' hand stroking his large piece of meat. He looked to be longer than 8 inches as he described. He was very thick and just a little uncut. The foreskin slowly moved back and forth has he stroked. I reached into my shorts and began to pleasure myself as I watched. He stroked his cock until it was rock hard. I could see the pre-cum dripping from the perfectly chiseled head of his manhood. I was in awe.
The desire was building intensely inside of me as I raised a finger to the hole. I could see Carlos turning his torso towards the hole. He stepped closer to the hole as I watched it slowly enter. His massive cock was staring me straight in the eye. It pulsated. It throbbed. It called me. I leaned forward and took him into my mouth. I licked the head as it slid across my tongue slowly at first. He began to thrust his hips back and forth and I sped up the pace. I licked everywhere that I could lick. I stroked his cock in and out of my mouth. I pumped and licked simultaneously and felt him thicken by the second. This went on for about 10 minutes until I heard him sigh. The sigh meant only one thing, he was about to unload. I braced myself and waited for the first shot. When he came, he came hard. The first cumshot hit against the back of my throat. I managed to swallow wave after wave of hot salty cum. He bucked at the hole and I held on. I milked him of every drop. He was a true "Heavy Shooter".
I released the cock from the hole and watched how it dangled in the dimly lit hole. A few drops of nectar remained for me to lap up. He retrieved his cock back through hole, knelt down to whisper, "Thank you! I'd love for you to be my regular." I was delighted and excited about tasting him again.
Our relationship continued to grow from that day. I've come to learn that Carlos was married once and had to k**s like me. He said that he had been recently divorced and started visiting adult bookstores for the first time when he came to the Springs. We would meet on many occasions following our first encounter. We met at my house a few Saturday mornings when my wife and son were at work. As our friendship grew, so did his loads. He once shot a huge load down my throat that I could barely swallow, pull out and shoot more all over my face. It was incredible!
So, on this night, I was instantly excited when I got his text. It was the first time that I received a message from him at night. The following is the text message conversation;

Carlos: Hey, what are you doing?
Me: I'm bowling tonight.
Carlos: Damn!
Me: What?
Carlos: Dude! I'm so horny right now.
Me: How can I help?
Carlos: Want to meet tonight?
Me: I can't tonight...gotta get up early.
Carlos: We can meet at your place.
Me: My wife and son are there...
Carlos: You still have that sofa in the garage?
Me: Yeah...
Carlos: We can go out there...
Me: Good idea! Awesome!
Carlos: What time are you finished?
Me: I'm on my last game right now.
Carlos: Cool! I'll meet you at your place.
Me: Ok...if my wife is still up, I'll introduce you and then we can hang out for a little until she goes to bed.
Carlos: That'll be fine...see you then.
Me: Ok man...

When I finally made it to the house, I saw Carlos' car parked around the corner. I pulled into the garage and waited for Carlos to get out of his car. He met me inside as I closed the garage door. As we headed inside, I was totally taken back when I opened the door. My beautiful sexy wife was on the couch asl**p dressed in a negligee with her legs spread exposing her most gorgeous hairy pussy. I looked at Carlos and motioned with my finger to keep quiet. I noticed on the coffee table, that there was a half empty bottle of wine. I turned off the lights and motioned for Carlos to lie down in front of the fireplace where it was a little darker in the room and slightly out her eyesight if she were to awake. I picked up the remote control and changed the program to an adult channel. I lowered the volume and began to undress quietly. Carlos took note and began to undress as well. I watched him release his throbbing cock from his jeans. I almost shot my load watching. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled to my sprawling wife. I reached for the bottle of wine and took a few gulps. I slid the bottle to the other end of the coffee table for Carlos before I dove into my wife's tasty pussy.

She moaned in her sl**p as I tongued her pussy. She was wet and she was ready. She kept her eyes closed as I moved her pussy a little closer to the edge of the couch. I motioned for Carlos to move in behind me. As I licked her, I whispered to Carlos, "Slide that big thing into her as I lick her." Carlos was hard and he was ready. I licked her clitoris and he guided his cock to her awaiting hole. He slid the head in and she moaned. Her eyes began to open when I leaned in to give her a passionate kiss. I whispered in her ear, "Just relax and enjoy." She seemed to had no problem with that request.
Carlos began to thrust into her slowly as I kissed her lips and darted my tongue inside of her mouth. My hands found her nice tits and I began to pinch her nipples. She moaned with every touch from my hands and every thrust from my big cocked friend. I sucked on her tits and watched Carlos' cock dive in and out of her sopping wet pussy. He would occasionally pull out and the glow from the TV would light up her glistening pussy hairs and lips.
I sat back on the couch to get a better view. Carlos was deep inside my wife's pussy. He was driving his meat into her like a machine. I stroked my cock hard and fast. I was going absolutely crazy inside. I heard him say he was getting close, that's when my wife wrapped her arms and legs around his body. She wanted all of him. He pounded into her, I watched, I stroked, she moaned, he grunted. With one final thrust, he emptied his load into her steamy pussy. He collapsed on top of her and his mouth met hers. Their tongues danced with each other's. I was in heaven watching such an incredible sight! Before Carlos could pull out of her, I crawled in between his legs. He slowly pulled his cock from her soaked pussy as I extended my tongue. His juice mixed with hers had the most delicious flavor. I lapped up every drop as I brought her to an erupting orgasm. She filled my mouth with her womanly aphrodisiac. I felt the heat in my cock build as I slid my cock inside her. She was really wet. The sloppy sounds of me drilling her, made me shoot in a matter of seconds. I filled her pussy with my own spunk and once again returned to my knees to help with the clean-up. We all laid back exhausted, returning to our regular breathing. WOW! What a night!
My wife headed upstairs and I thanked Carlos for a wonderful evening. He left with a smile on his face and a little stagger. I can't wait to do this again! Oh, by the way, my last game was a 300.

88% (24/3)
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great story
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wow wish i was there
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Super hot...loved it!
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