My first adult cock, part 3

As we pulled into Dougs driveway the older gentleman turned to me, his eyes lowering to my crotch and lingering for a moment. Though I was nervous my cock had begun to swell with my excitement as I had loosend the leg of my shorts. But as his eyes lingered I felt my heart race and felt my cock swelling faster now, I became filled with embarrasment and excitement. I felt my face flush as his excitement became apparent, in that instant I wanted to peel my shorts down and offer him my smooth young body as I begged him to allow me to taste his large cock.
As his eyes raised all I could think to say was "wow my friend isn't here" as I opened the door and began to get out slowly, "maybe he'll be back soon".
The mornings thoughts and yearnings raged inside me and ther was no mistaking his interest only seconds earlier, yet I was at a loss for my next move as I closed the door and leaned in to thank him for the ride. The only thing I could think of was to allow him to see me gaze at his impressive bulge. Before I could do so the older gentleman spoke, "look I just have to run a few errands not too far from here. Do like to drink beer, you could ride along during my errands then we can drink a couple beers and I'll bring you back here. By that time your friend might be home". As I think back I agreed so quickly and was back in his car that my eagerness must of been so apparent to the older man that I might as well of just pulled his pants down and sucked him off right there as Dougs neighbors all watched.
As we drove away he glanced back down at my crotch almost as if asking for permission to see my young cock again. I suddenly felt as though I was in control of the situation as he explained thst he had three tasks to complete and that after we could play it by ear. For reasons I wasn't aware of then I chose to keep my legs in front of me, (now I realize I've always been an incredible tease and able to seduce both men and women) as we made small talk. I could see his confussion and wonderment, a curriosity as to whether he had possibly read the situation wrong.
Till that day I had only seduced and had sex with other "guys" my age, as well as a few that were a couple years older than me. And had experienced some incredibly nasty sex but the puzzled look on the older mans face made me feel quite empowered. Although I had virtually no experience with men of his age other than my best friends older b*****r, who took total control, I guided the seduction. As we aproached the building were his first errand would take place I found a little more courage and allowed the older man to catch me gazing quite deliberately at the thick outline of cock in the crotch of his jeans. Of course I timed it so he'd have to get out and perform his business with that picture clear in his mind.
When he came out and we continued on our quest he began to turn the conversation to sex, I told him of course that I had been with many girls. Which was the truth regardless of how much bulge gazing was now taking place between us. At this point however I was quite excited and knew he was looking for an opening, and I very much wanted to give him one despite my own nervousness. So as we appoached the place of his second order of business I turned to face him again lifting my left leg onto the seat. My swollen cock easily pushed its way out the leg of my shorts. He looked down at it as he explained that his errand would only take a moment, I didn't make any motion to correct my posture as looked back up at me. I was hot, I was nervous as well but most of all I wanted to smell and taste the older mans cock and I wanted him to know it. I wanted him to know that from this point on I would be his and that I couldn't wait to show him how eager I was to please him. As he finished speaking I spread my smooth, tan legs wider I watched him take another long look at my excited young cock and noticed that his bulge had grown considerably, a thick outline of obviously large cock that almost made me brake out begging him to allow me to suck it right there in that busy parking lot.
As the older man exited the store and moved towards his car I couldn't take my eyes off his bulge, as he got in and closed his door he glanced straight to my spread legs, again I made no effort to conceal my young excited cock. He happily exclaimed that his last errand could wait till the following day having clearly gotten the opening he had so hoped for, the willing and eager opening of my young, smooth skater boy legs. He pulled out of the parking lot and right into a convenience store lot asking me what kind of beer I liked, I looked up from his bulge coyly and muttered "ahh...Michalobe?...I don't care really", I wanted to tell him to pull around back into the alley and squat fuck my mouth on the hood of his car. I was so hot to see his big cock that I found myself wondering if I could take his big cock up my young, smooth, tight little asshole.
Before I knew it he was back and asking me if I knew of a secluded spot we could drink a few beers, all I heard was, "where is a secluded spot I can strip you down and teach you how to take big thick man cock". I directed him up into Big Tujunga canyon which took another grueling twenty minutes before we pulled into a public parking area down close to the river. We got out and hiked a little way until the closest people we could see were a couple of hundred yards away from us. We moved around these two large boulders out of clear site and he snapped open a couple of beers, giving me one. All I wanted was to feed on his huge cock and for the first time since Doug had taught me what it was like to have a grown man blow hot cum into my mouth, I wanted another helping.
As we took a couple swigs off the beers I steadily gazed at his bulging jeans, inexperienced as I was I didn't know what else to do. Finally he just asked, "have you ever had another guy suck your cock", "yes" I replied, he began to ask if I liked it but I was so hot for it that I interrupted him by pulling my shorts and boxers down to my ankles, pulling my tennis shoes right through them in one motion my became instantly hard as i stood before him in broad daylight naked. The older man looked around nervously then suddenly knealed at my feet pulling my hard cock to his. mouth and sucking me down to the root.
I've always been naturally smooth, having very little body hair and this seemed to make the man even wilder his hand kept sliding up and down my thighs, one on the inside as he pushed his fingers up between my asscheeks my legs spread wider. I think my eagerness to open up ass to him made him crazy cause started to moan loudly. Letting my hard cock slip from his lips he slurped his way down to my almost hairless balls, his fingers rubbing at my completely hairless and incredibly tight asshole. I began to lose it, moaning whimpering in exctasy as his wet tongue pushed up under my balls, my fingers were in his hair as I raised one foot up resting it on his hip as I desperitely tried to spread my ass wider for him as I watched my hard wet cock and balls smearing all over his eyes and forehead. Suddenly his powerfull hands gripped the backs of my thighs just below my asscheeks as he pushed me upward till I was supported only by his hands and my back against the rock, my legs spread wide as he moaned out loudly, pushing his tongue up into my tight asshole. I was holding the back of his head now moaning beggingly as I watched my hard leaking cock bouncing over his head and between my wrists. I had had my asshole licked before but had never been eaten like this, the older man was now moaning like an a****l as he f***ed his warm wet tongue all the way up my smooth, tight boyhole. I could feel it wiggling deep in my asshole as the base of his tongue stretched my tiny fuckhole. I began to moan and wimper uncontrolibly, muttering and gasping that I was gonna cum. He let me down forcing me to turn and face the huge rock, instinctively I spread my legs wide, arching my back and pushing back from the rock. I wasn't sure what to expect and was scared that he might try to assfuck me with his huge cock, but I knew If he did that I wanted to take it. I knew that I'd do anything to please him, that I wanted to. But much to my suprise I felt his hand pull my hard leaking, twitching cock back between my asscheeks swollowing it till I felt his nose squishing into my balls. My moans turned to incohearant begging as I pushed back trying get my balls and everything I could into his mouth as I started to cum like I had never cum before. I was a wimpering, trembling mess barely able to stand any longer as I felt him push his thick thumb as far as it would go into my smooth, tiny asshole. I'm not sure what happened at that point, it felt like my whole body was convulsing as I slowly slinked down the rock onto my hands and knees, I think as that happened I began another completely seperate orgasm. The mans mouth never left my cock, I could feel him sucking at it and it felt like cum was running from my peehole like water as he ground his thumb into my tight boi cunt.
As my moaning and orgasms subsided all I could think of was how badly I wanted to please him that much, and quite selfishly how badly I wanted him to cum down my throat with at least equal vigor.

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hard to believe 1 yr. and only 1 comment.
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That was fantastic! fucking hard as hell right now.