Visiting Our Little Secret

As my b*****r drove our Winnebago up the driveway past the Our Little Secret sign, I silently asked myself, “Aurora, are you sure you want to stay at this spooky old Victorian Inn?” I assured myself how intriguing it all sounded in that story I’d been following in Xhamster. After all, we needed a little R&R before we initiated our next group of prodigies. Louise, the proprietor, greeted Michael, our protégé Jillian and myself graciously then explained that there would be additional evening-only guests for the Lingerie and Cards Night. Laura, a permanent resident, said she hoped we all played Euchre and introduced her husband, Doug.

Doug walked Michael back toward the shore of Lake Francis, to show off his boat and watch a freighter churn up the water of the St. Lawrence Seaway as it went by. Laura took Jillian and I aside and invited us into the lingerie shop that is part of their Inn. Last June I saw a hand-fitted bras sign in the window of a lingerie shop and remembered my promise to myself. So bold as brass, I asked for a custom bra fitting. Laura led us through a dining room door, into her little boutique. Jillian and I perused the displays of silky lingerie while Laura drew a curtain across behind a display case. Behind the curtain, in her makeshift fitting room, Laura removed my top then checked out the little see-through black nylon bra I was wearing.

Laura looked my breasts over and over, pulling my bra here and there then said, “No, No, Aurora, the straps are too narrow, the cups are too small, they don’t breathe and they’re squashing flat those lovely big nipples of yours!” She measured me, searched through a display of boxed bras and opened one. “You see,” she began, “this Montreal made bra has double layers of an airy-weave eyelet-cotton, sandwiching an open-centered, molded mesh cup.” She turned the cup inside out, poked in the center of one cup and continued: “See how my fingertips stretched so easily through the center of the Cup? This allows your nipples extra ventilation and space to expand with temperature changes and your excitement levels.”

Laura helped me out of my old brassiere and had me bend over at the waist so my breasts settled perfectly into the new bra’s cups. She had me cup my boobs with my hands then straighten up. Laura hooked up the back strap then adjusted the shoulder straps perfectly. She stretched and smoothed the wrinkles out of the bra cups then intentionally, I thought, traced her forefinger across one and then my other nipple! I shivered a little from Laura’s unexpected casual touch and my nipples began to pop up slightly.

“It fits nicely, Aurora?” she asked, to which I nodded yes. Laura continued, “Walk around the room quickly if you would and you will see how well supported and cool this unique brassiere keeps your bosoms.”

I did as she directed, quickly noticing it indeed let cooling air circulate through to my skin. That bra also held my breasts perkier and at a different angle to what I was used to, tickling my nipples as they jiggled!

“You see what I mean?” she continued. “And now with this coolness pleasing your breasts you know why there’s space made for these to grow!” Laura said as she gave both of my nipples nasty little twists! She pulled my tank top down over her head and arms, dragged me over to a mirror and exclaimed, “Jillian, see how sexy this makes her look as she walks now!”

My nipples were so erect they hurt, but I had to admit her talented little bra made me look and feel so good!

“Now you must have the matching panties,” she insisted. When I hesitated, Laura pointed out that while strutting around with her new bra outside and in cool shopping malls, I’d begin to notice admiring glances from strangers, which will in turn cause my vagina to moisten with excitement. To contend with that she insisted I wear the matching, loose fitting, full-cut briefs whose lacy leg openings will tickle my labia as I walked. Laura pulled a pair from their box, showed us that they were made of the same airily woven, diamond patterned, eyelet cotton and then insisted I wear them immediately!

Before I could protest, Laura had my skirt up, my panties around my ankles and then remarked, “Oh my, you should be trimmed closer for maximum stimulation.”

As quick as a wink she pushed me back on a low display case, whipped off my old panties, spread my legs and began to shave my pussy with the electric bikini trimmer that she plucked from a drawer! I tried to push her away but Laura just hoisted her leg and crawled up on top of me so I couldn’t move. The comb-shrouded little battery shaver buzzed over my pussy lips so exquisitely that all strength ebbed from my arms and legs.

