My first sexual encounters were with my first cous

I am now 17 and my cousin f*****n, but we were f*****n and t****e respectively at the time. Me and my siblings used go to their house a few times a year (I've since stopped) just to play and have fun. Their f****y consists of a boy and four girls, the oldest, Faieza, was 18 at the time and quite sexy to be honest. A good Muslim girl nonetheless and without a doubt not stupid enough for me to seduce. Her younger s****r, Neelam, however, was naive and prone to a pervert like me.

Neelam was and still is about 5"2. She has a petite body which is dressed in either a burka or more traditional Pakistani wear at home in the midst of f****y. She is fair skinned with lovely big feet, has slightly big teeth and a particular bump in her nose. Her older s****r is definitely the prettiest of the s****rs but Neelam would pass as a quick fuck and suck for most.

It all started when we one time and MY house I started wrestling with Neelam between to slightly separated double beds, which to all my siblings and cousins in the room came across as totally innocent, as it initially was. I easily overpowered her, flailing her across the beds as we both laughed and gradually the others s**ttered themselves around the house in different rooms and coincidently me and Neelam were left alone. It was at this point my more opportunistic side showed itself and I began pinning her down only to hump her. I know she could feel my dick rubbing up against her traditional Asian dress ( a shalwar) and I told her I would only stop if she kissed me on the cheeks. Whenever she did however I would suddenly move my face so that our lips would meet and it got to a point where we both stopped, everything slowed down and realised what we were doing. I leaned in and so did she. I think that's when I knew this was not going to be the last time something like this happened.

Now every time me and my siblings went to their house we would play hide and seek, it wasn't odd, we'd been doing it for years. The only thing that changed was when we picked seekers I would try my best to be paired solely with Neelam and when we would hide I would try my best to hide with Neelam. This was because it gave me an opportunity to kiss her, caress her still-developing breasts, adorn her petite but round ass which was layered in the tiniest hairs (something which turned me on VERY much) and even toy with her young pussy.

I remember everyone being downstairs eating popcorn and watching a movie whilst me and Neelam were in the attic. I remember starting my abruptly pulling her shalwar and pants around her ankles before slobbering over her rather amazing arse. I remember inserting a finger into her vagina, which looked and felt like it had been shaven a week ago. I think I was at my most brutal when I slapped her for refusing to pull my dick out, something she eventually did; I even managed to get her to lick it just once. All this however was the worst. There were times when I knew she wasn't enjoying herself but there were times were she wanted nothing more than to be locked in a room with me.

Two occasions stand out. Both in the her bedroom on the first floor when the rest were downstairs and away. First was when we proceeded to dry hump each other for half an hour. I lied on top of her, her hair out and lying against the floor as she smiled up at me whilst her body bobbed up and down with every thrust. She looked amazing in that moment. My humping was causing an extremely arousing friction with my prick sliding up and down against the crotch of her bottoms, the feeling pushing through past them and the pants and the sensation of my raging boner against her pussy lips was felt. She moaned and was breathing heavily, pulling me in to kiss her constantly. After relentless action I blasted shot after shot of cum in my underwear and stopped with an unbelievable guilt coming over me. It was only when I came that my perverted thinking ceased. I got up and went to the toilet to clean myself at which point she looked confused. I remember her asking me if I loved her??? Probably the most awkward moment of my life. I just looked away and walking down the stairs. I apologised and promised myself to never do something like this again.

Nonetheless, my sexual needs overcame me on one more occasion which only lasted five minutes before we were f***ed to stop. We were the seekers. I immediately locked the door, pushed her onto the bed before dragging her off it onto her hands and knees. I pulled her towards my dick, lowered her bottoms and pants and began to furiously spit into the crack of her arse.

'What are you doing?!' she shout-whispered.

'Neelam just shut up, they'll hear us' I replied.

That's about as long as the conversations during these intimate encounters lasted. With her arse covered in saliva, I dropped my pants and slid my erect, pulsing cock in between those sweet cheeks. I recall pulling her hair back whilst I fucked her arse crack, coated lightly in hair it was with a topping of dribble. A knock on the door quickly stopped that all however and that truly became the last time I had fun with Neelam.

What's surprising is how nothing is awkward and in fact sometimes I think about trying to initiate things with her again. I have stopped since but I must confess I have had taboo sexual encounters with other cousins, many MALE so more stories to come, if requested. I now honestly prefer the girls at my college, some of which I have very interesting stories about.
All my stories are true.

If you have any questions about them, just message me.

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