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I Don’t Want to be Slapped

It is generally presumed that women have some sort of genetic predisposition to being degraded during sex, that we are hard-wired to want to be submissive to men. I have zero submissive inclinations, less than zero in fact as the thought totally turns me off. I don’t want to be slapped, choked, or spit on during sex. I don’t want my nipples bitten, twisted, or pulled or my breasts mauled or squeezed. I don’t think it’s erotic to be called a bitch, slut, or a whore because I’m none of those things. Who’s my daddy? McKinley Scott was and he was altogether exceptional I don’t want or nee... Continue»
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Erotica for you

I write personalized and customized erotic stories for a fee. If you are interested, I can most assuredly construct an erotic tale that intimately captures you, your desires, thoughts, fantasies, conflicts, demons, motivations, and drives. If you'd like something written SPECIFICALLY to you, about you, unique to your particular perversions with details about you that are unmatched, please don't hesitate to ask.
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Toilets are white

It's a very common phrase in the BDSM community today but make no mistake about it, I am the originator of the phrase, "Toilets are white." There was a hugely popular audio that went with it some years ago.

He had searched the Internet for years, finding obscure websites that would turn most people’s stomachs. It took him quite a while to admit to even himself that he was aroused by it. Initially, his fantasies were of wanting to be f***ed to do it, to relinquish himself of the guilt that it was something that he actually craved. Eventually, it became a constant obsession. He thought... Continue»
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The Gay Male Gene has been Identified!

If, as my most devout and delusional homophobes assert, ONLY gay men experience pleasure when stimulated anally, wouldn't that mean that there is a gay gene or specific homosexual nerve endings or some biological and/or anatomical source of said anal pleasure that can be identified scientifically and we can dispel this stupid idea that homosexuality is not natural? I mean, if there is something that makes some men experience pleasure and others not experience it, that would clearly indicate to me that homosexuality in men is not a choice but rather a biological occurrence that makes homosexua... Continue»
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Imperative from on High

I began writing in the third grade. My mother would punish me to no television and I had to do book reports on a certain number of books before I could get off punishment. My reading list consisted of Nancy Drew books at the time and she quickly realized that they were pretty much the same story so she relegated me to doing book reports on Black History. (I was also made to memorize Dr. King's I Have a Dream speech which I WISH parents made their c***dren do today). Reading became my escape and I would read all the time. Writing was an extension of that. I loved words. I loved how they ... Continue»
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Sissy Faggot White Bitch

Listen up you white whore, and listen good. I know you want BLACK dick: big, hard, thick black dick. You know that sorry excuse of a clit you have can’t satisfy anyone, it’s not hard enough, big enough, you know you don’t have the skills to stroke and pump a real pussy to pleasure. You’re a white faggot. You want hard black cock ramming your slutty asspussy, fucking your throat, shoved up your tight asshole until it pumps thick, hot, virile sperm in your white boi cunt. You want to be used, I’m going to make sure you are used you until you can’t take it anymore, until your body is no ... Continue»
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[Story] Queening for a Day

There are some individuals who believe that coincidence can be explained away by logical explanations. There is a certain comfort in life when one supposes that everything can be calculated and replicated. Bret Matthews lived his life that way; he was methodical and premeditated with everything he did, with how he interpreted every experience in his world. It wasn’t until he found himself being challenged and pushed to beyond his limits, in a situation where he had no power over his lusts and no will of his own to assert, that he learned what it meant to be truly free in the confines of... Continue»
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[Story] The Dark Side (Complete Story)

For those who are true AfroerotiK fans and keenly observant, they will realize that this story is a sequel to the Dominant Black Tales story. For those who are not as versed in my erotic tales, they can read the story of Bryan and his wife Rebecca in Dominant Black Tales.

Everyone thinks that what they believe is right. It’s the mind’s self-preservation response. Most people aren’t self-aware enough to know what they believe or how they came to believe what they do or if their beliefs are based in truth or not, however, so they fight, argue, and debate things without considering th... Continue»
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AfroerotiK Stands for Black Excellence

I want nothing more than the evolution of my people. I want us to walk proud and strong and confident, knowing our history and not being ashamed of it. I want us to be the best. I want us to be articulate and informed, knowledgeable and wise. I want us to be seekers of knowledge and masters of education. I see absolutely nothing wrong with being mathematicians, scientists, physicists, physicians, even politicians if we have the best interests of our community at heart. But not everyone is meant to be a scholar so I want us to strive for excellence in whatever it is we do as long as it ... Continue»
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A Luta Continua

In my years of being AfroerotiK, I’ve had to contend quite a bit with those who say, “That’s porn. That’s inappropriate! That’s dirty!” Or, the ever-popular, “Well, that’s okay in private but I can’t put that on my Facebook (or any other public acknowledgement of their affinity for my work) because I don’t want people knowing I get down like that.” It’s always from the repressed and pseudo-conservative middle class Black folk who want to insist that anything sexual is offensive and beneath them. They are the people who are disconnected from their sexuality so much so that they do things be... Continue»
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AfroerotiK is . . .

AfroerotiK is . . .

