Olivia's new Master

Olivia was only young but had always known deep down that she wanted to be dominated and to live her life as a slut for a Master and when she turned 18 she put an add on a Domination site saying that she was looking for a master and was willing to do anything to please her Master and it did not take long before she was getting messages from guys that wanted to dominate her but none seemed right for her until she got this message telling her what she would have to do to please him and he had attached a piture of himself.

The Message read.

First of all I want to see a full front and back photo of you fully naked and I inspect you to be fully shaven so I can see your slutty pussy. Then I want to see you playing with yourself spreading your pussy wide and also I want to see you fingering your ass so I know you are a true slut.

In the Picture

He was just over 6 feet tall, well muscled and was hung like a horse but the one thing that made her want him to be her Master was the fact that he was black. It had been a life time fantasy of hers to be Dominated by a black guy and now was her chance and she could not let it go so she grabbed her Camera and got to work doing as her new Master asked and had them downloaded on to her computer and sent them to him straight away.

A minute or two later he messaged her back with an address, date and time for her to meet him and that was it. The date was for 2 days time giving her time to ready herself for being his slave. The 2 days flew by and it was time her her to get ready and she started off by laying our the clothes she was going to wear before having a shower. Once out of the shower and dried she started to get dressed first putting on her white silk panties followed by a matching bra, she then slowly eased her tights over her smooth long legs. not she picked up a black very tight and short skirt and then she picked up her white low cut top and showed off her curves nicely and after sorting her hair out she stood in front of the mirror and just looked at herself and smiled as she new her Master would be pleased. she grabbed her keys and bag and left the house and got into her car and drove to the address her Master had given her. It was an hours drive from her place to his and it was out in the country in the middle of know where but it was a beautiful place to look at as she drove along and it was not long before she was pulling into his drive that headed up to this big house that joined on to a farm. She parked up and walked over to the front door and knocked and as the door opened her eyes widened as she saw her new Master for the first time and he looked so much taller in person than in the picture.
Hello Olivia, my name is Mark but you will mostly be calling me Master but only when your training begins so for now your may call me by my normal name. She thanked him and followed him inside and he showed her round the house while telling her what she will have to do when she is not pleasing him. Most of it involved cleaning the house, doing the washing up and washing his clothes etc. she was happy to do all of this for her Master with out any questions asked which pleased him. He lead her into the kitchen where there was a meal already prepared for them by his own personal cook so she would not need to make him any food and if she ever wanted anything she only had to ask. They sat down and started eating and he asked her a few questions about what she was into and what experiences she had already had. she told him that she had only ever been with one guy before and that she had been with a couple of girls one of which had been a bit dominant with her. She told him that the girl had tied her up and spanked her and teased her pussy brining her to many orgasm's.

After they had eaten he got up and went into the living room to watch a film while she washed up the dishes. Once finished she went into the living room to join him but as she came in he stood up and turned the telly off and he looked at her and told her that it was time for her training to start and the first thing she had to do was get undressed down to her underwear and to then get down on to her knees in front of him. She did not hesitate and straight away took her shoes off followed by her skirt and then her top and she got down on to her knees in front of him. He walked round her looking up and down her body and just as he moved behind her she felt a sharp sticking pain across her ass as he whipped her with a riding crop. He told her that every time she does not do as she is told that she would be punished this way. He then walked over to a table that was in the corner of the room and pulled a chair out from under it and moved it into the middle of the room and he told Olivia to come over and sit down. She did as he asked and sat down in the chair, he then told her to place her arms on the arm rests of the chair and then to spread her legs so that they were inline with the legs of the chair. Olivia did as she was asked and once in position her Master started to tie her arms and legs to the chair until she was unable to move and he then stood back and again looked over his new slutty sex toy before moving round behind her and removing her bra. He moved his arms round her front and cupped her small breast in his hands and gently squeezed the and he started to tease her nipples making them grow hard and once they were sticking out enough he moved back over to the table and opened a drawer and pulled out a set of nipple clamps which he clipped on to her nipples, Olivia bit her lips as her Master placed the clamps on to her nipple but she did not cry out as she new she would get punished. Her Master then grabbed the riding crop and slowly started rubbing it over her panty covered pussy making her panties even more wetter than they already were and he then went back over to the table and grabbed a camera and started taking a few photos of his new slut tied to the chair. He then left the room and was gone for a couple of minutes before he returned with a large box that he placed in front of Olivia, he opened it and pulled out a length or wire which he plugged into the wall and then he pulled out this long smooth tube with some sort or rubber ball on the top of it and as he turned it on it started vibrating really fast and he f***ed it between her legs and held it tight against her pussy and Olivia body started going crazy with the sensations she was getting from this vibrator and soon her panties were leaking from all her juices that were flowing from her pussy as she came close to her first orgasm and just as she was about to cum he pulled the vibrator away making her moan out loud with disappointment and her Master just smiled and told her that she would be coming a lot throughout her time her so she would not need to worry.

He untied her and told her to follow him down to his basement and as she stood up she nearly fell over and as she walked her legs were shaking but she managed to just about follow her Master using the wall to help her balance. Once down in the basement she saw this set of ropes hanging from the sealing and he told to walk over to them, once there he started to tie her up starting with her arms and then her legs. Once he had finished tieing her up she was hanging from the sealing about 4 feet off the ground and he ripped her panties off and again he placed the vibrator between her legs and hard against her and he taped it to her legs so he could play with the rest of her body.

To be continued

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2 years ago
To each his own, but to be dominated in such vile manner is beyond my ability to compute. As long as there is no abuse to the dominated that is not wanted, i.e., no physical harm, there will always be someone willing to deliver the abuse.
2 years ago
well written
2 years ago
Wow, fabulous :)
2 years ago
OMG so freaking amazing!
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago