Dentist by kitten72

I am posting this for kitten72 because she had trouble posting it, I think it is a great story and I hope you do to.

The Dentist.

Here is one of my it but be gentle- english is second language to me.
This is the first i post here may be more if you all like it.

You were going to the dentist for annual checkup and waited in the waiting room ready when your name was going to be called. It took a little while before a nurse came and called out your name. She said that your regular dentist were sick and you were going to see another one. When you enter the room I stand up and welcome you.The sight was surprising to your eyes because I wear a short gown and you could see a glimps of my red bra and huge titts that seemed to burst through. You stutter your name and can feel your cock is starting to grow. I have you sitting in the chair and pulls it back so you end up on your back. My assistent sits by your side and asks if all feels ok. You nodd.

I then have to adjust the lamp over your head and leans over you. My boobs touches your face and you can feel my nipples getting stiff. Another part of you starts to get really stiff also, the cock is pressing against your jeans almost painful hard. I see that and with a whink to my assistent I let her know what has happend. You don´t see us exchange whinks because you´re too busy rubbing the tip of your tounge against my nipples. Then you feel a slight touch of a hand touching the bump in your pants and breath in heavy. Then you feel the hand touching you again. You can´t see anything just feel because my boobs block the eyes. The fingers makes a dance on your swollen crouch and you moan.

I then whisper in your ear if you want us to continue play more. You just whisper yes please. My assistant walks and locks the door. I stand up and take off my gown and bra and my assistant does the same. We stand infront of you naked the pair of us. We help you off with your clothes and lays you back on the chair again. We start kissing all your body and starts from ur lips down ur neck and further down. Me on one side and assistant on other. You moan louder as we suck on both ur nipples. Teasing it with ur tounges and teeth. You let your hand lead it´s way up my legs and find a soaking wet newly shaven pussy. You find my clit and slowly rubs it. We coutinue down your body and licks our way down to your errected penis that twiches and pounds. It´s so hard that it almost hurts. It twitches with antisipation of what is comming. It´s even harder than you ever felt it before, all 9,5 inches. Your dick is thick too and the blue vains are clearly visable.

You almost faint when our both tounges starts licking it. I start to lick the big wet head which is oosing precum and assistant the long thick shaft. My tounge is teasing the peehole and tries to get in. You moan louder and i can feel the salty precum in my mouth. I ceress your firm hairless balls and you moan over and over louder and louder. Then we both licks the shaft on eighter side up and down.Both our tounges meet and we tounge kisses. All the shaft and cock is wet of saliva.I´m comming you jell and you raise your hips as you come squirting cum on both ur faces. You come and come line after line of white thick cum. It continues unloading cum for a long time. Our faces is covered with it. After the intense orgasm you can hardly belive ur eyes as you see me and my assistant licking eachothers faces clean from your cum. We kiss eachother too and smile back at you and ask if you liked it.Mmm you say.

You asks if you can touch our breasts now and laughing we come up to you head. Your hands gets busy with 4 titts to touch,lick and suck nipples on.Mine are huge G-cup with pink nipples and assistant has C-up and big nipples.We like the feeling of your hands, fingers, mouth and tounge on our boobs. You suck on them so hard. My assistent and I share another deep wet kiss kiss and then we tell you to stop.Your mouth is going to be occupied by another thing to suck and lick. I lower the chair as low it can get and I stand over your head. I separate my legs and ask you to lick my soaking wet pussy. You start by sniffing my musky scent and then you kiss it. I lower myself onto you so all your mouth and nose is covered by my pussy. I tell you to lick it and drink my juice. You slide your tounge along my slide before separating the lips to get asset to my clit and vagina. My lips are swollen and you suck them into your mouth.I moan and then you suck on my clit harder and harder.You put a finger inside me and fucks me as you suck and lick me.

My assistent sees that you´ve gotten hard again and wants some action too. She takes your dick in a firm grip and teases the glans against her wet pussy. Head against the clit rubbing it some. Then she leads your cock inside her hot tight pussy.You can feel the tight grip that ceresses your cock. She is wet warm and soft inside. She starts riding you as you continue touching her brests and meanwhile you lick me to a wet orgasm which you drink. My assistent asks if we can shift position and we do, she wants to feel your tounge too.. I climb up and mount your rockhard pole which is covered with her juices and slowly lower myself all the way down on to your belly. And she places her pussy close to your mouth. You lick and suck her as good as you did mine and hear her moaning with content. You´re getting turned on tasting your cockjuices in her cunt mixt with hers. We kisses again and we touch eachothers breasts and you like what you see.

I ride your dick with my tight wet pussy. It has a firm grip of your dick and you meet my thrusts raising and lowering your pelvis.My assistant place a finger against my clit and rub it. We all moan-almost scream with plesure. We fuck harder and harder until you come really screaming this time. You keep filling my pussy with a huge load of more cum. I sit on you a little while and then lay down on the floor on my back raising and separating my legs telling my assistant to clean my pussy from all cum. She does that and lick all cum that keeps pouring out of it. She licks that good given me another orgasm. Then I turn to you and lick your soft cock clean from my pussy juice and cum.

Oh boy you say after a while I think I like going to the dentist after this. We look at you and smile. I wonder if you want another appointment..... we could do this over again if you like I reply. As you come into the waitingroom several people looks at you and asks if the dentist were rough on you. They have heard your scream and are affraid to go in. You just smile at them and leave balls drained and on shaky legs.

Think of this story next time going to the dentist!
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4 years ago
4 years ago
Great story. Love the way you talk. Love for you to be my dentist... :) Definately write another story.
4 years ago
Thanks for the tip- will do.. next is comming up shortly..
4 years ago
Nice story. Next time,use your spellchecker and it'll be even better.
4 years ago
damn u did a wonderful job u got me horny quick