Boarding school - punished for passing notes

My high-school was fantastic. It was a boarding school with allowed physical punishment. The punishment was mostly more humiliation and public shame with which they tried to make us behave properly and learn. I never had problems with learning and grades but I did stuff on purpose to get punished.

The boarding school was relatively close to our home and I was at home on weekends. They had loose rules on uniforms which can be broken down to "girls wear skirts and shirts but still decent". This is the rule I mostly abused and got punished for it. The other important rule was "no sex/masturbation" which was also relatively easy to break (age of consent in my area is 15).

This one time I was in a real goth mood and my hormones were crazy due to menstruation. For classes that day I wore a black shirt, no bra, black panties, short black skirt, black thigh-high socks, and my Dr.Marten's boots. Black eyeliner and black lip-gloss. I didn't forget my blue contact lenses because the blue eyes were perfect contrast to all the blackness on me.

I made sure to have a maxipad, too, because I enjoyed it and the skirt made a bit visible I'm wearing one. The girls were hating me and going crazy because I was full of confidence while I should have been feeling uncomfortable. Truth to be said it made me turned on.

As I entered the class regular I enjoyed the regular looks. Lust from guys, hate from girls. I just smiled as I sat on my place. The first class went fine and I was disappointed. It was a male teacher who either enjoyed my looks because he rarely sees something like that or he just didn't notice me.

Next class was history with a strict female teacher. She was the classic archetype you get to see in porn movies. It seemed she didn't notice my clothes so I had to do something. I wrote some cryptic text meaning nothing on a piece of paper and casually handed it over to a girl next to me. She looked at it, was puzzled, and handed back the note just in time to get noticed.

I knew I got her in trouble, too, but I didn't care. She was a real slut, breaking boys' hearts and spreading STDs. The teacher immediately came by and took the note. She looked at it and asked what does the text mean. The girl, let's call her Ann, had no idea and I said it's gibberish. Of course she didn't believe us and threatened us with punishment.

"Poor" Ann really had no idea and blamed it on me. I was honest about the gibberish but still guilty for passing notes. Not to mention the way I was clothed. There was a short reminder on school rules and policies and I was led in front of the class. I bent over the teacher's table and she took a long ruler which she wanted to spank me with.

It was the 20th century and one wouldn't believe there is a school that still does these kind of things. Neither did I but when I found it I knew I wanted to go there, and it was close to our place. So then the fun started.

She lifted my skirt to spank me. They normally spank students over the panties but there was a number "666" in red on the back of my black panties. I could hear the class being shocked as they knew what is coming next. The teacher completely freaked out. I was called a satanist (though I really had nothing to do with that) and Antichrist and other names. I, naturally, had to take off the panties and she threw them into the trash.

One of the students was sent to the principals office to get him while I was bent over with a naked bottom on the teacher's table. The class was in complete silence. When the principal came he was explained what is going on and he decided about the punishment. It was 20 strokes with a cane. In front of the class. Right now. Exciting, isn't it?

Although I was well used to the cane (did a lot of self-caning at home) but it was still a bit more painful when someone else did it. He started without too much explanation and I endured the first few strokes very well. By the 8th stroke I was crying out with each stroke. When he reached 14 I was crying.

But don't get me wrong now. Even though I was in pain from the canning I still enjoyed it. And I enjoyed it a lot. It I didn't had a tampon in my legs would already be wet. I was excited a lot. The principal added two extra strokes so we were done with the 22nd. I cried and I was turned on. The class was still completely silent.

I was sent to my dorm to change my clothes and then get back to class. I ran through the halls and yard with a smile as my skirt was often lift from the wind to reveal my naked red bottom, unshaved pussy (another rule I tended to break), and tampon string.

I looked at my bottom in the mirror once I reached my room. There were several read marks on it. I was slowly getting used to the pain and rapidly getting more and more excited. First I had to remove the tampon as it was completely wet. When I did that I undressed and laid on the bed.

I had to hurry so there was not much time to play around. I slightly spread my lips with one hand and massaged my clit with the other. I could feel my pussy juice dripping as I massaged my clit with circular movements. Faster. Faster.

Menstruation or no I couldn't resist. Turned over on all four and fingered my vagina while I massaged my clit. I imagined getting more cane strokes while masturbating. Faster. Harder.

I came suddenly and fell on the bed trembling from the joy and pinched my nipples while waiting for the last orgasm wave to pass. Then I quickly washed my hands, put on new clothes, and rushed back to the class.

Back in the class I faked a bit more crying and generally had troubles sitting for the rest of the day. Fun times.
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9 months ago
Oh I loved that :))))) story
Trouble sitting is were I am right now :))
Zoe xx
2 years ago
Mmmmm very nice! Can I do that for you?
4 years ago
hot sexy & very naughty luv you girl
4 years ago
Her selfconfidence is the real turn-on here: Aimee knows very well what she wants, and makes sure she gets it - well deserved!
Like her 5 stars ;-)