Dear Dirty Diary - part 19

Dear Dirty Diary,

Just before Christmas, the three of us drove back to the condo and while musing of old memories, I rummaged through my son’s old toy chest. I found a box of GI Joe action figures and a carton of Hot Wheels miniature cars. I washed all the dust and grime from them all in the dishwasher then began to pack them all back into new plastic storage containers.

My husband Doug came along, picked up a bright orange Dodge Charger with a Confederate flag on the roof. He began to zoom it around through the folds in our bedspread. His road race moved closer and closer to me as I sat on the bed polishing my twenty-five year old son’s old toys. He’s been teaching in Taiwan for some time now and I miss him dearly, but I do relish our empty-nester lifestyle these days.

On one careen across the bedspread Doug muttered, “Yee Haw!” as he jumped “General Lee” over and landed it down my left ankle. He swirled the little car up my shin, veered down the outside of my calf to my foot, then crossed over and zipped back up the inside of my calf. The second the tiny wheels tickled across the inside of my knee and up under my skirt I clamped my legs together tightly on his wandering hand! It was too late, however. A shiver ran across my thighs, then around and up my back up to the nape of my neck. It traveled back down over my shoulder blades, traced back down and froze my nipples ice hard!

The old bugger grabbed up a dark blue Mustang GT and with his other hand spun it up and around my swollen right nipple. I gasped as he bumped the Shelby over and back across my chest! Unperturbed by my squeals, Dirty Doug then drove a circular pattern up my left wrist and wheeled lightly up the inside of my forearm then circled that ultra sensitive little area opposite my elbow, sending another shrieking shiver through me!

Curious to see how far his little game would spread, I pulled off my dress and then rolled over onto my belly on our bed. With all that expanse of bare skin to torture, he scooted the tiny Mustang down my right leg then across the sole of my foot for another squeal from me. He tickled back the inside of my thigh but in spite of the protection of my panties, I moaned in delight as he goosed my bum! He roared up and down, around and back across my most ticklish zones, growling little boy car engine noises.

As he drove down the back of my left thigh, I heard a creak at our bathroom door and my girlfriend Louise called out, “What in hell is he torturing you with this time, Laura?” as she walked into our bedroom wearing her short little terry bath robe.

Doug just grinned like the bad little boy he is and continued on as if she wasn’t there at all. Louise sat down on the other side of our big king size bed saying, “That looks like fun, so let’s make it rally race.”

Louise picked up a black Interpol Citroen SM from Michael’s toy box and I felt her gently skim it up across my shoulder blade, up the side of my neck, across the back of my neck then back down the other side. Anxious for the impending onslaught, I called out, “Let the challenge begin!” Another “Yee Haw!” came from my husband, who grabbed back the orange Charger, while my lithe bisexual lover mimicked the subtle Maseratti engine growl and the practice lap was on!

General Lee roared as it zipped up the back of my leg then wailed as he jumped over my buttocks in true “Dukes of Hazard” tradition, while Louise’s European police car clung across the contours of my ass. They flew up my back and crossed over my shoulders then sped flat out down my back. Again the big Dodge hit my nicely rounded ass and went airborne but the Citroen took the path of least resistance and I flinched as it hunkered down through the crack of my ass!

Swiftly overtaking my husband, Louise’s driving allowed the superior handling Citroen to tickle down the inside of thigh then effortlessly negotiate the hairpin turn just past my heel. She accelerated aggressively up the inside of my leg then braked suddenly near the top of my inner thigh. Louise’s wheels crawled across my genitalia but no tickles were to be felt! The double crotch of my panties had insulated my tender bits from the tickles I was looking so forward to.

“Whoa, whoa!” I grumbled, pushing my panties down my thighs. I grabbed the big pillow that I keep between my legs when I’m sl**ping, placed it lengthwise in the center of the bed and crawled on top of it so it supported my torso, without squashing my boobs. I bent my head over the end of it to make sure I could breath comfortably. I pulled up my right leg to expose my tickle-craving pussy and everything was perfect except that the end of the pillow smelled like pussy. I guess I shouldn’t squeeze it so tight against me at night.

