fun in underwear ch.1

I had a friend called Kit (short for kitten) and she was a fantastic looking girl a few years older than me which was a major turn on.
One day when I went over to hers we started drinking and having a laugh and we talked about past relationships (good and bad) and the hours just flew by and before we new it, it was midnight.
I asked Kit if I could have a shower and she said yes and told me where it was. She looked up and smiled, but it was not a smile I had seen before it was a very cheeky, sexy sort of smile.
I just smiled back and headed upstairs to the shower and I started to get undressed and as I looked up into the mirror in the wall I caught site of kit standing in the doorway just staring at me. I suppose it could be down to the fact that I was wearing my s****rs underwear. I looked round and asked what she was doing and her eyes lit up with shock and she tried to say something but no words came out.
I went over to her and pulled her into the shower room and closed the door. She was still too stunned to talk but I soon brought out of it as I kissed her lips slowly and passoinately. She pulled away and looked into my eyes before asking why I was dressed in girls underwear?
I sat on the edge of the bath and she sat on the toilet and I told her about how it turned me on and how it was also sort of my s****rs idea. All the time we were talking she kept looking up and down my body staring at the underwear and then all of a sudden she stood up and walked over to me and I stood up to be greeted by a kiss.
I rapped my arms around her back and pulled her tight to my body and we kissed for what seemed like hours before I took the next step and started to undo the buttons on her top and letting it fall to the ground. I then started to lower myself down her body slowly kissing her her all the way. I kissed her neck and then her right shoulder and then down to her breast. I kissed her nipples through her bra and they started to harden straight away.
I then moved even lower kissing and licking her belly button before I got down to her jeans. I slowly unbuttoned them and pulled them down her smooth long legs. She was wearing some very sexy white silk underwear and by now my cock was rock hard and sticking out the top of my s****rs panties. I looked up to see kit staring down at it but I quickly snapped her out of it as I licked the full lengh of her pussy through her wet silk panties and she let out a loud moan so I repeated it again this time much slower and I then started to kiss her legs either side of her panties and I rubbed my hands up and down her legs feeling her smooth skin and then I moved them up to her nice smooth sexy ass and I slowly squeezed her cheeks and before I slid my hands inside her panties and pulled them down.
I sat back and looked at her sexy pussy but to my supprise she snapped me out of it this time as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards her pussy and she ordered me to lick her and not to stop until she had cum. As I started to lick her she called me a good little bitch and I thought my cock was going to explode so I licked and licked and I slid my tongue into her pussy and kit rolled her head back so she was looking up and the roof giving more loud moans as pleasure shot through her body. I kept squeezing her ass before I moved one of my hands towards her tight asshole. I rubbed one of my fingers round it aplying more pressure before I managed to slid it inside her and she gave out a loud yelp and she looked down at me and said that good bitch dont stop.
I kept moving my finger in and out of her ass as I licked her pussy and it did not take long for her first big orgasm to shoot through her body and she dropped down to the floor and I only just managed to catch her. She layed on the floor with her whole body shaking as she was breathing heavily.
Once she had settled down and regained controll she stood up and grabbed my hand and took me to her room and pushed me onto her bed and she climbed on top of me and grabbed my cock and lined it up with her pussy and she quickly lowered herself down and my cock slid straight inside her and she bounced up and down hard and this did not last long before I unloaded my cum deep inside her pussy and she collapsed on to my chest and gave me a long passionate kiss.
I grabbed the cover and pulled it over us and we slowly fell asl**p rapped in each others arms.
The next morning I woke up to find myself laying face down with my arms and legs spread and when I tried to move I found that I could,nt because my arms and legs were tied to the bed post. I could hear the shower running and after a few minutes it finally stopped and kit came walking out completely naked apart from a pair of tight leather nickers and attached to the front of it was a huge 9inch dildo that was bouncing up against her legs. She smiled at me as she came over to the bed, but she stopped at the bedside table and pulled out a red ball gag and f***ed it into my mouth and tied it behind my head.
She looked me in the eyes and said I am going to enjoy this and with that she climbed on to the bed and got inbetween my legs and started to aplly some lube to my ass and the dildo and without warning she f***ed it inside me and what can I say...... it felt fantastic.
She fucked me like a true bitch forcing the full 9inches inside me and she fucked me for about 30 minutes before I we both came and again she collapsed on top of me and we layed there both breathing heavily.
She untied me and I rolled on to my back and I pulled her tight to me and kissed her and thanked her for a great time and she kissed me back and said it was ok but it was not over yet.
She rolled off me and told me to clean her cock and I did not need to be told twice, I moved straight down her body and took her cock into my mouth and sucked and licked it until she ordered me to stop.
She then ordered me to take a shower and get fully cleaned and when I get out there will be some fresh underwear for me to wear.

The end......for now
90% (25/3)
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2 years ago
My type of girl!!!
2 years ago
Hot action! Love it.
3 years ago
very nice start:P cant wait what the next one brings
4 years ago
Thanks you always turn me on!!!!!!! Love this too
4 years ago
i to wear panties and my wife has the privaledge of taking my ass with her strap-on and i enjoy it so much.
4 years ago
Brilliant, always been a fantasy of mine taken by a girl with a strap on.
4 years ago
great story