Keisha's Afterglow

I waited patiently in the “quiet” room for my new massage ther****t to come for me. Actually fucking my ther****t isn’t the norm, but it happens often enough that I keep after these moments of afterglow. As they say, hope springs eternal! I was scheduled with Keisha and, based on her name, hoped to have a black ther****t working on me. I’ve always enjoyed the sight and feel of a black woman’s hands flowing sensually across my tan, muscular frame.

A very attractive, young black girl came out into the waiting area and introduced herself as Keisha. She must have been in her early 20s and I was pinching myself. I couldn’t wait to be on her table with her hands exploring my body. I should also mention that she was pregnant and showing. She still had a slender build but her tummy was nice and round. I’d say she was probably six to seven months pregnant.

As I mentioned, I have had some good sexual fortune at professional spas in the past but always go in with the expectation that it may take a number of visits before the ther****t “crosses the line” and ventures into sexual touching…if they ever do. One of the first hurdles I have to overcome is building trust with the ther****t. I want her to know that I am not an undercover police officer or someone from the corporate office that is evaluating her.

Keisha seems a little quiet, shy perhaps, as she takes me into the massage room which is filled with low, warm lighting. Keisha steps out while I undress and prepare to get on the table. The table has a sheet with a heavy blanket over it. I toss the heavy blanket to the side and get under the sheet only. Having one light piece of fabric—versus a thick blanket--over me is much more conducive for accidental flashes and showing the outline of my hard cock.

The first massage was rather straight forward. We talked and I answered her questions about what I do, and we have a fun conversation during the hour. I learned that she was married and had completed her massage therapy certification about six months ago. I coach her on how I like to be massaged and emphasized the Swedish technique with emphasis on long flowing strokes and relaxation as the goal. A good Swedish massage also make me incredibly hard when a ther****ts works on my legs, glutes, and abs. I didn’t mention that her. As the session came to a close, I needed to decide if a second visit was in the cards.

I was definitely in for a second visit! Her technique was fantastic and her touch had me hard most of the massage. At one point, while I was on my back, Keisha was working on my thighs and hips. Her strokes felt fluid and sensual as her hands flowed around my thighs and hips. I was rock hard as well and just knew she could see my straining erection pressing against the sheet. The way she continued to massage my legs and hips made me feel like she was okay with my reaction—maybe more than okay.

On my second visit, I felt like I had earned her trust and could push the envelope a bit. Starting the massage on my stomach, I positioned my cock to the side so that if I became hard, my cock would extend outward from under my hips and be exposed. As I anticipated, her sensual flowing touch across my hips and bottom gave me a serious erection. I had to raise my hips a bit so my cock could fill and expand to its full length with swollen head. It was definitely exposed. Keisha’s hand flowed sensually down my left side to my hip and was on course to brush against my exposed cock. My breaths shortened and my heart began to race as I anticipated her touch. Keisha adjusted her line of movement just enough to move above and around swollen head and engorged shaft...soooo close! I knew she was looking at my hard cock because she moved her hand perfectly around it. She said nothing but the erotic tension was building.

She must have wondered if I knew my cock was exposed. Maybe she wanted to touch me but wasn’t sure if I wanted to be touched. I was literally throbbing for her touch, but it didn’t happen. I did tell her it felt really good when she worked that area. Keisha had been much warmer this visit and had complimented me about my physique during the massage and, as I was leaving, made some flattering comments about the way I dress. She asked me to schedule another appointment. I still felt there was potential for some fun with Keisha so I booked my third appointment.

As I came to the spa for my third visit, I decided it was time to be more forward and see if she would be playful. If not, I was going to move on to another ther****t. Keisha started me on my back this time. As usual, I removed the blanket and left only the sheet on me. I pushed the sheet all the way down to the base of my cock. I have a trimmed and tight happy trail that runs from my belly button into my “manscaped” pubic area. My flat stomach, moderately cut abs, and trim low-cut pubic area were clearly visible. The way I had the sheet loosely folded over my hips, I knew a portion of my cock was visible under the sheet. I also anticipated that when I became aroused, my hard cock would slip out from under the sheet and stretch upward along my flat abs.

Keisha was going to see a lot as soon as she walked in, and I was anxious to see how she would respond. My heart was beating fast as Keisha walked in. We made some small talk and she made no attempt to cover me up. Erotic tension filled the room. She didn’t say a word and began working on my legs first. My cock immediately hardened and rose under the sheet as she worked my leg. Unfortunately, for me at least, the sheet rose with my cock and kept it covered. Bad staging on my part! I so wanted to see how she would respond when my hard cock was exposed.