Jillian just watched, dumbfounded, as ten seconds later I felt Laura’s cool breath blow away the clippings. I felt her tickle my new panties up my ankles and over my knees. She pulled me up then helped me get back up on my feet. Laura tugged the panties’ waistband up over my hips, smoothed down my skirt then picked up her calculator and began to tally up my purchases.

“So Jillian, has anything caught your eye?” Laura asked then led my dear friend behind the curtain!

Dazed and thoroughly shaken, I wandered around the house and the gardens that led down to the lake. The constant tickling of the bra on my cool nipples and the panties rubbing against her shorn labia and clitoris indeed had me excited! Over supper Jillian and I giggled about our “hands on” lingerie shopping experiences while Michael listened on in complete confusion.

By 8 PM six women, all wearing similar short summer dresses, were seated around the dining room table and four assorted husbands plus Michael and Doug were reclining on sofas in the living room, intently watching guy stuff from the TV satellite. Jillian and I were invited to sit in since the last of the card players hadn’t arrived. Split into two groups, they played four hands of Euchre before Karla and Sophie, the last players, arrived dragging a large suitcase down the hall.

“No board talk under the table for a while ladies, we don’t want to upset our fresh victims, do we?” Laura continued then disappeared with Sophie and her huge suitcase, down the stairs at the other side of the kitchen.

After about twenty minutes, Laura and Sophie clomped back upstairs, peeking under the table as they climbed. “I said no board talk yet girls!” Laura repeated, causing two pairs of women across from each other to blush.

Louise stood up and spoke, “Yes dear friends, behave for our guest because this meeting of the Richelieu River Pirates Support Group is now officially in session!”

Jeanine touched my shoulder and began, “Do tell us all about your encounter with our dear Laura.”

“Oh yes do!!!” they all repeated in unsettling unison.

When I mentioned that Laura fitted me for a bra and underwear they all just smiled knowingly. Sophie informed Monique she’d brought new products to show and e****ted her downstairs. As the rest of them played on, a clickety-click noise began to rise from a floor grille at the other end of the dining room. A couple of women shook their heads then Laura muttered, “She’s in rare form tonight gals so you’d better get yourselves prepared.”

One by one as a game finished, another woman would give up her seat to the pink- faced woman returning back from downstairs. After a few moments, the clickety-click would resume for ten minutes or so and then five minutes later, yet another would give up her seat to the returning player. The men would nod and smile up at each woman as she walked through the living room, back into the dining room. They’d talk in low tones a moment or so then resume watching their program. I had no idea what they were watching but knew it wasn’t a high action thing because there were no cheers, explosions or gunshots.

The women were the most uneven card players I’d ever encountered. One minute they’d be all sultry looking, the next they’d be all dreamy looking and whenever they’d return from downstairs they’d be all invigorated and play with profound intensity. When all but two of them had visited the product show, Karla let fly a card toward me that slid off onto the floor. I reached down to retrieve the card and was flabbergasted at what I saw under the table. Celine and Renée sat facing each other, as did Monique and Jeanine. Their short summer skirts were hiked up and their opposite legs were stretched out straight. They were wearing no underwear whatsoever and were obviously playing “Footsie” with each other’s pussy under the table! Could this have been the “Table Talk” Laura spoke of? When I rose back up with her retrieved card, every face at the table was staring directly at me!

Renée rose up, smoothing down her skirts, and said to me, “Why don’t you play with Karla until it’s her turn?”

No sooner than she had settled in her chair, something soft and warm touched in between my knees! Every time my new partner dealt me a card, she paused a second then her eyes pierced into mine. Karla gave me a good hand and when Jeanine on my right passed, I made it Hearts.

“Hearts, alone?” Karla asked, staring into my eyes.

“No, with help from my partner,” I responded with the same phrase I’d heard from them countless times.

That phrase must have been the under-table talk Laura warned of, for Karla’s warm foot pushed my legs apart and speared its big toe against my privates, while the other foot urged my foot up between her wide-spread thighs! I rested my foot on the front edge of Karla’s chair but she immediately reached down, dragged my foot up between her thighs then began to swish her big toe back and forth against my genitals! My eyes just about popped out when I felt her big toe hook through the leg band of my panties, push their crotch out of the way and then poke right into my surprised pussy! Karla’s hand reached out once more, wrapped her fingers around my ankle then rammed my toes over double against her warm, panty-less and equally hairless pussy.
I frankly didn’t know what to do next and my big toe was very uncomfortable, so I straightened it up. Karla fanned her eyes closed and exhaled slowly as my toe suddenly felt all hot and wet!

