Babysitting fun

This story is about me and my cousin that i used to babysit when i was 14, she was 12 her name was Amy (name changed ofcourse)

I used to babysit Amy every weekend, her parents used to go out drinking alot, and sometimes asked me to stay the night because they were too d***k to come home.
One night I was asked to stay the weekend, friday to sunday, Amys parents wern't going out drinking they were going on a business trip together and i said ofcourse i will, anything for f****y. At about 11 i told Amy to get ready for bed because it was getting late, she did and went up stairs to get ready, i told her i would be up in 5 minutes to check, after 5 minutes i crept up the stairs and stood outside her room, the door was open a bit so i looked inside and saw her playing with herself, only with her pj top on, so i stepped back and waited another minute, i heard groans from her room and my cock just slid down my mants and i could feel it throbbing, i thought to myself, what the fuck?! this was my cousin, but i was turned on by it.
I tried getting rid of it but it wasnt going, so i grabbed the washing basket to cover it up, i knocked on Amys door and i could hear her franticaly searching for her pj shorts and getting into bed when it went silent i heard her say "come in". "good your in bed" i said with the image of her in my head. i quickly turned around and said night to her and walked fast out of her door turnign the light off.
I went down stairs and got my laptop out, i was still rock hard and needed to let off some steam, i was watching a video and jacking off when i heard Amy say "what are you watching?" i quickly covered up the screen with my body and said to her "nothing" she started to talk when i interuppted her and said "why are you out of bed?!" i shut the laptop and without thinking i stood up and her jaw dropped, "whats that?" she asked, i thought shit, i forgot! my cock just stood up in my shorts, me with my quick thinking turned it on her and ordered her to bed, she went and i thought damn i was just about to come, i opened my laptop but i wasnt turned on by the two women in the video, i was turned on by Amy.
I went to check on her and she wasnt in her room, i looked all around the house and found her in my room going through my stuff. She said "i was just looking.... for .... urm...." i hadn't said anything and i started to grow again, it stood up in my shorts and i saw her staring at it, Amy said "i know what that is, its like this" she pulled out a dildo, i asked her where she got it from, "my mums bottom drawer" it wasnt as big as me but she started to stroke the dildo, i was so turned on, she got closer to me and knelt down, she said sexily "is it as big as this?" she slowly pulled my shorts down, i stopped her when she got to my shaft, you cant do this i said, we're f****y, "only by bl**d" she replied. she carried on pulling them down, it sprung up about a inch from her face,, she put the dildo next to me and said "wow your bigger than this, they should make you nto a dildo!" i was proud of my shlong, the first girl to compliment me on my cock.
She threw the dildo onto the floor and grabbed me, she started to stroke slowly, she pulled my foreskin back and she smelled me. Amy opened her mouth and went closer, nearly touching it she stood up and kissed me, i moved back at first then i saw the lust in her eyes. i got closer to her and we kissed again, it was amazing, she was the best kiss i have ever had. she took my shirt off and threw it away from us, she stood there looking at me then said "what are you waiting for?" i didnt know what she was on about but i got closer and kissed her again, she pushed me away and said "dont you want to see my body first?" i finally clicked on and lifted her shirt up, she didnt wear a bra to go to bed,i took her shirt off and dropped it on the floor, i took one step back to see her chest, even though she was young they were still pretty big, i could only guess at what size they were, she tugged at her shorts and i ulled them down revealing her panties, i leftthem on her and picked her up we kissed as we went into her room, i threw her on the bed and she spread her legs, she started to rub her thigh and getting closer to her panties i stopped her and said, what are you doing? what are we doing? she told me "i want to please my cousin, is that so bad?" i asked her if she was a virgin she told me "yes but i've watched how they do it in your videos, i sart to copy but insteasd of a cock i use my fingers", she said "please you dont have to think of me think of someone better looking with a hotter body", (right my cousin is hot, she is a stunner) i told her the only person i can think of is her, she smiled and we hugged, she could feel me on her stomach and she told me to lay down, she started to stroke my slowly then getting faster, she licked my shaft stopping when she got to the head, she wet me and started to toss me off faster she stopped and put me in her mouth and i heard her gagging put she f***ed herself to get me in her mouth, i looked at her throught and saw me in her throught, i lifted her head nad told her to breath, she laughed and sucked me again................

More to come folks :D
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4 years ago
4 years ago
Great start! Really looking forward to more cousin fun!
4 years ago
Where's the rest? Fuck that thing!
4 years ago
you have a mean streak in you very good story and yes please do more
4 years ago
Great story
4 years ago
do more
4 years ago