“Now, it is time for the rally race to begin, so return to the starting line you two,” I commanded.

Once more the two racers lined up at the starting line. I didn’t have a flag to wave so I just said, “Ready, set, go!” and off they went with their little Hotwheels cars.

Again Doug sped his Dodge up the back of my leg, General Lee clipped Clitoris Clump, veered through Vaginal Valley then bumped between the Buttock Buttes.

Louise accelerated up the back of my leg then braked hard just before she reached the Tender Bits Chicane. I felt the Citroen’s wheels bump over Venus Mound, clobber Clitoris Clump, vanquish Vaginal Valley, tingle through Tickly Tween, idle along Anal Alley then blast between Beautiful Buttock Buttes!

By the time the Louise’s Maseratti Citroen toured up the smooth straightaway of my back, Doug’s Dodge Charger had screamed up across my shoulders, crossed over my back, bounded over my butt and screamed down the back of my other leg for the first lap lead. She just took her time, shivered over my shoulder blades and stood up all the hairs on the nape of my neck before heading back down across my back and back through the Tender Bits chicane.

By the time Louise ambled around the hairpin turn over my foot, Doug was crashing along up through the racecourse well into his second lap. Doug continued his aggressive racing while Louise continued her sensuously shivery driving technique.

As Doug’s Charger slid down to my foot for the second time, Louise undid my bra, tugged off my panties, patted my bare ass and said, “Flip over, we need a more challenging rally course.” As my pair of lovers surveyed the different but familiar terrain, Doug suggested we should have at least three laps this time, while Louise pointed out that a car rally is more about doing all the checkpoints than just racing around!

“So we don’t get all wound up together there should be more separation up and down those long straights, so pull your knees up and spread your legs wide apart,” Louise suggested.

“Excuse me, you two,” I interjected, “Being the provider of your rally course, you will start at my feet, drive up my shins and thighs, cross my abdomen to the other side, run up my side, circle one boob, cross down over my belly, zip down my legs then start the next lap at my feet.” Then I instructed them to prop up my knees with pillows so my thighs wouldn’t get sore from holding my legs apart.

At the start, I felt them both zip up my legs. Each, driving up my opposite leg, scooted across my knees. First one then the other, veered off my inner thigh, nosed up through Vaginal Valley. They grazed my clitoris as they crossed over Venus Mound; wheeled up around to cross over my belly above my navel then tickled up my sides. At armpit level they turned inward, spiraling twice around my breasts like they were racing up to the summits of my twin Pike’s Peaks. But when they attempted the figure eight, they crashed and Louise ran her Citroen across my nipple. I felt her spin it around my aureole to avoid Doug then zip back down my belly ahead of him.

Seemingly content this time to follow a couple of feet behind Louise, I felt Doug make good use of his boob circles and kept my other nipple relatively calm. By the time he ended the first lap at my toes, Louise slowly and deliberately wheeled her police car up my crotch! Doug followed my course directions to the letter on the second lap, gaining a little on Louise as she wheeled up my pussy the second time and noticed what she did. Of course he followed suit and grooved General Lee up, splitting my labia lips!

During that second lap my husband spun extra figure eights on my breasts, allowing Louise to break away from his interference. After Louise completed her second circuit I felt the little devil purposely sk** over my pussy, stop, back the Citroen slightly into my little pink bog then merrily continue ahead once more.

They passed by each other amicably along my abdomen, did their turnarounds top and bottom but as Doug wheeled back up my thigh he must have noticed my pussy dilated and juicy. Like his opponent, he chose to veer into my pink bog on his way through Vaginal Valley. Over the next three circuits the pair of them increasingly jarred, sk**ded and nosed their little cars into my pussy. Each subsequent lap my nipples grew harder from their teasing twirls and eventually every tiny hair on my entire body was in full panic mode. I shivered from head to toe with their constant tickling of all my body’s most sensitive areas so I finally called out “Last lap now so sprint to the finish!”

Well, Doug zipped up my torso, whipped one figure eight around my breasts then tore after Louise. By the time Louise was zipping up the inside of my thigh, Doug had chased downward along the inside of my knee. I admit that I was pretty excited by their tickly tortures, but I most certainly wasn’t prepared when I heard a metallic clack and felt the cool Citroen crashed completely into my pussy, followed in also by a hot Charger up into me past its doors!