I welcome critiques because it makes me hone my skills and it makes me a better artist. That’s what I am, an artist. I use words as my canvas to paint pictures of people of African descent as whole, emotionally-mature, sexually-evolved, sentient, complex human beings. I have gotten quite a bit of critique that is unwarranted and I’m here to dismantle the misperceptions. Thank you for the opportunity for me to define again what AfroerotiK is, its purpose, goals, objectives, and mission.

AfroerotiK was created to show people of African descent in a healthy, eroti... Continue»
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Share your intimate confessions

Tell me your sexy secrets. No judgments, no condemnation. Open up and tell me what gets you off, what you did, what you want to do. Send me a message telling me the things you don’t want anyone else to know. I won’t post or reblog anything unless you clearly indicate that you want me to (and I feel it’s appropriate). From mild to wild, tame to extreme tell me your dirtiest thoughts, fantasies, actions, and desires. Try to shock me. Get it off your chest. Rub one out knowing someone else knows your secret. Nothing is too innocent, nothing is off limits.
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Break the Cycle

Hear me clearly when I say that I do not condone, endorse, defend, nor can I justify the actions of Ray Rice or the dude who beat his c***d with the switch. I CAN and do understand why they behaved the way they did; I understand how Black men across the country are filled with rage, unable to process their emotions, and developmentally stunted so much so that the only thing they know is to perpetuate the v******e that was inflicted upon them. If there had ever been any significant study done on the effects of slavery in this nation, a slavery that is different than any other crime against h... Continue»
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Dick Pics

Fellas, You Gotta Tighten up your Game

I've been on the net over 10 years now. For several of those years, I unofficially reigned as the queen of NEW Black erotica. In all of my internet travels, of the thousands upon thousands of people I've met on this vast and virtual wide web we call the world, not once have I ever initiated contact with, had chemistry with, or been sexually aroused by a man who has a picture of his penis on his profile.

I don't have a penis, I don't really understand the workings of people who do, but I would think that after some time on the Internet, men w... Continue»
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Submissive White Men: A Decade Later

I’ve been putting off writing this follow-up piece to White Male Submission for almost a year now. My love/hate relationship with submissive white men on any given day is tempered by how many cups of Roobois tea I’ve had to keep me calm, exactly how effective I think I’ve been in communicating to them another way to look at their behaviors, and how annoying they insist on being. Submissive white men love me and I . . . well . . . I don’t hate white men, of the submissive or any other variety, but I’m not fond of the arrogance, lack of empathy, compassion, or concern many of them have for... Continue»
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White Male Submission

It is time to explore this subject again. Attention needs to be drawn to this as it is rampant and pervasive and it's indicative of mental illness en masse. This was written about 10 years ago. I will post the follow up that I wrote about two years ago. With the proliferation of white cops slaughtering Black men in the streets, arresting them for nothing more than being black, I will not let their pathology go unchecked.

One can’t pick up a magazine or listen to a discussion about the black community these days without reading about “DL brothas”, or black men that have sex with other men wh... Continue»
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The End of an Era

At different points in our lives we have to examine ourselves and our motivations and decide if we need to change who we are. Today is that day for me. For the better part of 15 years or so, I’ve been a Domme. I am what is referred to as a lifestyle Domme meaning I do not do it professionally but merely for the pleasure and joy I receive from it personally. More specifically, I am a psychological Domme, meaning I have no desire to inflict pain on anyone, I don’t want or need anyone to do stupid tasks to prove my superiority. My arousal, my very physical and sexual arousal comes from g... Continue»
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[Story] The Real Housewives of AfroerotiK

Chapter 1: Nailah Overton

The buzzer from the dryer went off, signaling to Nailah that her final load of laundry was done. She made her way to the laundry room, picking up stray toys along the way that had been left by her little ones. Order and cleanliness were imperative in a household of five so it was a constant effort to keep things where they belonged. As she pulled each item from the dryer, she meticulously folded it to be put away immediately. Laundry was an almost daily chore in their household and she refused to let it get away from her so she stayed on top of it. She woul... Continue»
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[Story] All the Way to Heaven

At the precise moment of our birth, each and every person who has been blessed enough to take just one, single breath of life is given a special gift from the Most High God. It’s a gift so special, so sacred, that it can only be given once. It belongs entirely and completely to that individual and the exact moment that gift is given and all the details surrounding that event will be FOREVER remembered by them. Sharing one’s virginity, an act symbolic of entry into adulthood, the awakening of one’s sexuality, is something that should ONLY be gifted to someone deserving of such an honor, ... Continue»
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[Story] Vacation Paradise

Fantasy and reality are lines that can easily become blurred when the right mix of elements are combined. When chemistry and passion mix with pure unadulterated lust, add sensuality with a touch of sweltering Jamaican heat, top off with downright uninhibited fun and the results are downright explosive. Such was the case when Lisette and Phillip got together for a much-needed vacation to Jamaica that would leave them scorched by the flames of hedonism.

Leaving the damp and rainy weather of Seattle behind, Lisette and Phillip headed off to the sunny shores of Kingston to revel in decade... Continue»
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