“Your lead, Aurora,” she breathed out ever so lustily.

She led her Jack of Hearts then wiggled her toe down a couple of times. Jeanine played the Jack of Diamonds and I felt some comfort in how she was playing. Karla threw away a Ten of Spades and when Celine put down the King of Hearts, I knew we had the hand. Relaxed, I set out the Ace of Hearts and pushed my toe into Karla a little deeper. We took turns signaling back and forth and after two hands, I pretty much understood all the signals. Multiple toe flicks to the right indicated the number of Trumps in one’s hand, while toe flicks to the left told the number of Aces held. A hard lift up meant Trump higher and a toe push down meant throw away.

Dirty Euchre was all so simple yet ingeniously imaginative. I hadn’t quite figured out yet what clockwise or counter-clockwise toe circles meant, so I tried one out. What it meant was: Loud Obscene Pussy Squawks Should Be Avoided Because Everyone Then Knows That Board Talk Cheating Is Going On Under The Table!!!

Just as the hand was finishing with our resounding victory, the returning player said, “Sophie’s waiting for you Karla,” to which she responded, “I can wait a little longer so let Jillian check out the goodies and while I teach Aurora here our house rules for Euchre.” After about fifteen minutes of intense card plating and constant under table “board talk” my dear friend returned and told me it was my turn to see Sophie’s wares.

I smoothed down my skirt, but as I demurely stood up and began to turn toward the kitchen, I sensed all eyes were sneakily on me. I cautiously stepped down the stairs, but was instantly relieved by what I saw. The basement was finished as a recreation hall. There was a dance hall with a revolving disco mirror ball on the ceiling, dark green sea foam flooring, nice old barn wood wainscoting half way up the walls plus a hot tub room at one end.

Spread out over several folding tables were displays of the oddest selection of naughty items. There were rubber dildos, vibrators, and pussy stimulators of every kind, plus obscene penis candles, lesbian books and videos as well as restraint devices. When I moved toward what looked like a wireless computer mouse, Sophie mentioned, “This little Dr. Ho model is a real favorite with career gals, drivers and walkers. She picked it up in one hand, whipped up the front of my skirt, stretched out the waistband of my panties and then stuffed it down inside. From the outside Sophie shoved the tapered end back along my crotch, gave its button a quick tap through my underwear and away buzzed the best panty liner I’d ever felt!

As I sauntered along the table, I pointed at some pewter spider-shaped objects with little pins sticking into the ½ inch holes in their centers. “Janet Jackson nipple jewelry is pricey and not all that trendy anymore, but the bra Laura sold you will accommodate them quite nicely,” she explained. “However, my variation on Louise’s invention is very inexpensive and a lot more exciting,” Sophie continued.

She peeled off my blouse and undid my bra insisting, “You must try this!”

Sophie picked up an 18 inch long piece of little-finger thickness clear vinyl hose then threaded it through the little plastic loop at one end of an eyeglasses cord. She centered that end of the hose over my right nipple then sucked strongly on the other end. I watched her poor little teat bloat up and suck a good inch up inside the tubing! As quick as a wink, Sophie pushed the eyeglasses cord loop off the end of the hose onto the base of my huge teat then released her suction on the other end. A quick pull and the biggest and reddest nipple that I could ever imagine, was snared there soundly! Sophie looped the cord up over the back of my neck, brought it down and then threaded the free end onto the hose. She promptly sucked up and snared my left teat so I had a matching pair of ripe raspberries on a string, poking out of my melons!

Gorged with bl**d, they just glared up at me as Sophie picked up a little strap affair, kind of like an ancient sanitary pad belt. Instead of a pad, a pink vinyl votive-candle shaped object was attached to the convergence of the straps.