After finishing my front side, she had me roll over. She worked her magic on my hips and, again, traced just above my straining manhood as she worked my left hip. She was also careful not to move inside the inner part of my glutes…SUCHHHH A TEASE! I needed more! I told her the top inner portion of my thigh needed some work. She was unresponsive to this request and, with probably five minutes left, I had almost given up hope. I made a final move.

I reached my hand back across my ass--moving the sheet as I did it—and placed it where my hamstring joins my glutes. I had completely exposed my ass and balls. I asked her to work on this area. Keisha’s hand move up and inward towards the area I identified. It felt amazing! Her hands brushed against my balls and I whispered to her, “Mmmm, that feels REALLY good.” Hard to know what was going on in her mind the past three massages (including this one), but it seemed she finally understood what I wanted and was more comfortable with me. Her hands slowly returned to my balls and over the course of minute or two began to exclusively focus on them. With every second and touch, she crossed her line of professionalism. Keisha slid one hand under my package and held both balls in her hand as she worked them. Fuck! I can remember that moment now and my cock is hard as I type this. The delicate dance that led to this married, pregnant, African princess holding and massaging my balls made the moment that much more intense. Unfortunately, I knew the hour was about to end. Still holding my balls, she asked if I liked it. I told her, “That is just what I needed!” After I dressed, she asked me to come back soon.

As you might imagine, I scheduled my fourth appointment as soon as possible and booked a 90 minute appointment. I needed to strike while the iron was hot…and my “iron” was very hot! Keisha started me on my stomach this time but nothing was happening. This was not how I had imagined this session going at all. Before I knew it, she was done was this side of my body and asked me to turn over on my back. I was almost pissed off at this point. She had rubbed my balls from behind last time and this time she did nothing. I remember deciding at the time that this would be my last appointment. She must have felt like she went too far and had risked too much last time. I didn’t like it but could understand. After all, being a ther****t is her profession and the way she will help provide for her f****y. Why would she jeopardize that?

As I rolled over, Keisha said nothing but started working on my left leg. As she moved to my thigh, her touch seemed especially sensual. Her hands moved higher and inward along my thigh. Making circular motions, her hands brushed against and pressed into my balls. My fortune seemed to be changing and my attitude improved in fast order! I spread my legs further to give her full access. Her left hand reached under my balls and lifted as she simultaneously took my shaft in her grasp. Fuck yeah!

It was such an amazing moment to have gone through this entire series of massages with all the teasing and to have this woman finally holding my cock and balls. I leaned up and forward to kiss her, but she pushed me back down. After a minute, she released me and moved to my right leg. I was confused and frustrated. Maybe she was weak for just a moment and got a hold of herself. My cock was rock hard but she didn’t touch me anymore, damn it! Finished with my legs, Keisha moved behind me and began working on my head and shoulders. She ran her hands sensually down my chest and to my abs but didn’t continue to my cock.

I was feeling incredibly frustrated! This was still going to be the last visit. What she did was bullshit! If she was going to do that, she needs to give me a little more at least. Knowing she had already grabbed my cock and that this would be my last visit, I decided to be very bold. I slid the sheet off my hips and down below my cock. My manhood was completely and purposefully exposed…no accidental flashing now! Slowly, my hand encircled my cock and I worked it until I was full and throbbing. No words were spoken by either of us. It was so wild to be stroking my cock with a woman watching beyond my view. I wondered what she was thinking and feeling…if she was even watching. Was she scared? Was she wet? Focused on my cock and wondering what she was thinking, I was startled to feel her breath and lips on my ear. Damn, she was kissing me! I’ve had a lot of fun in massages before, but I’ve never had a ther****t initiate the first kiss—much less, a pregnant, married, ebony beauty.

I turned my head towards her and we kissed. I sat up and spun around to the side of the table with my legs hanging over the side. I had intended to pull her close and kiss her but she had other ideas. She went straight down on her knees and took my straining manhood deep in her mouth. Damn, I had barely even kissed her! Obviously this was what she had been thinking about for the last few visits. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and took a long look at the underside of my shaft and ran her tongue along it from the base to the tip before her lips and tongue on my head and then taking me in deep in her mouth again.

