The School Photograph

Having missed having her School Photograph taken because of Illness, her parents had arranged for a private Photographer to take a photo after school. Courtney a very pretty fifteen year old, Long dark hair tied up in a ponytail, slim curvacious figure and long legs that most women would envy, made her way to the studio, When she got there it was a door leading up to a flat over a shop, not the most glamerous of places.
She walked up the narrow staircase and knocked on the door. The door opened up and there stood a balding man, in his late fifties, cigarette hanging out of his mouth, where a dirty looking vest and shorts, with a short and rather fat figure, not a pretty sight all the same.
"I've come too have my picture taken" Courtney told the Photographer, she immediatly felt at unease as he looked her up and down, with a smirk on his face.
He show's her to a Stool, to which there is a white backdrop on one side and a Camera on a tripod on the other.
Courtney sits down as the Photographer gets behind his camera and takes half a dozen pictures, before asking Courtney to take off her blazer, for a few blouse and tie shots.
He keeps telling how beautiful she is and asks if she had ever thought about being a model? she goes red and giggles, he tells her she has the looks and he could get her a modelling contract for sure. Courtney starts to take an interest, this sounds like a fantastic opportunity and tells him she would be interested.
He gives a smile and says she would have to have a portfolio of photo's and that he would only be to happy to take some to pass on to his mate in the Industry.
The Photographer says normally he would do a shoot in a swimsuit or Bikini, but as you don't have either on you, I would only be to happy to take a few pics in your underwear.
Courtney blushes, but thinks this an opportunity too good to miss and agrees.
She removes her tie and blouse, then removed her skirt, then realises she is wearing her Winnie the Pooh panties. 'Opps are these ok, not very sexy?' The photographer smiles 'No Thats kind of cute", he tells he to keep her socks and shoes on.
He gets her to pose first on, then by the stool in a number of poses, some with her bent over, showing the most of her shapely bottom and of her cleavage.
The Photographer keeps sweet talking her all them time making her feel more and more confident. he then tells her "of course you will have to do some topless pics as all glamour models do?' Courtney blushes but know he is right and slowly unhooks her bra and lets it fall exposing her small but shapely breasts.
The Photographers smiles and snaps away with his camera, asking her to pull on her nipples to make go hard for the camera. Courtney pulls on her nipples and feels them go rock hard like little bullets, she feels so rude doing this, infront of a man old enough to be her granddad,
The Photographer has not finished yet and suggests some nude shots and tells Courntey that the knickers need to some off.
Courntey obeying every command slips her fingers into her knicker waistline and slowly pulls down the Winnie the Pooh panties, exposing a thin covering of pubic hair above her tidy looking slit.
The photographer adjusts his crotch as he admires the hot schoolgirl, his cock rock hard.
He take a few tastfull nude pics, before suggesting a few more suggestive shots, asking Courtney to hold her pussy open a little, first from the front, then getting her to bend over and hold herself open from the rear.
The Photographer take plenty of photo's then tells her he has all he needs.
Courtney picks up her knickers and is about to put them back on, When the Photographer take them off her and ask's for payment. Courntey shakes her head 'Payment?' He grins and unzips himself and pulls out his hard cock and places Courtney's hand on it 'suck it!'
Courtney kneels down and take the Photographers cock in her mouth and starts to suck, obviously not her first time.
The Photographer fucks Courntey throat and starts to cum, shooting his hot salty sperm into her mouth, she gags as some dribbles down her chin.
The Photographer tells Courtney "come back again for more payment after school each day, or else you wont want these photo's going around the playground do we?'

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