“It’s called a Love Petals but I call it a pussy plug,” she muttered as she retrieved the vibrating mouse from my panties. Sophie pushed my knees apart, cinched up the straps around my hips, shoved the plug into my pussy then tugged my panties back up! “Walk around the room and enjoy the full feeling it’ll give your vulva,” she directed then picked up a peculiar little vaginal vibrator thing with what looked like a pointy tongue on its end and clicked it on. I was right and the Tongue II wiggled its rubbery tongue ferociously as Sophie led me over toward the doors in the corner.

“The hot tub’s on the left and the exercise bike is here on the right,” she pointed out. Sophie let me peek at the Jacuzzi briefly but then steered me right into the bike room. It was only about 5 feet wide by 8 feet long, but full-length wardrobe mirrors were to the front of and flanking the bike, making the room seem bigger. The bike was one those old spoke front wheel types with stationary handlebars.

Sophie pulled a towel off the bike seat, exposing a round opening in the center of it. She backed up beside the bike then crouched down. She ran her fingers along a link rod that connected the pedal crank to another pedal crank, halfway up the seat post. She grabbed a pedal with her hand and as she spun it around a half turn, a sinister looking dildo poked its ugly head up 8 inches out of the hole! She cranked the pedals a couple of revolutions so I could see how the dildo would piston up and down with pedaling.

Sophie hiked up her skirt, squeezed a blob of KY lubricant into her palm then smeared it all over the dildo. She wound it halfway down, wiped her slimy hand off on her pussy then climbed aboard the exercise bike. She wiggled and squirmed a little then sank right down onto the seat! “And now for the best bike ride known to womankind!” she exclaimed and began to pedal.

I couldn’t see what was happening from where I stood, but it didn’t take much to figure out what was going on after Sophie began to pedal. After a minute or so, she slurped up off that magnificent erection then wiped it clean with baby wipes from the shelf.

Sophie unzipped my skirt saying, “This’ll get in the way!” Sophie reached inside my panties, undid the Love Petals’ straps, licked the pussy plug off then said, “You’re pretty wet already so we’d better not goop up your new underwear.” She whipped them down around my calves then slapped my ankles to get me step out of them.

Sophie reapplied vaginal lubricant to the dildo, wound it down, wiped her slimy hand across my pussy then hoisted my right leg over and onto the pedal. From behind, Sophie pulled my butt over toward the seat then assisted me up onto the pedals. She directed me to push the pedals a quarter turn and then she put her hands on my hips then plunked my bottom down on that big seat!

Well, feeling the knob of that dildo splitting my vulva still came as a surprise, even though I knew it was coming! Sophie reached down around me, placed her hands on my knees and pumped the pedal down slightly. After three little introductory pumps, on the fourth she shoved down hard on my left knee and told me I was on her own. Mindlessly I followed her aggressive direction and wham, wham, wham, with every pump that nasty dildo would piston up and down through my vagina!

When I attempted to stop, Sophie pushed down on my knee again and whispered, ”This’ll limber up your thighs and your pussy too, so pedal like you’re in training for the Sexual Olympics.”

I continued to heed the advice of my newfound personal trainer, pumped faster and then it started, the clickety-click. That same noise she’d heard for two hours shot a revelation through my brain. As card games were being played upstairs, more pussy games were being played downstairs!

As my legs pumped up and down I felt that latex dildo thump up and down through my cunt. On each stroke it pulled right out of my pussy then punched right back in again. The lips of my labia were taking a terrible battering, but I didn’t care. No heavy belly was pushing on me. No scratchy, hairy thighs were thumping against my pelvis and no prickly testicles were slapping against my ass! After three or four minutes my endorphins must have kicked in and my thighs no longer ached. All I felt was penis power raging through me every time my thighs pushed down.

I was totally addicted like the others and knew it. I looked down as I pedaled merrily along and noticed that the small mirror mounted on the handlebars was directly focused on my crotch. I watched the shiny wet knob appear and disappear into the seat and watched it punch my labia lips in and then jerk them out with each revolution.