Doug grabbed up a miniature tow truck from the toy box and began to make silly beeping noises as he backed up my thigh with it. As he hooked onto the half buried General Lee car, Louise picked up a little ambulance and began making equally silly siren wails. Immediately after Doug towed out the orange Dodge, Louise kneeled directly in front of me, reached forward to my pussy. I felt her poke two fingers of each hand into my pussy then spread me wide open. I sensed cool air enter my vagina as she bent down and peered inside.

“Well now, this could be a challenge even for your resident gynecologist to remove,” she observed as she spit on her fingertips.

I felt my heart beat harder and faster up the back of my neck as she smeared saliva all over her hand. As her shimmering fingers penetrated my vulva, Doug crawled around off the bed, fiddled with something over behind me. He walked down to the foot of the bed, kneeled behind Louise and then peered over her shoulder to watch! About thirty seconds after, I felt her petite hand submerge completely into my vagina, Louise inhaled a tiny gasp and then fluttered her eyelids. Subsequently I could feel rhythmic little thrusts on her hand as she groped around inside my vagina for the toy Citroen.

When her breaths became deeper and her eyelids began to close I thought that odd. Her eyes always stared constantly into mine when she was fisting me, so I looked up over her shoulder at my husband. He was staring intently at Louise’s wrist but he seemed to be squeezing Louise’s breasts around from behind. His face was growing red and his expression was unusually lecherous. I tilted my head over as far as I could and looked around him into the mirrored closet doors behind him. Sure enough, his ass was bare, he’d lifted up the back of her little bathrobe and Dirty Doug was fucking my Luscious Louise doggy-style!!!

“My husband was cheating on me! With my best friend! While she was fisting me!” shot through my mind but a split second later, I decided it was only fair, I supposed.

My thighs quivered excitement as my pussy felt her bumpy little clenched fist twist and turn into the depths of my vagina, just like Louise was feeling Doug’s dick thump inside her. I felt Louise’s tongue flail my swelling clitoris, just as she felt my middle fingertip flick hers and my husband felt his nuts tickled. I stared into my husband’s eyes as they watched Louise’s wrist churn my pussy juice halfway up her forearm. I watched her eyes pierce back into mine as Doug began to milk her huge nipples hard so I followed suit with my left nipple. And that’s when the fucking phone rang!!! We ignored the annoying rings even when the answering machine clicked on.

I heard a Russian sounding woman’s voice came on and say something about a survey for Doug. Assuming it was some telemarketer, I decided to take a little revenge rather than just saying no thanks at the end of her pitch.

I reached over far enough to punch the conference button on the phone then went back to abusing my left nipple.

“Is your wife Laura available as well?” the interviewer quested.

“Yes I’m right here but we’re kind of involved right now,” I spoke out.

“I’ll only take a couple minutes of your time then,” echoed from the speakerphone.

“According to our records, Douglas, seven months ago you had a cardiac event and are you still doing well, sir?” she asked.

“I’m doing surprising well right this moment, thank you,” he replied.

“At this moment?” her voice queried.

“Well I’m currently involved in a rather intense exercise program,” Doug snickered.

“So you’re exercising as we speak?” she asked with an interested tone.

“Oh ya!” he groaned as he pulled back and then gave Louise a long hard thrust.

Louise grunted obscenely as the Doug’s penis ground through her tight little pussy.

“Are you all right there Laura?” questioned our interviewer.

“I’m fine, that was just my girlfriend taking one for the team.” I joked.

“So this is a multiple participant workout you’re involved in then?” the increasingly curious voice questioned.

All three of us answered in unison, “Yes!”

“So what form of heart health exercise are you currently involved in, may I ask?” Jennifer continued.

Tiring of her interference, I taunted out, “Well honey, my husband seems to be fucking my bisexual girlfriend doggy-style, while she is fisting my pussy and licking my clit with her tongue, as I tickle her clitoris and his nuts, pretty well describes it!”

After a very long pause the woman continued, “So Douglas’s operation could be considered a success then?”