I am still sitting on the side of the table and lean back on my elbows for a better view. I bet the last thing her husband thought his pregnant wife would be doing today is sucking a white guy’s cock at work. The balls that she had rubbed and held last week were now engulfed in her moist, full lips. She worked one into her mouth and then fit both of my large balls in her mouth. She gently pulled them away from my cock which she held firmly in her hand. My eyes trailed down my flat stomach to the happy trail that led into my little patch of hair and to my package which was being devoured by this hot babe. Her black hand contrasted vividly with my straining white cock and my balls had completely disappeared in inside her full lips. I watched intently as she worked on me. She released one ball from her mouth and I could feel the cool air on it which contrasted sharply with the warmth of the other still held in her warm, moist mouth. She then let the other slip from her silky lips. She lifted my sack upward and licked underneath…her tongue flicked softly below along my smooth, hair-free bottom. I spread my legs further and lifted my thighs to give her better access below.

I have been getting my ass waxed for a couple years. One of the many perks I experience from waxing is having a silky smooth, hair-free zone which seems to be so inviting for women. Keisha was no exception. With my legs lifted, she continued to kiss and lick underneath my balls. Her mouth trailed slowly downward as her lips and tongue worked their way towards my clinching hole. Eventually she settled her attention on this area and her tongue alternatively licked and probed my exposed hole. She was so into it! I think her husband must have been ignoring her needs—not me! She grabbed both my cheeks and pushed them apart and she plunged her tongue as deep in my ass as she could get it. The tongue fucking she gave my ass was beyond amazing! I remember my feet almost cramping from the plunging my ass was receiving.

Not wanting to run out of time and miss the opportunity to fuck her, I sat up and pulled her up off her knees. I worked a hand inside her pants and into her wet panties. Keisha was absolutely soaked! I worked a couple fingers into her sopping pussy before moving to free her large, milk-filled breast. I savored the weight of her full breasts and traced her pregnant curves. It was driving me wild to think about fucking another man’s wife while she was carrying his baby. I moved off the table and behind her to slide her pants off. I had planned to go down on her but, as her panties fell to the floor, she leaned over on the table and parted her legs. She was ready to be fucked!

I rubbed my dripping head along her pussy lips--savoring the contrast of skin color--before working my white cock in her hot black pussy. Her juices saturated my shaft as I worked deeper and deeper into her married black pussy. Passion was exploding in our room but needed to be contained--on both sides of our room there were other massages going on and I could be hear people and soft voices moving up and down the hall outside our door.

Keisha was risking so much to fuck me. This was her profession and career. She had paid good money for her training and spent many hours preparing for her certification. This was how she would help provide for her f****y. None of that seemed to matter today and she was consumed in a blaze of passion. I had spent maybe three hours with her over the last month but here she was bent over her massage table taking my white cock nice and deep. Keisha kept telling me how good it felt and begged me to never stop fucking her!

I leaned back to take in a good view of the scene below. I squeezed her ass and spread her cheeks as I watched my rock-hard shaft move out of and then disappear inside her black lips and into her pink. I could feel my heavy balls tightening and knew I would be coming soon. Sounds of her begging me to never stop fucking her and the faint voices of people in the hall filled my ears. I could feel pressure on the tip of my cock as I penetrated her deeply. Her pregnant belly pressed against the table added to the moment. I pressed harder and deeper as she struggled beneath me. Married and seven months pregnant, her husband would be so proud. I could feel the surge building and then it clicked…I was about to come. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into me as I drove her like I owned her! I wanted my load so far up in her that she would feel me dripping out for days. I wanted to make sure her husband had several days to get a nice taste of my cum too! These thoughts ran through my mind as my white cock shot multiple creamy ropes of cum deep in her pregnant pussy. I held steady as she spasmed below me and my softening cum-soaked cock slowly slipped out. I milked it a bit and placed a final large dollop of sperm on her ass…owned!

Post Script:
I have created a 3D depiction of this story with captions in my photo albums. I'm by no means a 3D pro, but I feel it does capture the vibe and details of this moment as Keisha and I experienced them. Hope you enjoy!
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9 months ago
No doubt she was scared the first few times and needed some trust time between you both. Great story!
1 year ago
Thank you, this was a very hot series of massages...surreal the way it all went down so perfectly!
1 year ago
excellent story
1 year ago
Awesome story. Love it
1 year ago
Great! Nice work! :)