I looked up at myself in the wardrobe mirror in front of me and saw a normally attractive, now red-faced woman with sweaty forehead, neck, breasts and hair, staring back, open-mouthed. In the right-side mirror I saw my breasts cone up and stretch out as Sophie pulled up on the nipples cord. My aureoles were drawn out like saltwater taffy as I arched her neck back and strained against the nipple-snare lanyards. My view however, in the left-side mirror was blocked. Sophie was advancing the Tongue vibrator up between my legs!

The flapping pink tongue hit my clitoris with such a flurry of tickling slaps that I thought I was going to scream! Sophie was ruthless in her attacks on my nipples and clit and watching her tortures made me all the more excited! I tried to keep pumping but my thighs were quivering uncontrollably. The sight of my red raspberry nipples and my shiny jellybean-sized clitoris did me in. I shook and quivered as the tremors tore up through my loins, through my abdomen! Then like bolts of lightning, my orgasm shot out through my nipples and clitoris!!!

My peddling came to an end as I hunched over, hair all stringy wet with sweat and plastered to my face. Sophie helped me off the exercise bike and steadied me until I could stand on my own once more. Sophie toweled me dry, removed the nipple snares, helped me get dressed and then tidied me up. In the hall washroom upstairs I tried to regain her composure as best I could. I walked through the kitchen back into the dining room to return to the Euchre table but all the players had moved into the living room. The wives were sitting on their husbands’ laps, as were two couples of women and were intently watching the TV. I plopped down on an empty seat beside Jillian and Michael and then faced ahead to see what was so riveting on the TV screen.

Sophie was on TV and was wiping down the exercise bike’s dildo with a baby wipe. Karla, naked as a jaybird, except for the Janet Jackson nipple jewelry, climbed up onto the bike! I just about crapped when she realized this was a closed circuit TV connected to a video camera somewhere in front of that exercise bike! I abruptly realized the whole crew of them had witnessed my maiden voyage and were now comparing my initial ride to Karla’s much more flamboyant performance!

Karla moaned and squealed and twirled one nipple ornament as she rode. Suddenly she stopped dead. She got off then wound the pedals so the dildo was out as far as it would go. She reached over the handlebars, flicked a derailleur toggle then wound the pedals again. After a metallic chatter rang out of the TV speakers, the dildo didn’t piston anymore. Sophie reached down into a box and withdrew an ugly, bumpy, penis enhancement sheath and then rolled it down over the stationary dildo of the bike.

Sophie spread lubricant all over it then Karla climbed back up onto the pedals. She eased herself down onto the glistening ugly knob of the 9-inch long, 2-inch diameter, bumpy latex monster. She grimaced a little as she f***ed herself down upon it. Then suddenly a smile of relief lit up her face. Karla stood straight-legged on the pedals then pushed with her left leg, which in turn caused her pussy to slide down the stationary great shaft. When the pedal crank reached the bottom of its travel, the dildo’s knob must have reached the end of her vagina.

She pushed with her right leg on the other pedal, which pushed her body upward along the dildo. Two cautious pumps later, she threw caution to the wind and was pumping hard and fast up a steep hill only she could see! Her body bounded up and down with her violent pumps. Sometimes ripping the knob right out of her and then impaling her pussy right back down on it a split second later!

Five minutes of her athletic riding style left her hair plastered to her face and her pussy impressively dilated on each pop out. Obscene squawks and squishy noises emanated from her pussy every pump after that!

It was at that point I averted my eyes and looked around at the people watching the screen action. It seemed that was not the only action in progress, for I saw all three of the wives’ arms fondling their men’s bulges down between their widespread legs. It didn’t take much to figure what was going on down there! The female couples just smiled while holding each other’s crotches. Just as I glanced down to see Jillian’s hand down the front of Michael’s pants, I felt her other hand slide up my inner thigh!

As soon as Sophie finished Karla off with the Tongue, they all began to chatter back and forth. There were at least seven separate conversations going on at the same time and I was unable to concentrate on any one of them. Louise ushered us all back downstairs where everyone sipped the white wine Laura served and then the men all joined in a toast to the ladies. The women melted the chocolate wafers Louise gave out on their tongues, causing a temporary lull in the conversations.

