Longest humiliation by Cherry (part 1)

You probably already know I love to play BDSM games with my friend Cherry. Sometimes she's the Mistress and sometimes it's me. While I like to improvise she gets her ideas from the Internet. xHamster is one of her more popular choices. So did he for this session, too, so if you find this story similar to a movie you see here please leave me a link as I would like to see the differences between our session and the original one.


So Cherry called me last Friday and told me she is expecting me on Saturday morning in my schoolgirl outfit at her home at exactly 8:00 AM. She knew well that I can't reach her by that time whatever I do. And I knew this means another punishment for me being late.

So it was almost 9 AM as I entered her house in my schoolgirl skirt, white shirt, bra-less, black thongs, and black over-the-knee socks. It was quite cold outside and my nipples were quite hard and visible under my shirt. As I was noticed she told me to sit on a chair at the kitchen table. She hold me a long speech about me being late and irresponsible.

She was dressed like a (male) teacher with an obvious bulge in her jeans. I was wondering what was that. She saw where I'm watching and told me I'll found out in no time. But first I'll have to play along if I want her to forgive me. I have to be punished for my behavior.

She gently started kissing me and it slowly turned into a lust-full French kiss. She touched my hard nipples through my shirt and pulled them hard. Then she put her finger in my mouth and f***ed me to suck it by pulling my hair.

She made me to stand up and lifted my skirt to uncover my bottom. After a nasty grab on my ass and pussy under my thongs she bent me over the table. I knew what is coming next but I was quite surprised by how hard she was doing that. I was already crying out with the second slap!

"You won't get away with this so easily like before, slut! I bet you were fucking with someone again last night and were lazy to get up to arrive on time.", she said and continued to spank me really hard. She continued to do so until my ass turned red while I cried out with each hit.

When she was done with the spanking I was f***ed to kneel and she tied my hands with a piece of rope behind my back. She didn't stop there as she also tied my ankles with another piece of rope. "You're a little slut, Aimee, and I'm going to prove it!", she whispered on my ear as she unbuttoned her pants. A large fake penis popped out - she was was wearing a strap-on!

"Do you know what is this? Will you suck my cock, slut?", she asked and I nodded. As she put it next to my mouth I realized it's smelling funny. Something was wrong about this fake penis. I tried to turn my head but she pulled on my hair again and f***ed it in my mouth. It tasted like piss! "Yes, I pissed on it this morning. You deserve this humiliation, bitch!", she said as she f***ed me to suck on it. It was quite large and she pushed it very deep but I was unable to fight it.

When I sucked it clean she lifted my shirt and started pinching and pulling on my nipples while kissing me. She threw in a slap or two on my tits as a surprise as I cried out from the pain. She removed her pants and made me suck on the fake cock again. It slowly started turning me on. She knew this, of course, and started teasing me and moving the fake cock away while I tried to reach it with my mouth. "See? I knew you're a little whore.", she said and I felt ashamed.

She f***ed me up and pulled my skirt down to my ankles. She bent me over the table again with my hands and ankles still tied. And then she spanked me again. Even harder than before. She said she is getting bored of my cries and put a ball gag in my mouth. She lowered my thongs to my knees and spread my cheeks so she could lick my anus.

And just when I though she couldn't spank me harder she took a whip and started whipping my ass. I couldn't really cry out with the gag in my mouth so all I could was moan. And cry because of the burning pain. Cherry was quite serious about this punishment.

She stopped and spread my cheeks again. I felt her wet tongue licking my vagina and exploring my entrance. I can tell you that I wasn't really wet from all this pain and her finger in my vagina was quite painful. I moaned even more as she inserted two fingers and fingered me hard and painfully. I was wondering what has gotten into her...

She straightened me up and turn around so I leaned on the table with my tied hands and burning ass. Even though I was crying hard from the pain she went even further by whipping my tits. And no, it was not an erotic arousal type but the real painful mark-leaving type of whipping.

I was begging with my eyes to stop. I doubt that it was the reason but more pain for me as she moved her whipping from my tits to my lower tummy and pussy. It hurt like hell. As I tried to move away she told me it will get even worse if I dare to move. So I cried in pain a little bit more as she alternated between whipping my pussy and tits.

She turned me around again and bent me over the table. I stopped crying while I was scared and listening to her while she was preparing for the next thing. I had no idea what it could be. She spanked my ass a little bit more and then ordered me to put my ass high. I did as ordered and then I realized what she was doing a minute before. She was putting some lube on the large fake cock that was now f***ed into my pussy.

I was very thankful for that little lube because I finally got some joy and was getting wet as she pounded me hard from the behind and my nipples rubbed against the table surface. She spanked me some more while fucking my now wet pussy but I was slowly forgetting the pain as I enjoyed the big cock inside me.

I was nearing an orgasm when she stopped and turned me around again. She removed my gag and f***ed me to suck on the cock some more. When she got satisfied with my humiliation I thought she is done with the punishment, but I knew I was wrong when she ordered me to climb on the table...

(continued in part 2)
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3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
How come Cherry is so tough on you this time?
She made you cry and weren´t allowed to come yet!
If she doesn´t reward you well in part two, you would start to long for a terrible revenge! ;-)P
4 years ago
good girl, well written, and erotic. have a look at mine you may enjoy them