Ordered Spanking

With my partner working away for long periods of time, we have a open relationship, were we allow each other to have sexual experiences with others, to the point where my boyfriend sets me up in various encounters. This is just one of them.

I was at work, when I got an email though from my partner, he told me not to go home but to go straight to the address he gave me, to meet a Mr Harris. The next sentence just said "he is going to cane you!".

As I finished up at the office, I kept wondering who this Mr Harris was and the thought that he was going to cane me, both worried and excited me.
Before I left I checked myself in the mirror, I looked pretty hot, my black skirt and matching jacket, showing off me slim figure, with my white blouse underneath. I looked as my bottom, hoping Mr Harris will not be dissapointed. My stockinged legs and my heeled shoes bringing out the best of my twenty year old figure.

I made my way to the address, I had a tingling of excitement in my pussy as I saw the front door of the house. I rang the bell, a man who must of been in his late fifties answered. "Mr Harris" I asked, he smiled and told me to come in. I was a bit shocked to his age, but this only made things seem even more surreall.

"I hear you have been a naughty girl" he said, I just went with it and said that I had. he lead me into the front room, I saw a cane on the large table in front of the bay window. I felt myself start to tremble as things were started to get real.

He picked up the cane and told me to take my jacket and skirt off, I did as he said and removed both items of clothing and stood in my blouse, knickers, stockings and shoes. He then told me to take my blouse off, which I did. When down to my bra and knickers her pointed towards the door and told me to go upstairs to the main bedroom, he followed behind me carrying the cane.

As we went into the bedroom he told me to take my bra and knickers off, I shyly took my bra off as my breasts became exposed I could feel my nipples harden. I pulled my knickers down, exposing my shaven slit in front of the man old enough to be my grandad.

He smiled and told me I hade a nice looking cunt in a rather creepy way. He then told me to go onto all fours on the bed. He specificely told me to arch my back, part my legs to make my ass stick out. When I later did this in front of a mirror at home, I realised he could see my pussy and arsehole in this pose.

The without warning he brought the cane down hard on my bare ass, "ouch" it hurt like fuck!! I wriggled and writhed on the bed like crazy as my ass stung like hell. This made him more angry and he made me get back into this position time and time again as he caned me repeatedly twelve times.

After he had finished I was expecting him to make me suck his cock or he was going to fuck me, but he just told me to get dressed and go. My ass was stinging as I walked home, but I was left to fucking horny and couldn't help but to have a quick finger on myself before I got home.

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1 year ago
Grt story... but god id hav deffo fuked u b4 u left... ;)
1 year ago
Very Hot! Like this one...
2 years ago
I agree with Bound4Bondage... I want more!
2 years ago
Fancy not fucking you. Warming up a girl's arse should always be a precursor to sex.
3 years ago
Silly old fool, I'd have made you diddle yourself for me, fucked you in both holes and come in your red little arse! Thanks, I loved it! xx B4P
3 years ago
very hot & good
3 years ago
good, but i wanted more!
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
that is beautiful!
3 years ago
your stories always give me a hard on xx
3 years ago
personnely would of given your freshly caned ass a very loving tounge bath and then eaten your juicey pussy