Joey's Powers Part One

“I keep seeing it! You in collar with a leash, you in a private school outfit on the computer and playing with you lips, and you fuck your twin s*s’s brains out with a strap on!” He said yelling and pointing at each woman in the private room.
The girls blushed at their deepest fantasies being revealed.
“Y-You really keep seeing that?” one woman said.
He sits on the couch frustrated. “What is wrong with me…?”
Joey is a pretty happy bunny. He has friends, job that he loves, a house; it’s pretty much set on track for him. But there’s one little thing missing in his life… he never had sex.
For some reason, he’s always the regular guy. In high school, he didn’t have the girls because they didn’t really didn’t pay attention to him and the same in collage. And he didn’t go to the frat party because he was trying to get through the books, but he was part of a frat house. But, he had never had some. He was a guy to hang out with but JUST to hang out with. He wasn’t gay and he was sure of it. He was and average Joe. Even his nick name was that.
He didn’t really have an urge for sex either. It was like his sex drive had a engine but lost the keys. He didn’t feel like he wanted to have and he didn’t feel wanted in the 1st place, so he left it alone. He didn’t even THINK of sex. He thought it was another 3 letter word. But that was all about to change…
One day, he was just going to his job. He sees his co-worker, Candie. The way she looks she lives up to her name.
Her boob size is a large d cup, but the way she wore her shirt was you would think it was bigger. She has some junk in the trunk and her work skirt makes it stands out a little bit, even though she’s sitting in a chair.
She was on the same level as Joey in knowledge and in working there. She was very smart that’s been proved in her pay check and her degrees.
“Good morning, Joey” she said smiling.
“Morn-” He stops to look at a distance. He’s seeing her playing with her pussy in his mind. Then, he heard moaning in his ears.
‘What the… is this really happening?’ he thought. He shakes his head to erase the image.
Then, he just sees her working… like nothing happened.
‘But I saw… she was… was it just my imagination?’ he asked himself.
“Um, Joe, are u ok? It looks like there’s something on your mind…” asking with concern.
“Huh? Oh, it’s nothing. Just thinking about the paperwork I have and collage days.”
“You too?” She sighed then smiled as she though back over her days.
“I had known some things that I never really noticed before” she said think back into her days.
As she was into her own daze, he go back to office he always worked in, and well worked.
Three hours later…
“Well, it time for lunch. Mmm… Hehe…” he said rubbing his hands and drooling.
As he stretch his legs, he saw that candie isn’t at her office. He just shrugged it off and went to the cake monster:
“Hey Joey, it’s the usual eh?”
“You got it gary. One carrot cake please!”
“of course, it’s on the house!”
He smiled and just sat by the window. Almost had forgotten, he brang his notebook out and decited to just sit and write down his thoughts:
I’ve been knowtisting some weird… visions. Maybe it’s some illusions. I know one thing though… this can’t be good.
“here’s you cake sir.”
“thank yoooooooooooooooo-ohmygod….” He said backing his chair up.
Dark make-up, pircings, and bl**d dripping from the corner of the mouth. Looking down south… Black courset, stocking, and black heels… panties not included. Bending over oh so slowly with her shiny bl**dy red fangs…
“Sir are you ok? Did I scare you?” she asked.
Seeing her now after his vision, she has less make up, some piercings and wearing her workshirt and some cargos.
“A little…”
“sorry sit. I won’t bother you anymore..” and just scruiied away before he could say a word.
“ok joey, get a grip. Nothing like this just suddenly come up. Let’s try to look at the options…”
He starts thinking about the ouptions and walking. As he wen’tt back to the office, he bump into his boss, dara.
"watch where your going Joey!"
"sorry boss. it's just thaaaaaaaa-ah!" he suddenly screamed and crawled back.
Now, like a dog waiting to be walked, she was there on her knees just waiting to be fucked. nothing but a leash on with the handle end and wip in her mouth the faint sound of wimpering in his mind. He quickly shakes it out.
"what is wrong with you?" she asked.
thinking quickly he thinks of a reason to distract her.
"there was a spider on your shirt." he said.
Frighted, she quickly wiped off her buisness dress and legs and shivered.
"I HATE spiders!" she said and walking away.
She smiles know that that bitch earned it. he went back to the office and just worked. then candie came in and asked "she didn't really had a spider on her shirt did she?"
"yeah, it was crawling up her leg quickly."
"well at least SOMETHING has gone up there..."
"yeah. her crack is so tight might as well say that she was made out of concrete."
She smiles, catching the joke.
"Oh joey your the best i ever had!"

so shocked that it stopped him in mid-typing.
"What did you say?" in a conserned tone.
"I said you always have to be so bad!"
"Oh... some sometimes you have to sin to be a saint." he said.

"true... nice quote. well don't be in here too late. i gotta stay late get done with papers. don't wait up ok?"
"Ok candie. I won't."

"why does she always stay late around here?" he thoughed.

"well she gotta earn that pay check one way or another..." he said.

As he ke kept working he started to feel tired. after about an hour, he just fell asl**p behind the desk.

Then, nightfall came in. when he woke up it was dark and on the other side of the tinted windows, he seen a computer still on. he look in his top drawr for his uv flashlight. shines it in the room to see the pathway to the door and turned the flashlight off. as soon as he was at the door, he heard some moaning behind it:

"Ohhhhhh... fu-fuck meeeeeee.."

He then relises some one was still here.

"ok if this isn't real, no more carrot cake at the cake monster!" he thought. "here it comes"

he opened the door silently and could not believe what he saw...

To Be Contuned...

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4 years ago
A nice start of a story. Do you have a spell-checker you could use? That would help the readability. Thanks for the posting, will be looking for more.