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Absolutely love Asian women! Asian women are by far the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

Love watching anal, DP, blowbangs, ball-sucking, cunnilingus, and

Love the look, smell, and taste of a woman's ass and pussy.

Asian women in particular have such beautiful colors--bistre pussy and asshole, spiky black pubic hair, pale skin.

One of the many miracles of a woman's body is how close together her anus and cunt are. So much filth and pleasure, just an inch apart!

Smells like ass!

I mean, what the hell is oozing out of her anus?!

She may shave her pussy to please you and try to seem "clean," but you know her beautiful bistre asshole is going to stink. There's no way around it!

If she shaves, you get an unobstructed view of her pretty dark pussy lips and asshole, and you know she's a slut who will do anything to please men.

The first step in owning a woman is to make her shave her pussy. Tell her she's a whore whose sole purpose is male sexual gratification, and that men prefer her pussy to be bald.

If she keeps her pussy natural, then you get the added pleasure of those beautiful, straight, spiky black pubes that perfectly compliment her pale skin.

There's always a nice variety of Asian pubic hairstyles. Here we have shaved bistre lips and a full spiky black bush on top!

Just love seeing an Asian woman's tight, hairy anus staring back at you while you fuck her in doggy. The smell of a woman's asshole is incredible.

And just look at that forest of spiky black pubes, as your semen drips out of her snatch and over her hairy stink! Such a beautiful sight.

Or when your load drips out of a shaved whore's beautiful bald pussy and onto her shit hole. She's so proper and manicured, but you make her feel filthy!

Suck that hairy dick! This Asian has perfect tits and a beautiful face. Nice patch of pubes down between her thighs, too.

My biggest pet peeve in porn is all the shaved cocks. Pussy is
beautiful hairy or shaved, but men should have a full bush, IMO.

If a man shaves, he misses the pleasure of dominating a woman by making her suck his hairy dick!

And Asian women really know how to please a man. You can always count on them to lick your balls.

When she takes one nut all the way in her mouth like that and sucks on it, it feels so fucking good!

Few sights are more satisfying than an Asian girl staring up at you, with her cute face in your pubes, as she sucks your hairy balls or cock.

It's so hot to see hairy cock fuck shaved Asian pussy! Beauty and the beast, the way it should be.

Or, even better, when a hairy cock fucks a shaved Asian's asshole.

So tight, so dirty!

Asian women are perfect for sharing with friends.

It's so fucking hot she takes two hairy dicks in her mouth like that and touches the tips together.

Sex should not be limited to just one-on-one encounters. One woman can easily satisfy several men, and it's hotter for everyone involved when a woman is outnumbered.

Have your friends inspect your wife's pussy and asshole!

There's nothing like seeing a woman covered in the semen of several men!

A woman's mouth, pussy, and asshole were meant to be simultaneously filled with cock.

And while I love and respect women, sometimes it's best to get a little rough and use her like a whore.

There's something primitive about a man or a group of men taking a woman by force and fucking her as they like, using her for their pleasure.

Every woman I've ever been with has asked me for rough sex and has fantasies of being ravaged. Women also get turned on by rough, gang-bang porn and violent hentai.

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21 hours ago
Thanks for that one, there's a lot to tongue and chew on :)
1 day ago
Thanks for accepting my invite...great profile! I love them sexy Asian! :)
1 day ago
thanks for your comments on my 'Large Labia Minora' galleries... Unfortunately, I have very few -if any- pics of Asian girls with large pussy lips
3 days ago
Thank you for always many comments!!!
16 days ago
very nice. more please?
21 days ago
Thanks! Same here (obviously). We share many similar tastes--except I don't like shaved cocks, prefer men to be hairy ;-)
21 days ago
thanks much for your up-posting 'Korean Cute Girl Giving BJ and Licking Ass' . i loved it. i have azn fever!!!
22 days ago
More stinky please
24 days ago
I'm loving excellent spread legs and pussy in sexy pose ready for fuck and masturbation
27 days ago
Fukin stunning,thank you!
1 month ago
Thank you for the add!
1 month ago
could not agree more about asian women, once you have been there you never go back!
1 month ago
Thanks for your comments, now I know where to come for an Asian reference.
1 month ago
Thanks for the comments :)
1 month ago
thanks :), love asian women!
1 month ago
1 month ago
I agree that all Chinese women are different. My wife is rather hairy, her friends less so. As for ass, of course it doesn't stink after she washes! My point is, whenever you see a beautiful woman during the day, chances are her ass is unwashed and stinks a little, which is how I like it ;-)
1 month ago
1 month ago
1 month ago
Excellent page, will be looking thru the galleries for sure!
1 month ago
I do not think your married to an asian wife
Chinese women are different even thru out mainland
I like your site but ass does not stink when properly
Cleaned and my wife has little hair naturally
Keep up the good work
I'll be back :))
1 month ago
Fantastic collection and oh my god... Your profile is absolutely amazing... I really wish I could post my videos but :-(
I'm a huge fan of your collection and you're my hero... Thanks for always posting such good pictures and videos... I always look for your updates...
1 month ago
Thanks bud, that shaved cunt in your avatar is hot!
1 month ago
Love your content the pics are superb love young hairy pussy
2 months ago
thanks for your last comment, my wife loves playing with her cat suit when I'm on business trip
2 months ago
Fantastic content and thanks for your compliments!!
2 months ago
Can you add me please, i am a lover of asia beauty as well, thanks
2 months ago
Thanks for invite. Beautiful avatar and love your profile. I agree with you. I love Asian and Indian women as well.
2 months ago
Thanks. I realy like tour profil too
2 months ago
nice stuff and good taste :)
2 months ago
Couldn't agree more, Pound for pound Asian (Japanese} woman are the most beautiful.
2 months ago
Honored to make your wall and glad you enjoyed my contribution to xHam!
2 months ago
Thanks bud! Sorry, I don't have yahoo.

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