d***k sex with the wino's

I can't believe I stooped so low, but it happened.
I had been to a hen night with the girls and got well pissed. We had all gone out dressed as schoolgirls, you know the look, one that always goes down well with the lads. We all had a great night and started to split up as we made our way home.
I walked through the local bus station towards the taxi rank. As I walked through I saw two wino's sat on a bench drinking their booze. They soon clocked me and started to wolf whistle me and shout out smutty comments.
I don't know what it was but I felt the urge to go up and confront these two vagrants. They both looked suprised as I marched up towards them. I gave them a mouthfull of abuse back, they just laughed and ogled my body. 'Show us your tits love' one of them shouted out. I don't know why I did what I did next, but I lifted up my blouse and pulled my bra down, exposing my boobs, my nipples were already rock hard because of the cold.
They both choked on their drink, I was now feeling like a right slut and enjoying it. They were both in their late forties or early fifties I reckoned looking at there bearded faces.
One of the d***ks asked If I fanicied going somewhere more private, I looked around and noticed others looking over. They both got up and lead me towards the mens toilets at the bus station. As I walked in the smell of piss filled my nostrils, i felt so dirty it was a turn on. One of the men closed he door and pushed a bin up against it so we would not be disturbed.
One of the men started to feel at my tits , pinching my nipples. The other guy said he loved my schoolgirl outfit and had always wanted to feel a schoolgirls cunt. With that he put his hand up my skirt and felt my pussy through my knickers. He leant forward and put his mouth to mine, his breath was disgusting of alcohol as he pushed his tongue in my mouth.
The other guy was now taking my blouse off. They both stood back and pulled my skirt down, leaving me in just my knickers and shoes. The then yanked my knickers down and stared at my shaven slit for a moment, before their hands dived in and felt and fingered my by now wet pussy.
They both pulle dout their cocks and started to wank in front of me one rubbing against my slit, while the other rubbed up against my ass and up against my arsehole.
I went down on to all fours and took one cock in my mouth, against the smell was disgusting, his cock was all pissy and sweaty and probably has days old cum on it too. But a cock is a cock and I sucked on it greedily.
I could feel the others guy fingering my pussy, before pushing his cock deep into my eighteen year old cunt.
As he was fucking me he was also probing my anus with a thumb or finger, but it felt great whatever it was.
It was not long before I climaxed and as I did the bloke fucking me shot his cum deep inside my cunt. I then felt the other guy about to cum and braced myself for a mouthfull of spunk. Suddenly my mouth filled with hot salty sperm which actually was not as disgusting as the original taste.
I quickly got dressed, but could not find my panties, I think one of the tramps kept it as a trophy.
As I left the toilets I got dirty looks from the crowd opposite, then I looked behind me and one of the wino's was waving my knickers above his head.
I was feeling well embarressed now and quickly made my way to the taxi rank, but with no knickers on I could feel spunk dripping down my inner thigh.

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2 years ago
Sounds like you need a good old fashioned caning... and then a solid fucking... you naughty girl!
2 years ago
That was fucking hot!
2 years ago
Loved it!
3 years ago
you dirty slut
3 years ago
3 years ago
very good & hot
3 years ago
Damn that was hot!
3 years ago

you’ve been wanked over by Paul
3 years ago
fucking hot story you nauthgy school girl
3 years ago
Mmm... you are a nasty little bitch aren't you... ;) love it...
3 years ago
Hot story i live not far from you!!. If u want to live out your fantasies xx
3 years ago
amazing...loved it
3 years ago