Naked fun at an old fort and mountains

I was (and actually still am) at that age when you're insecure about your body no matter what and quite ashamed of it for unknown reasons. So some f****y and friends happened to have a full free week and we all decided to go to a weekend house and relax there for a few days. It was quite an amount of people (around 20) that I normally know and meet regularly. Nobody of my age really so I felt quite bored there. Someone mentioned that there is an old fort on the top of the mountain that is not that high and one can walk to it in an hour or so. That sounded like fun so I got a few oldies to walk with me up there. It was a spectacular sight and nobody except us there since it was during the week. It gave me a great idea..

Two days later when I was sure everyone is tired and lazy enough NOT to climb to the fort I got some lite clothes on me and went by myself to the fort. I took some food with me and said I'll be back late in the evening (it's a safe area so no probs there). After quite a walk I reached the fort and ate something. I enjoyed the view for a bit and decided it's time for action.

First I removed all my clothes. For those interested it was only a white t-shirt (small tits - most of the time no bra), tiny pink g-string (really a string, basically hides nothing), and jeans hot-pants. I left only my sneakers on since it was quite a rocky area and put all my clothes in the backpack and on my back. It was Thursday morning so there was a light chance for someone climbing and seeing me totally nude and it was quite an amount of adrenaline for me.

The fort was basically a couple of high walls and no standing roofs for any structure. I walked around exploring and found also some basement/dungeon entrances with signs that it's safe to go inside. There were also some where it was dangerous to enter due to possible cave-ins. On one side there was an easy walking path as access to the fort and on the other side was quite a cliff with a forest. I climbed the wall and glanced down the cliff - a scary drop.

I knew I will not do this otherwise so I took my backpack with my clothes and threw it down the hill. I saw it falling through the trees after a few seconds. The only remaining option for me was to go down there completely naked and retrieve my clothes before I return to the house. It should have been an easy find.

I decided to spend some more time at the fort and walked around the walls and then inside. I had to pee so I squat down in one corner and peed while looking at my bald pussy. While peeing I suddenly heard some voices. Somebody was entering the fort! The entrance was quite further away so I had plenty of time to hide. I didn't know if they will split or no, or how deep in the fort will they enter so I quickly ran to one of the "forbidden" cellar accesses and got down.

I hoped they will walk around quickly so I will not have to enter deeper and in the dark. I was scared and my heart raced. I realized what a stupid idea this was. Then I heard the voices coming closer. I waited long enough to recognize three male voices and one that could be both male or female. I didn't want to risk anything so I went deeper in the dark all the way to the edge of the light entering through the opening.

I almost cursed when I heard their names coming closer. I had no other choice than to slowly walk into the pitch dark while still keeping the opening in my sight. I made a few steps and bumped into a wall. The air was very moist and cold down here and I was already getting goosebumps. I squat down trying to keep myself warm.

Unlucky as I was I saw 4 shapes at the opening looking down the stairs. There was no chance of the seeing me but due to much light around them I couldn't make out their faces either. I heard them talking. They were wondering what could be down there, how it's unsafe to go in, some stories about dungeons and bondage rooms, and other bullshit you hear people talking when they visit a ruined fort.

Suddenly I felt something cold touching my ass. I quickly tried to remove it with my hand and felt something with many legs crawling on my hand. I couldn't stop myself from screaming and I let out a scream like somebody was killing me and shook the thing off my hand. Without thinking I ran out of the cellar just in time to see four guys running away without looking back.

Seems like I was lucky and my scream got them shit their pants and run away. Pussies. I quickly looked and found no nasty bugs on me so I decided to quietly sneak after them and find my clothes and end this stupid thing I started. I slowly walked towards the entrance and when I reached it I saw them walking fast down the path and away from the fort. They must have been really scared a lot.

I waited for some time and when I was sure nobody was around and coming up the path I quickly moved. As soon as I was around the bottom of the cliff I ventured off the path and into the forest to reclaim my clothes. It took only around 15 minutes to reach the spot that was right under the walls and close to the place where my backpack should have dropped. Guess what? It was nowhere to be seen.

I spent maybe an hour looking for it but I just couldn't find it. It must have been found my someone or disappeared. Or maybe it stuck up on a tree? I started looking up to the trees but I couldn't make it out. It was mid-summer and a lot of leaves so even if it did stuck up there I had no chance of finding it.

Now I was in trouble. I had an hour or so of walking down to the house and I was completely naked. Since there was not much choice I decided to walk back to the house the other way around - through the forest. When I will be close to it I'll decide what to do. At first I walked so the path was in my sight but later I had to either walk down the path or go the other way and lose it from my sight. I wasn't afraid of getting lost since I knew the area so I ditched the path and went down the other way.

After around two hours of my naked walk through the forest I finally reached a stream. I knew this stream was passing near the house we were in so I decided to follow it. At one point there was a steep drop and a small waterfall. The only way for me to get down was to walk across the stream to the other side and take a small detour to be able to get down without climbing.

Of course, I got into more troubles here. The bottom of the stream was a very soft mud and as I stepped into it I sank over my knees into it. I got scared but thanks to God there was a tree nearby and I managed to reach one of it's roots and pull myself out. You probably already guessed I lost my sneakers in the mud? Yes, now I was completely naked, WITHOUT my sneakers, and all muddy. I felt like shit.

Being barefoot slowed me down as I carefully had to pick my path through the forest floor. The detour was a success and I soon returned to the stream and followed it as it curved through the forest. If I remembered well there was a small lake somewhere along the stream so I had to be careful not to meet someone there.

The lake (more like a pool) was clear so I took a bath to get rid of the mud. When I was done I stood next to it and waited to get dry. I thought how great this is and I was having fun when I saw some nettle. Then I realized (once more) what a stupid idea this was and all the trouble I got into (and safely got out). I was needing to get punished for doing this.

At first I wasn't sure how to do it but then I just stood next to the nettle and squat into it. It immediately burned my ass and pussy. I moved around a bit so I could get even more stings that I will remember for some time before I try to go all-naked in public again. I squat there until tears appeared in my eyes and then stood up. My ass and pussy were full of small blisters that were burning like hell. It was time to move on.

By the time I was close to the house the pain become itching and I stopped crying. As I slowly crept to the house I saw nobody was around. They either had an afternoon nap or went somewhere. I ran to the cars and was lucky that ours was unlocked. Our extra clothes and stuff were in the car so I quickly wore something.

The next thing was to send Cherry an SMS in which I said to her to prepare some punishment for me when I'm back because I was a very bad girl...
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4 years ago
nice story............wish i had been at the fort
4 years ago
nice story
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
like it
4 years ago
Hot hike - hope Cherry rewarded you well! ;-)P
4 years ago
very nice and naughty want to know how she punished you ;)
4 years ago
A very nice, sexy story - thank you. Perhaps your next story could detail the punishment Cherry meted out to you - after all, on your own admission, you ARE a very bad girl...