“Oh yes,” Louise interjected, “He’s as strong as a bull now.”

“So Doug, do you feel your high cardio exercise regimen has increased your endurance levels?” her voice continued.

“Hell yes, my heart would have exploded months ago, living with these two crazy bitches, without that angioplasty!” he answered.

It didn’t sound like this interviewer was going to hang up soon, so we “Stirred the Bucket.” Louise and I traded places after lubing our pussies up extravagantly and fluffed Doug up for another round.

“I hear shuffling noises there, are you still with me?” asked the voice.

“Oui!” Louise called out continuing, “We’re just adjusting our exercise positions, Madame.”

“And what adjustment to your exercise format are you currently making?” trembled the woman’s voice.

“Well, after rolling a padded condom on my dick I’m laying on my side, facing my lovely wife, who’s lounging on her back, with her closest leg pulled up so I can ram my magnificent cock into her. I believe this is called the scissors position. Laura’s well loosened up now from Louise fisting her pussy and my dick is sliding in quite nicely now,” Doug exhaled.

“I’ve put the speaker phone on Laura’s chest as well so we all can hear each other much better,” Louise added.

Impatient with her ongoing anal questions I interjected: “Listen Sweetheart, I read some years ago that estrogen cream is essential in keeping menopausal women’s vaginas moist and supple. Daily oral doses of estrogen have proven to have frightening side effects but I figure occasional usage of the cream, applied thoroughly inside a vagina by Louise’s hand or Doug’s penis, where I really need it is good protection against dry vagina but most importantly this gives us undeniable justification for indulging ourselves in these pussy punishing pleasures we’ve become so addicted to!”

Before she had a chance I continued with: “We’d love to talk more, Dear but Doug’s penis is drooping a bit. He can’t feel much through that thickly padded condom he wears to keep the estrogen from his dick so I’m pressing my wand vibrator between the shaft of his penis and my clit to get things going again. Louise is dilated enough yet for me to slide my estrogen-creamed hand into her pussy for her weekly dose of hormones and I really want to suck that lovely little clit of hers till she cums. So bye for now!”

Finally I could concentrate on Dirty Doug’s mushroom knob as it pressed against my pussy once more. Even though I was liberally lubricated, my vulva’s lips felt a pinch inward with his pressure. In my mind’s eye I saw that immense ugly corona push my pussy lips in deeper and deeper, until my brain’s insatiable lust signaled my vulva to release. I felt his foreskin folds washboard inside me then cringed as the condom’s warts, bumps and scars irritated the underside of my clitoris. I felt redemption finally, sensing the pressure of his knob push against my cervix!

With innermost glee, I felt the rim of that disgusting knob suction my vaginal juices back out to blend with the estrogen cream and fling my frilly bits back outside where they belonged. I’d never felt much of Doug’s thick but short penis inside my vagina but this rumpled vibrator sleeve, turned condom, changed all that. His rhythmic thrusts scourged my vagina with its evil knob and shaft, stripped all my inhibitions away and replaced them with down and dirty, high friction lust!

I humped up my ass to get a little more comfy and my pussy emitted a series of lasciviously juicy squawks. Louise had kneeled beside my head and between her widely spread thighs was showing me how wetly dilated her pussy was after being equally stretched by the Doug’s dick. This was obviously a blatant plea for my hand to explore the depths of her vagina in return. In the moments that followed, the most glorious symphony of delightfully squishy squawks, moans, grunts and squeals flowed like music to our ears.

About two minutes after the last orgasmic shudder of lust exhaled from our throats, the voice exclaimed out of phone’s speaker: “Well, I hope you people are all proud of yourselves. I haven’t sex like I just listened to, ever in my life! I’m just a wreck here! If I could stand up on my wobbly legs, I’d drive down there and impose a personal audit on all you people! The Healthcare System has a substantial investment in Douglas’ surgery and it is my duty as Doug’s duty nurse, Jennifer, to ensure that you people are not endangering our patient’s life!”

“Oh shit Laura, you’ve pissed off Nurse Jennifer now.” Doug said, “I remember that nurse well and she can be a nasty little thing.”

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i hope you invited nurse jennifer on down