What I'd do to you.

i start off by kissing you and run my hands down to your waist where ill grab your ass and press you against me so you can feel my hard cock against your pussy through you clothes. As i pull at your shirt and take it off of you ill kiss down the side of your neck down to your breast, where ill start rubbing your perfect tits as i suck on them. As i continue to suck on your tits ill rub your pussy and strip you of your pants and slide my hard cock back an forth in your cunt to get you really going. than i will lick down your stomach and eat your pussy out until you climax the first of many times. when i finish eating you out, ill slide my hard cock into your pussy with your legs wrapped around me ill suck on your breast as i thrust deep into you. then ill pick you up and grab you by your ass and let you thrust yourself sliding up and down my dick with your tight wet pussy. than ill have you get on all 4 with your pussy to me so that i may grab you by your waist and shove this cock you want so much deep into your pussy once again and trust as hard, as deep and as fast as i can until I'm about to cum. As i cum ill quickly withdrawal and let you turn around and suck every last drop out of me.
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