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[Story] My first adult cock...the sweet end

As I finally stopped cumming I slowly crawled my hands up the side of the boulder. Leaning against it with my knee's still spread wide in the dirt beneath me. I was weak from my orgasm and could feel my upper thighs trembling slightly as I tried to catch my breath. The man's thumb gently slid out of my asshole but continued rubbing and pushing against my tiny boihole. He had swallowed every drop of my cum but continued sucking my incredibly sensitive little cock as it shrunk in his mouth. I began to steady physically, my mind clearing at the same pace as I felt his wet mouth slurp my smooth... Continue»
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[Story] My first adult cock, part 3

As we pulled into Dougs driveway the older gentleman turned to me, his eyes lowering to my crotch and lingering for a moment. Though I was nervous my cock had begun to swell with my excitement as I had loosend the leg of my shorts. But as his eyes lingered I felt my heart race and felt my cock swelling faster now, I became filled with embarrasment and excitement. I felt my face flush as his excitement became apparent, in that instant I wanted to peel my shorts down and offer him my smooth young body as I begged him to allow me to taste his large cock.
As his eyes raised all I could think ... Continue»
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So much hot, deliciously dirty sissy ass here!!!

I truely love this site and all the sexy and exciting people I meet here. A sub/ Dom switches paradise, I soil and make sticky messes of more panties here in such short time talking with hot studs that want to do such dirty things to me, things I can't help but beg for. And chatting with hot, sexy, NASTY little sissy cock whores so eager for me to use and fuck degradingly that I even a dirty bitch like me can't resist....gotta love it!
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[Story] My first adult cock ; part 2

Not realizing it that warm west coast morning as I finally turned arouned and pushed my up turned thumb out. I see it clearly now having experienced that crazed, wild single minded determination so many times since that morning. I had completely lost any awareness of reality, of of any responsibilities, personal plans or other peoples expectations of me that day. Oblivious to anything except the indescribable excitement, humiliation and raw all engulfing pleasure I felt as I sat on that damp toilet seat. ... Continue»
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[Story] my first adult cock : part 1

I'm not sure why I came into my sexuality so early but I am sure that I brought a good many other "guys" into thier sexuality early as well. As well as girls for that matter, it didn't matter what your physical sex was, I wanted to play any nasty games I could coax you into. The nastier or "kinkier" the better, kinky being a word or label I had no knowledge or understanding of at that time. It seems ignorance is bliss or at least for me it was, it allowed me to forego sexual experimentation all together. Ignorance of labels, stereotypes, inhibitions or any manner of measuring one's sexual pr... Continue»
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Need a local teacher

i see all the pretty and sexy cd gurls on this site and i want so badly to find one that would take me under her wing and teach me to be sexy too. A local gurl who could take charge and help me realize my fantasy. Help me bath and shave, teach me to do my make up, teach me to dress and be sexy. i would be such an eager and willing pupil, as well as her pet and play thing aching to show my gratitude in almost any way that would please her. i fantasize of this day on a regular basis and hope that it may come to pass soon.
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Hey people, I find myself really horny today and thinking of one of my hottest fantasies. One is to submit to a shemale like Yasmin, (one of her video's is in my favorite video's). And the other is to submit to a guy in a father/son role play. I'm not into pain, bl**d, or shit, however with the right person would explore pretty much any other fetish. I've always been Dom and been told I was very good at it. I enjoy the mental aspect of Dom/sub roles as much as the sexual aspects. Anyway I've been wanting to submit to an experienced Dom guy for a while now. In my fantasy he is decent looking, ... Continue»
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