Courtney's caning

Courtney had been summoned to the Headmaster's after school, as she made her way to his office along the corridor, she sees her Mum and her younger b*****r, who she had just collected from school, waiting outside.
Her mother shakes her head in disbelief that Courtney had been caught smoking for the umpteenth time.
The Headmasters door opens, Courtney's form teacher Miss Jenkins looks out and calls Courtney, her mother and b*****r inside.
They all go inside and look at the Headmaster, who is sat behind his desk, everyone takes a seat, expcept Courtney, who stands in the middle of the office, head bowed, in her rather scruffy school uniform. her long legs bare down to her little ankle socks and shoes.
The Headmaster gives her a stern lecture, then tells her there is no option now but for the cane!.
Everyone nods their heads in agreement, as this has gone on far to long. The Headmaster gets up and walks around next to Courtney and tells her to get up on his desk onto all fours,
Reluctantly she does as she is told, he gets her to arch her back up and to keep her head down low.
Courtney bottom sticks up in the air as everyone looks on.
The Headmaster lift up Courtney's skirt up over her back, exposing her regulation school knickers covering her fifiteen year old bottom.
The Headmaster then hooks his fingers into her pantie waitsband and pulls her knickers down to her knees.
Courtney's b*****rs can't belive his eyes as not only can her see his s****rs bare bottom, but can see her slit poking through between her legs, he must think he is the luckiest b*****r alive.
Courtney Mothers too can;t help looking at how grown up her daughter is now, but for her attitude,
Miss Jenkins has a smile to herself' knowing how humiliated Courtney must feel.
The Headmaster has seen many of his pupils in this state, but Courntey was for sure one of the hottest girls at the school.
The Headmaster picks up his cane and without warning whacks Courtney across both cheeks, leaving a red welt across her bottom.
Courtney reaches behind and rubs her bum cheeks, making them part in the process, exposing her tight little rosebud arsehole to her audience of f****y and teachers.
The Headmaster gives another five wipes across her bare bottom, before telling a sobbing Courntey to get down from his desk. Courtney pulls up her knickers and leaves with her Mum and b*****r.
40% (3/5)
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not bad, but dose it lead to any thing more!!!!