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Hey people, I find myself really horny today and thinking of one of my hottest fantasies. One is to submit to a shemale like Yasmin, (one of her video's is in my favorite video's). And the other is to submit to a guy in a father/son role play. I'm not into pain, bl**d, or shit, however with the right person would explore pretty much any other fetish. I've always been Dom and been told I was very good at it. I enjoy the mental aspect of Dom/sub roles as much as the sexual aspects. Anyway I've been wanting to submit to an experienced Dom guy for a while now. In my fantasy he is decent looking, not overly hairy and has a nice 8" or bigger cock. He is patient yet firm, demanding yet willing to teach, and strict and f***eful yet merciful. In my fantasy he seduces me slyly, tricking me into showing my attraction and excitement then playing it against me. Expertly turning my shy reluctance into unbridled urgency, first offering me a look at his cock after catching me glancing at his bulge once too often, then a feel of it. Leading me into my own desires till it is I asking him, what it smells like, him smiling warmly and explaining how it's ok with him if I kneel in front of him and smell it. Daddy knowing all the while the scent of his cock will entice my curiosity. Thinking I've very sneakily gained just the invite I wanted I quickly kneel at Daddy's feet wondering if his cock will taste like the few others I've sucked. I grip it at the base, squeezing gently yet firmly as I look up at him, pushing my face to his thick cock. Rubbing my nose down the underside as I try not to look so eager, the thick musky aroma making my mouth water as I wait for him to invite me to taste it. He waits, smiling down at me, transparent to him all the while, he has me right where he wants me and his control over me begins. Puzzled I try again, slowly smearing the underside of his thick cock across my upper lip as I look up at him. Nothing, he doesn't invite me to taste his cock, left only with my own insatiable desires now overwhelming me I take my first step as his submissive. I ask coyly, I wonder what it tastes like? Hoping he will be generous as not to cause me to reveal my true nature, hoping he won't make me beg shamelessly...Anyway that's how the psychologically exciting aspect of my fantasy begins...
Posted by Adicksion 2 years ago
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1 year ago
I like it. Sounds a lot like a fantasy I have.
2 years ago
HOT fantasy! I'd love to shave you and make you my slave!
2 years ago
Love it!