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[Story] Law and Order

There is this presumption that exists between most married couples in America. “Oh, my husband/wife would never understand my interest in ___________,” and the blank is filled in with some sort of sexual behavior that is supposedly too extreme, arguably too outside the very conservative, frigid boundaries of their spouse for him or her even to wrap their minds around it, let alone accept it. People hide their most authentic selves from the person they are supposed to be most connected to, most intimate with, the one person on the planet who they are supposed to feel close enough to share a... Continue»
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[Story] Sweet to Eat

Lots of women complain that they don’t like the taste of their man’s cum. What seems funny about that to me is that they will take a load in their mouths but they won’t swallow. Tastes buds are in your mouth, not your stomach. Once you’ve got the cum on your tongue, it seems a bit ridiculous to spit it out; the damage has been done so to speak. While I’m definitely not a fan of taking a load on my face and it seems sort of a waste to have it anywhere other than inside me, I’m here to say that I love the taste of my man’s cum.

It’s not just some act of altruism that makes me love h... Continue»
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Sissy Faggot White Bitch

Listen up you white whore, and listen good. I know you want BLACK dick: big, hard, thick black dick. You know that sorry excuse of a clit you have can’t satisfy anyone, it’s not hard enough, big enough, you know you don’t have the skills to stroke and pump a real pussy to pleasure. You’re a white faggot. You want hard black cock ramming your slutty asspussy, fucking your throat, shoved up your tight asshole until it pumps thick, hot, virile sperm in your white boi cunt. You want to be used, I’m going to make sure you are used you until you can’t take it anymore, until your body is no lo... Continue»
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Interracial Erotica

I asked the question yesterday if I was being hypocritical because I didn’t write my brand of erotica, focused on the relationship and the connection between lovers, for couples that include Black men and white women. Since everyone seems to feel I did the right thing, I’ll play my own devil’s advocate. I never want to be so arrogant as to assume I’m always right about a situation and something about this particular situation is nagging at me. I created AfroerotiK for Black people to find a home where they could feel validated and secure in their sexuality, to see healthy examples of not ... Continue»
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Say Yes

We've been out for dinner and drinks. We come back to my place for conversation and listening to music. To the casual observer it’s just a girl’s night out. You know I want more but we don't even discuss it. It’s late and you say you have to leave. I walk you to the door and you stall. You want me to make the first move you don't know how to say it. I sense your hesitation and I absolutely can't wait another moment. I lean in close and I start to gently, softly kiss your neck. You throw your head back and you let me make love to your neck with my mouth. I push you gently against the door a... Continue»
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[Story] The Original Man

The power of a people reside in how they tell their stories. For descendents of slaves, African Americans, we don’t have many written records of the powerful stories our ancestors. The voices of those whose bl**d courses through our veins were effectively silenced by the system of chattel slavery. Slavery isn’t even something we as Black people want to talk about; it’s something we want to place in its own little compartment and reference it when we’re talking about racism and put it right back the second we start to feel pangs of inferiority and shame. Yet, there were true tales of survi... Continue»
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[Story] Take My Breath Away

I was old enough to be her ghetto mama. There were at least 13, maybe 15 years separating our births, but the attraction between us was strong. Her skin was the color of the deepest ebony; she was BLACK and her skin was hot and soft to the touch. To say she was sexy was an understatement. She wasn’t sexy because she happened to be beautiful. Her beauty was part of the package but it certainly wasn’t the only ingredient in her intoxicating blend of charms. She oooooooozed sticky, sweet sensuality and feminine mystique. That, combined with an odd elixir of pheromones, created a persona ... Continue»
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“But I like it!”

We are in a perpetual state of sexual dysfunction because we can’t have an informed, mature, logical conversation about sex and sexuality without one of two dynamics halting any forward progress. The first is always the ever popular “Ewww, that’s nasty.” People LOVE, love, love to insist that everything is nasty, everything is wrong, everything is inappropriate to discuss. People have been socialized to have an obsessive need to shame, disparage, denigrate, and denounce anything, everything, and anyone who has the audacity to discuss sex and sexuality so that they can appear infinitely mo... Continue»
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"You fucking Cunt!"

I absolutely and vehemently believe that the act of deriving pleasure from degrading, slapping, choking, inflicting pain, humiliating, calling someone names, and using sex as a form of power comes from a place of low self-esteem. It is my unwavering belief that the person who is driven to perform those sorts of acts to someone else does so to boost their own sense of self, not from a place of true power or benign sex play, but the need to objectify and demean someone else comes from a need to feel more empowered, to make themselves feel worthy, to feel superior to someone because there is som... Continue»
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Morality and integrity, really and truly, are figments of my imagination. They don’t exist. Everyone has a need to lie, to cheat, everyone has a need to seek out the taboo and the forbidden. Everyone has a desire, a very much socialized, driving, obsessive imperative, to portray themselves as righteous and without flaw which creates in them a secret drive to behave in ways that are exactly the opposite of what they portray in public. It creates dysfunction, a mental disconnect. This need to deny your sexuality in public and pretend to be asexual creates mental illness; it creates peop... Continue»
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Black Porn Sucks

