Fun in underwear ch.2

When I got out of the shower, I dried off and and went over to where kit had put the underwear for me to wear. I picked them up and there was a leather bra that had holes where the nipples are and leather panties that had a hole round the back in line with my ass. I put them on and they were a very tight fit, I then noticed there was some other things with a letter.

There was a: red ball gag, hand cuffs, leg cuffs and a blindfold

The letter said:
Put these on and come into the bedroom and get on your hands and knees like a good slut, I have a big supprise for you x.

So I put everything on, just leaving the blindfold off and the leg cuffs. I then went into the bedroom and put the last 2 items on and I got on to my hands and knees and waited to see what happenned.

I must have been there for 30minutes before I hered any movement but there was too much movement for one person, it sounded like 2 or 3 people.

Then kit spoke

That's a good slut, you see I told you she would be ready for us!!!

That's when I found out there was a guy and another girl in the room with us. I felt them rub their hands over my body, teasing my nipples and ass. My cock was straining against the front of my leather panties but I new it was not going to get the chance to cum.
I felt the ball gag being untied and as soon as it had dropped to the floor it was replaced by the mans cock and the quickly started to fuck my mouth using it like a pussy. While he was doing this the 2 girls started to finger and lick my ass aswell as spanking me and calling me names. After a few minutes of this the guy pulled his cock out of my mouth pussy and walked round behind me and quickly f***ed it inside my ass and fucked me hard and fast spanking my ass very hard to making it turn a dark red.
I felt a pair of hands on the back of my head pulling my head towards the floor but I did not get to the floor because I felt the feeling of a wet pussy up against my face and I then hered kits voice order my to lick the other girls pussy and to finger her ass and pussy at the same time. I licked and fingered as hard and fast as I could and she was soon cumming and she squirted all over my face and in my mouth but I did not stop licking or fingering because kit had not ordered me to stop.
I guy had started to fuck me even harder and he was so deep inside me he felt like he was in my stomach. He started pulling his cock all the way out and then forcing it all the way in and he did this for a few more minutes before he rammed his cock all the way inside me and held it inside me as he unloaded all his cum deep inside my ass and I could feel every squirt of his cum, it felt fantastic.
Kit ordered me to stop licking the girls pussy and to clean his cock. I lick and sucked on his big cock taking as much in my mouth as I could and then I felt kit forcing her strap-on cock inside my ass and she started to fuck me but this time she took it slow with me sliding it in and out of my ass making me feel good.
I then got a shock as the guy unloaded another load of cum into my mouth and it was a BIG load and I struggled to swallow it all. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and walked away and I hered the door close and the a bright light came into my eyes as kit removed the blindfold and she pulled her cock out of my ass which made me feel empty inside. she undid my hand and leg cuffs and took me over to her bed and she told me to remove my panties and to lay across her lap.
I did as she ordered and I removed my panties and my cock sprung out of them, I then layed across he lap with my cock inbetween her legs and she squeesed her legs together and then started to spank me. She made sure she spanked both my ass cheeks until she decided she had punnished me enough and she ordered me to get up and it was time for me to have some fun. Fun I thought the fun had started hours ago.
Kit got on to the bed and layed down on her front and said she wanted me to take her anal virginity and she spread her legs and layed her head on the pillows.
I climbed on to the bed and I slowly kissed her body all over until I got down to her ass and I started to lick her getting her all wet and ready for my cock.
I moved back up her body until my cock was pressing up against the entrance to her ass and I slwoly started to apply more pressure and my cock started to enter her ass, I took it nice and slow with her because I did not want it to stop and I slowly made love to her ass and after a few minutes I unloaded my cum into her ass and I layed on top of her and then we both rolled over so we were on our sides still with my cock inside her and I rapped my arms around her and we both fell asl**p
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2 years ago
Me next...
2 years ago
this is my own fantasy....
thanks for writing it for me.....
3 years ago
very nice twist in the story:P was suprising:P very hot story:)
4 years ago
sexy story!! almost came on my panties!!yum!
4 years ago
Sweet! Lots of nasty sex here...well done!
4 years ago
Great story x