When shrieking sweeps of violin harmony suddenly screeched out of the stereo, the disco dance ball on the ceiling lit up. Karla, Jeanine, Karla and Celeste immediately gathered around under the glittering light. They faced inward, lifted their arms straight out from their sides then drew forward into touching fingertips, to form a ring of four. After four bars of violin introduction, a melancholy voice began the lyrics of the Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony.”

On that exact cue, two facing women swiveled clockwise on their hips while the other two spun counter-clockwise, acknowledging the woman to the left and then the woman on the right. After eight successive heartbeat thumps of the song’s bass line, the amplitude of their swivels increased into quarter pivots. These resulted in face-to-face, breasts-to-breasts hugs. Four more beats and over-rotated pivots sequenced the giving of a knee lift to the crotch to one woman followed by a half turn back and then the receiving of crotch lift from the other. The next four beats escalated into a knee grind, French kissing, breast squishing hug combination, culminating in a sharp hand slap immediately followed by an abrupt turn outward toward the spectators.

All four lunged out on a beat, grabbed me, Jillian, Laura and Sophie and dragged them all back in as partners. They all repeated the sequences in the second movement, moving through the acknowledgement, the touch, and the knee lifts to the pussy and the grope at the end! After eight beats two opposite couples switched positions and the whole sequence began once more but with all new playmates!

By the time all seven women had their way with me I just felt like a rag doll with a squishy pussy. Again I heard and felt a sharp hand slap and was spun outward to face Doug. Following the others’ lead, I too dragged him into the fray of sexually entranced women. In this version, as soon as the acknowledgement was completed, all the other women grasped their skirt hems and drew them up their upper thighs. The scent of pheromones and hot bare pussies was absolutely overpowering as beat after beat, knee after knee was ground into bare pussy after bare pussy in that intoxicating consensual Contra dance routine.

When the singer’s voice tapered away, leaving only the softening violin strains, everyone spread out into a huge ring, with arms intertwined. With the last violin silenced, everyone squashed ahead into a human shrimp-ring cluster of lusty lunatics. The women whooped out loud then everyone wiggled hips together in perfect unison! They all backed up, the men bowed to the women on both their sides then the men visually acknowledged all the others around the circle. When the men all reached into the center and shook hands in a star, I realized I’d seen this peculiar greeting before. This was the same “Thank You” I’d seen some square dance couples engage in after a successful dance sequence! Immediately after that all the men hugged the woman on their left after someone called out “Yellow Rock!” then as quick as a wink they all s**ttered in every direction!

I followed the giggling and splashing noises into the hot tub room and found Louise and Laura, naked in the Jacuzzi. Facing outward with their hands clenched tightly on the outside tub rails, the foaming bubbles were bursting up between their bare breasts. Louise stood up, all foamy and wet from her soaking and invited me to undress and climb in with them. Once settled in, she had me grasp the rail and then kneel on the floor like Laura. As I crouched down, a hot water jet shot directly onto my clitoris, making it pretty obvious that they’d been indulging their clits on the pulsating water jets! Both women’s faces reflected the delightful sensations the Jacuzzi induced. Soon they ignored me and locked their mouths in passionate kissing.

Just as I felt I was about to cum, my attention was drawn away to Doug who just sauntered in. Laura broke off their kiss with Louise then looked up to her husband. He flashed a little boy smile with raised eyebrows, followed by a questioning glance down past his belly. She braced her elbows on the hot tub’s rim, reached forward and unzipped his fly. She pulled his half-erect penis out, licked her lips and then sucked the end of his cock into her mouth! Doug leaned ahead, braced his knees against the tub then ran his fingertips through her hair as she began to bob her head.

I tried not to stare but watching a woman who recently ground her knee into my crotch while French kissing my mouth was too much to ignore. After thirty seconds or so, Laura peered over at me, slurped her mouth off Doug’s dick and offered his penis over to me! I politely declined with a shake of her head then was immediately drawn to moans and grunts from the bike room. Curiosity made me forsake her orgasm to see what else was going on. I got out, excused myself, toweled myself dry, put my clothes back on then inched toward the other room.

