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Redefining Black Manhood

The Black Man: the most coveted, feared, persecuted, emulated, desired man on the planet. Join with me as we begin to slowly chip away at the detrimental and unhealthy definition of what it is to be a Black man and start to redefine what it takes to be a strong, empowered Black man in this society. A GOOD Black man is one who is honest even when he recognizes the consequences of his actions might be detrimental to him, who understands that he has to develop all aspects of his personality in order to be a whole human being. A REAL Black man is one who acknowledges that woman are equal and necessary partners in a relationship and that their needs, wants, and desires deserve equal consideration, and who isn’t afraid to admit his fears and shortcomings, one who is willing to push past the pain in order to heal.
Posted by AfroerotiK 2 years ago
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2 years ago
This is true and every black man needs to accept who he is. It is not cool to fuck every female that you come across! It is not cool to abandon a family because you are afraid! If you are that afraid of a family wrap it up! Or don't use it!
2 years ago
the love I have for my wife makes want to be a better man!
2 years ago
My are totally awesome....just awesome!!!!
2 years ago
I love this! You are wonderful.
2 years ago
i'm so so glad that you're writing again.
2 years ago
I am far from perfect but I strive daily to be worth of the Queens of Creation, Black women.
2 years ago
I like that!