Unfair Justice

I was sixteen and my best friend had gone away on holiday. So I ended up around the house of these two boys I knew at school. Daniel who was In my year and his b*****r Thomas who was a year younger. They were quite a well off f****y and had a small swimming pool in the garden. I was invited over and I had but my one-piece swimming costume on underneath my clothes.
The boys were already in the pool when I got there, both in swimming shorts. I took my clothes off and noticed both boys were ogling me in my swimsuit, so I quickly jumped into the water. We larked around in the water as you do.
Then for a laugh as Thomas was stood on the steps leaing into the pool, I tugged at his shorts, not realising how loose the were, as his shorts came right down. I could see his willy, which was all shrivelled up. I giggled as I thought it was so funny. Thomas pulled his shorts up and got upset and ran into the house crying. I looked at Daniel, but he was not laughing either and I started to feel guilty.
Next thing I knew, the boys father came out to the pool and he was not looking pleased. He told us to get out of the pool. Daniel and myself got out and stood by the pool, drying ourselves off.
Their father asked Daniel what happened, to my horror he told his dad that I deliberatley pulled down his b*****rs shorts so I could see his willy.
The boys now stood each side of their Dad, both looking at me with disgust.
Their dad lectured me on my behavior. He then said it was only fair that having seen his son's penis, that I should have to show what I had in return.
I was in a state of shock, did I hear right!!
he told me to take off my swimsuit, I started to hesitate, but their dad was gettng angrier and he shouted at me. I started to sob as I did as I was told.
I pulled my straps down off my shoulders and pulled my top down, both Thomas and Daniel grinned as they saw my boobs, my nippled were rock hard as I was feeling the cold, there Dad still had a face of fury. I pulled my top down , exposing my belly button. I paused hoping he would not make me go any further.
'Right off' he shouted. slowly I pulled my swimsuit right down and let it fall to my feet, I swiftly covered my crotch with my hands.
Thomas and Daniel both had big grins and even there Dad had a smile now. 'Hands on head' he shouted. I did as he said, exposing my shaven slit to the two boys and their dad.
Their dad walked over and cupped my boobs, squeezing my nipples with his fingers and thumbs. He then placed his fingers each side of my pussy and slowly pulled my labia apart, exposing my pink insides to the two boys.
The Dad then made me turn around and bend over with my legs parted. He then pulled my bum cheeks apart and showed the boys my pussy from behind spreading it even wider that before and this time pushing a finger up inside me, then getting both boys to do the same. While they were taking turns fingering my vagina, their dad started to probe his finger around my arsehole.
Then just at that moment, the boys mother shouted out from the house, that my mum had phoned to say that I had to go home as my tea was ready!.

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1 year ago
Haha... lmfao at the ending.. Classic..
2 years ago
Sounds like the story isn't finished!
3 years ago
saved by the phonecall... or not???
3 years ago
Bad girl... good Dad!
3 years ago
Your stories are incredible. I'd love to make you spread your cheeks for me exposing your anus before I lick your arsehole.
3 years ago
Cracking story!
3 years ago
funny one !
3 years ago
Is there more to this story? Great job.
3 years ago
Such a tease ;), great work.
3 years ago
more more,,a very good start,,thanks
3 years ago
Aimee i like to put my hand in your panties in a crowded nightclub while u buy a drink and slide a finger in your arse.
3 years ago
very good fustrating to be left hanging
3 years ago
sounds like you missed out on a chance to return the favour !!!