As I stepped out onto the dance floor I peeked left and watched Celine and Daniel exit that mirrored cubicle. I zipped in then closed the door and locked myself in. I bent down in front of the bike, opened the goodies box and pulled out the fabled penis enhancer. I rolled it down over the bike dildo after locking the derailleur like I’d seen Sophie do. I whipped off my panties, lubed my pussy and the Devil’s Dick then climbed aboard.

I wiggled my hips around and around to limber up my pussy but it just wouldn’t give! It wasn’t until I looked down into the handlebar mirror that my mind convinced my vulva to relax. Seeing that big ugly b**st pushing into my cunt was just the ticket I needed. My clit was shiny erect, the Devil’s knob was glistening and just like that I watched my pussy swallow him, inch by inch!

Oh he burned and ravaged my pussy as his warts, lumps, folds and veins raked through my vulva, but when I felt that gross knob press against the end of my vagina I knew I’d accommodated him. I wiggled and humped then rotate-ground my cunt onto my immense impalement. Once loosened and juiced up as I could get, I attempted to pump as Karla had done before me. But my thighs were wobbly and jouncing around like that was hard as hell on my innards.

I clicked the derailleur back, pushed the pedals and he filled me with evil bliss once more. As he smoothly punched up and down through my cunt I felt my upper lip and nose began to wiggle for some unknown reason. Perhaps I realized I was indeed pleasing His Darkness, as God only knows how many of the women in that basement had done before me. I figured that regardless of what vile deeds I might continue to do during the rest of my life, at least there’d be a special place in the Devil’s heart for me.

As the Richelieu River people left for home I climbed back up the stairs to my room then slipped across the hall for a shower to get rid of my sweat. When I was toweling down, I overheard women’s voices through a second entrance door to the shower room.

What sounded like Louise’s voice said, “Do you think they’ll be alright with everything?”

Laura’s voice returned, “Oh sure, Aurora was pretty easy about things at the store and all evening. She did sign the disclaimer on our club registry form so I think we’ve got our asses covered.”

Doug’s voice finished off, “Oh relax you two. The evening went well and our guests fit right in.”

I crept back into my room to find Jillian, naked on my bed with Michael, on the far side, nibbling on her right nipple. I wanted to crawl onto the bed, suck her left nipple into my mouth then reach down between her firm thighs. I wanted to press my fingers firmly against her pussy until she let them slide into her warm wet cunt. I wanted to then lift my left leg to have her massage my poor ravaged pussy as she always did after a serious fucking session. But my b*****r’s grunts hinted her right hand was really busy massaging up his dick.

Accepting that tonight I’d be the odd one out, I excused myself for intruding on their fun and shuffled back toward the other room. Outside, I found of all things, Karla lurking in the hallway outside the bathroom. Her lusty grin was just too much for me to bear. Temporarily denied my true heart’s desire, I decided to wipe the smirk off that dirty toe-fucker’s face no matter what it took!

I opened the other bedroom door, planted my tongue in Karla’s mouth, lead her inside and pushed her backwards onto the bed. I threw off my towels, crawled onto the bed naked and pushed her skirt’s hem up to her belly then flopped down alongside her. As I lodged my tongue back between her lips, I f***ed her leg upward with my knee. I undid the buttons of her flimsy bodice then undid her bra’s front clasp to release her breasts.

Karla shivered, I hoped in fear and anticipation, at my swift advances as my fingertip drew cool circles around one aureole. When her nipple grew predictably erect, I broke away from my intense French kiss and immediately sucked her bumpy nipple into my hot mouth. I sucked strongly then bit down tightly on the base of her nipple. The whimper that followed from her nostrils was definitely of fear, exactly the way I wanted.

I reached over to her other nipple, tickled it a little then scratched my pointy index fingernail its growing tip. That produced another tiny whimper but when I squeezed down hard and stretched her luscious nipple straight out from her breast, a genuine moan exited her mouth! Relatively sure I had Karla’s complete attention I whispered, “The under table talk during the Euchre game was kinda fun, sweet thing, so how about some advanced technique exercises for a pure novice?”

Her expression turned slowly from terror to undeniable lust as she pondered my request. “And what particular area of instruction are you most interested in?” she questioned huskily.

“Primarily the noisy, squawky big toe rotates that I embarrassed us with during the game,” I returned as I loosened my grip on her blanched left nipple!

I grabbed a pillow and threw it down to the foot of the brass bed to rest my back on then got comfortably positioned. Karla fluffed her pillow up behind her against the head of the bed then wiggled herself into position so our feet were within comfortable range of each other’s pussies. She scanned her eyes up and down my firm and fit naked body then smiled seductively as her big toe touched down on my pussy. First she did up and down toe-flexes to loosen and moisten my cunt. Shortly after I felt her perfectly manicured, fat-ended toe punch through my vulva then continue those same toe-flexes inside my vagina!

Oh shit, it felt so good as Karla rubbed it against the underside of my clit! With the considerable strength of her big toe, she poked and sloshed it up and down and side to side, producing the nasty, juicy slurps I longed to experience. Karla looked down at my feet, shook her head and frowned.

She said, “Those nails were rough before so you must fix before we continue,” abruptly removed her toe from my vagina then tossed me my purse from the night table!

After I frantically clipped all my toenails, Karla ran her fingers all over my toes then shook her head once more. So I meticulously filed each big toe nail like it was a masterpiece in the making. When satisfied both toes were flawless, she worked moisturizer crème from my purse sensuously into each of my big toes.

Karla stared wantonly into my eyes as she spread her legs in an undeniable invitation to continue. Seemingly disappointed that I didn’t dunk it into her pussy instantaneously, she reached out, grabbed my foot then jammed my big toe into her. A big toe is surprisingly sensitive in its own way. A strange rush of contented lust washed through my senses as it told my how warm and wet Karla’s pussy was at that exact second!

Mere seconds after that my pussy sensed yet another warming intrusion as Karla’s big toe slipped in. This time my pussy felt strong thrusts and energetic wiggles loosen me while my toe enjoyed its wet energetic thrusts and strong wiggles loosen Karla’s vulva. That was until we simultaneously switched to the socially forbidden twirling rotates! I was amused from the initial onslaught by the disgusting slurps that squawks from our genitals but our combined chorus of whimpers and down and dirty moans was getting to be music to my ears.

As bed squeaks and grunts echoed through the connecting bathroom from Jillian and Michael’s bedroom and across the hall from Louise’s suite, I just knew we’d found the perfect place to initiate our prodigies when their indoctrination programs were completed! It wasn’t like me to feel much for others because of our lifestyle but an air of comfort and excitement glowed within that house’s foreboding exterior walls.

I slept soundly, lulled to sl**p by the ebbing waves of Lake Francis. The following morning I awoke with the undeniable taste of pussy in my mouth. I rolled over to find those strange brown canine eyes starting back at me. By the time my foggy brain resurrected the memories of the night before, Karla’s lips were on mine and her hand was between my thighs. As a wave of recollection swept over me, I felt a tickle surge through my clitoris, out to its tip. Her tickling fingertip, in mere seconds, had my heart pounding, my nipples budding and my jaded brain awash with lust I hadn’t felt in years.

With incredible skill, one cluster of her fingertips pleased my pussy while the other enticed my hand over to her pussy. The second my fingertips dipped into her and felt her warmth and wetness, my mind sent down my orgasm sequence. As I sloshed my fingertips about, my thumb felt her clitoris swell. As I massaged vaginal juice all over it Karla began to moan softly. Her quivering whimpers took complete control of my senses and my body betrayed me once more to her skills! As I whimpered and undulated my hips, Karla succumbed as well and the freight train rush of orgasm rumbled through both of our bellies!!!

After a shared and very interesting shower with my newfound playmate, the pair of us sauntered downstairs. Somewhat awkward glances by all soon faded when we all were treated to a sumptuous little breakfast buffet. Recollecting the first chapter of Laura’s “Dear Dirty Diary” I chose the bacon eggs and biscuits. Who knows how those sausages might have been sautéed or those French sticks glazed!

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Hi Aurora,
It seems you really enjoyed your visit with us. Thanks for plugging our Inn and indirectly, my "Dear Dirty Diary" stories as well.