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Dark, Sweet Knight

Dear, delicious, sweet, chocolate warrior. One thing we need to work on is redefining how you function, operate, and communicate with me. I don't need a sub to yes Ma'am me to death. You are a Black man, you carry the weight and responsibility of being the most revered, feared person on the planet. You are strong, wise, noble, altogether brilliant and beautiful. That should come across in every word you utter, every minute of the day, in my presence and out. I don't want a weak, sniveling submissive Black man who doesn't have a mind of his own, who can't answer a question, who wants to relinquish all his thoughts and preferences. Your role on earth is of the mighty African warrior. You can never forget that, you must never carry yourself as less than that.

Rather than being my bitch or my submissive, perhaps you can be my knight. A knight's responsibility and duty is to protect and serve his Queen. A knight is strong, valiant, and chivalrous. A knight considers it an honor to ensure that the Queen is pleased. The queen doesn't look at the knight as lowly and worthless but as a trusted warrior, soldier, protector, and servant. A knight follows all the commands he is given without question or hesitation but he is smart, witty, and resourceful. Certainly, there are no limits to what he would do to please his Queen. Behind closed doors, in the dark of night, he would bow to her, kiss her feet, show his devotion, and perform any task she desired. I think you shall be my knight and I your queen. That feels much better to me than being my submissive.

Of course, behind closed door, I will use you in every delicious, nasty, perverted way possible. Behind closed doors, I will be your Mistress and your Master, your Mommy and your Daddy. I will be your teacher, your guide, your disciplinarian, and your lover. I will keep you horny and aroused, I will allow you to be the filthy slut you long to be. You will beg and plead with me for release, for more stimulation. I will be the center of your universe and I will use you to please me, entertain me, and serve me in any way I see fit. I will make you into my toilet, faggot, footstool, masseuse, dildo, and plaything. You'll serve anyone I tell you to and do it with pride. You'll BEG me to get fucked to satisfy your insatiable asscunt.

In public you will open my door, pull out my chair, you will take my arm and lavish me with gifts and trinkets to show your devotion. In private, you will bathe my body, anoint me with oils and lotions and lick me until I explode in your mouth. You will provide me with endless hours of foreplay until I demand that you fuck me. Your pussy will be mine to use and fuck any way I want, you will bend over, spread your legs or ride my strapon or the fake dicks of my friends when I say the word. That's if you want to belong to me.

Posted by AfroerotiK 2 years ago
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2 years ago
LOL----That's your ideal Black MAN???
2 years ago
Love it!!