Holiday Fun

It was the last time I had a Foreign Holiday with my parents, on the Spanish Island of Lanzerote.
To be honest I realised I should not have come, my Idea of a holiday was different to my parents. I was not old enough to drink alcohol and with no friends of my own age around I just lay by the pool most of the time.
This particular day my parents had gone on an excursion around the Island. so I just made my way down to the pool in my bikini to catch some sun.
I had noticed this old guy opposite watching me, he had this ridiculous swimming trunks on, that someone would were in the 1970's, probably when he was my age?.
I needed to go to the toilet, but was not sure if there was one near the pool and I did not want to go all the way back to the apartment. I asked the man opposite where the toilets were, he answered back in a German accent that he was not sure, but said I could use the one his his appartment which was just by the pool.
I was bursting now and it sounded good to me, He got up and picked up his key and I followed him back to his place. He let us in and he showed me to the bathroom, as I walked in he smiled at me at asked if he could watch.
I was suprised, but in the back of my mind I knew he was after something in return.
I was bursting so agreed for a easy life, I pulled my bikini bottoms down, the old guys eyes bulged out as he looked at my shaved slit, I sat down and parted my legs as he knelt down between my legs and looked at my pussy.
I parted my labia and started to pee, his eyes lit up even more as I unleashed a stream of hot piss into the toilet.
When I finished I paused for a second as he studied my pussy. I reached for the toilet paper, but he said 'No No' as he moved his head between my thighs. The next thing I knew he was licking at my pissy pussy.
I felt heavenly as this guy, easily three times my age was licking my sex.
He then stood me up and got me to bend over the toilet as he wanted to lick my from behind. He took my breath away as he started to lick my arsehole as well as my pussy.
He then lead me into the bedroom, where he removed my bikin top and started to suck on my hard nipples, whilst fingering my pussy. I looked down and could see his erection poking out of his trunks. He noticed me looking and sat me down on the bed. He pulled his trunks down and off as his hard cock waved in the air in front of me. He grabbed my head and brought it towards my mouth. I licked out at the tip, which had all salty pre-cum on it. He pulled his foreskin back as he pushed his cock into my mouth. It was quite a mouthfull my the hot meat felt so good as it throbbed in my mouth.
Suddenly his started to buck and a torrent of hot salty sperm his the back of my throat, I gagged a little and I felt to sperm leak out of my mouth and down my chin, dropping onto my breasts.
The German guy pulled his cock out and told me to lick it clean. I did as he asked, licking up all his sperm from his shaft and pubes and balls.
Now I had made a friend on Holiday my fun was only about to begin....
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2 years ago
3 years ago
"as I walked in he smiled at me at asked if he could watch.
I was suprised, but in the back of my mind I knew he was after something in return"

No shit
3 years ago
lol... old guys are just so grateful for action of any kind... they'd lick ur pissy pussy lips and ur arse if u offered them...
3 years ago
I like this story perhaps you should have pissed straight down his throat. If he did not like he would have grabbed you and spanked your naughty ass
3 years ago
I can almost taste your teen pee and anus... mmmm! xx B4P
3 years ago
i hope there's a part 2
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice story, i am german, so i could be that guy... ;-) well done...
3 years ago
Lovely little story, quite graphic in fact. Could i also watch you taking a nice pee then lick you clean?