The images of African Americans in the adult industry are largely atypical of the true Black experience. The perpetuation of racist and stereotypical images prevalent in the adult industry work to foster unhealthy and diseased perceptions of African Americans and render the majority of African Americans without avenue for healthy erotic expression. The perpetuation of the Black woman as the Ghetto Bitch, Ghetto Whore, and Ghetto Freak is not reflective of the vast and overwhelming majority of Black women. The perpetuation of the Black man as the barely literate, one-dimensional bull is offen... Continue»
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[Story] Black Beat

Every August, kinksters from all over the country convene at the annual Black Beat Conference to let off a little steam, party, and revel in some dark debauchery. It’s a common meeting ground for people of color in the BDSM community, and the people who admire them, to explore their fantasies with others. It was also an event perfectly suited for Rick and Tracy, as they were an interracial couple who liked to dabble in the D/s world, and the conference was only a hop, skip, and a jump from their Baltimore digs. They could go, check it out, and if they weren’t particularly feeling the cro... Continue»
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[Story] Neighborly Hospitality

Unannounced visitors were not very common, especially in the middle of the day, so when the knock came at the door for Lisa Ingles, she was caught a little off guard. Little did she know that she was about to be introduced to a world of experiences that would shift her reality and alter her life completely. Little did she know that she was about to become an entirely new woman.

She opened the door to find herself staring, face to face, with a beautiful black woman who looked more like she belonged on a runway in Paris or New York as opposed to a quiet, unassuming street in Alpharetta. ... Continue»
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Sissy Cocksucking Cum Whore

Dressed in his pink satin panties under his unassuming khaki pants, Eli headed out to the adult bookstore to get his fix. He needed to have his mouth fucked hard, he needed to eat thick loads of hot cum from nameless, faceless, anonymous Black men. The light flickered through the glory hole to indicate movement in the booth next to Eli. The black man in the booth next to him had his pants off and was jacking his impressive, massive tool: waiting for a hot, wet hole to stick it in. Eli put his eye first to the hole first, then his tongue. The black man didn’t bother putting his cock th... Continue»
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We aren’t in love. Hell, we hardly even know each other. Our connection could best be described as fleeting and fragile. But tonight, I really need you to pretend. I need you to pretend that you love me. I need you to pretend that you can’t breathe without me. Pretend that you don’t mind me crying on your shoulder and my tears falling gently on your chest, that the weight of my leg across your thigh isn’t a bother. Make believe that you love running your hand along the curve from my waist to my ass, caressing my mocha-colored skin with the tenderness of a long time lover. Tonight, ... Continue»
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The Other Half of the Amulet

It was the sound of his voice that triggered the knowing. In that split second, when I heard the acoustic waves created only by his vocal cords, I knew I had found my perfect submissive. He is the other half of the amulet, the yin to my yang, the missing piece that fits my kinky puzzle perfectly. Intelligent, articulate, completely depraved and perverted; he fits me. He is my equal and my opposite in every way. For all of my excellence and superiority he is excellently and equally inferior. He craves filth in a way that is far more extreme than most people could wrap their heads around... Continue»
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[Story] Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned

I’m a pervert, and an unapologetic one at that. I’m so completely confident and comfortable with my sexuality that I refuse to compartmentalize it, lie about it, or be ashamed of it. I’m free from society’s pressure to conform and that is a joy most people will never experience. To most people in a sexually-repressed society, being unashamed of your sexuality translates to being a perv and trying to convince people that you never have any sexual thoughts whatsoever is considered normal. That’s insane. Anyone who knows me knows that I will swear on a stack of bibles in a court of law and ad... Continue»
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The Evolution of Black Erotic Photography

Today, I was looking for inspiration for my book, In Loving Color, and it really struck me how much of an impact I've had on Black erotica. When I started AfroerotiK in 2003 there were literally no photographers shooting erotic images of Black couples. There were vulgar porn shots of booties and GYN shots of coochies. There were erotic shots of men. There were more erotic images of white couples than I could shake a stick at. True Black erotica, with couples, was so rare that is was like looking for a needle in a haystack. There was Black erotic art but it was drawings and paintings. Photog... Continue»
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Sex: As Natural as Eating

Let’s imagine a world where all the world’s religious leaders decree tomorrow that eating is bad, sinful, and wrong, and moreover, that if you absolutely MUST eat, it can’t be enjoyable, it has to be bland, without taste, and you have to eat in secret and in shame, and if you enjoy eating that you are a bad person. Almost immediately, your normal, healthy mind would scream at you to enjoy that lobster, that juicy mango or summer peach, that hot apple pie with ice cream at all costs. Everyone would know in their hearts that eating is essential for life, that there is absolutely nothing wr... Continue»
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Black Strapon Punishment

I emerged from the shadows like a panther, my silhouette bathed in candlelight. The round curves of my full Ebony frame were a stark contrast to the protruding Black dildo that was strapped to my body. He knelt before me, humbled by my majestic and powerful presence, this Divine representation of beauty and strength.

I caressed the sides of his face, my fingernails grazing his cheek gently. He knew his assignment without having to be told was to lick and suck that strapon to prepare it for the severe assfucking he was about to receive. He knew it wasn’t real but he wanted to show me... Continue»
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