Ben and Katie's Story Ch. 01

At 20, Ben was old enough not to have to resort to masturbation every time he got a little horny. Oh sure, he dated, but had only gotten lucky a very few times. It seemed as though the girls just didn't turn him on that much or else they were saving themselves for marriage. He resorted to the old standby, making it with his hand. As he lay in his bed, slowly stroking his cock and fantasizing about the beautiful pussy that he was ramming his cock into, the old familiar sensations began again. The stirring way off, in some distant part of his body, then the waves of pleasure that moved into his balls and started down the length of his cock, and finally, the building orgasm, starting to radiate to its conclusion. He felt his cum starting its journey, leaving his balls, pushing down his urethra and finally spitting itself out in great white globs, oh it felt great, just as good as it had when he was a youngster, first discovering what to do with his hard cock. He sighed when it was over, pulling the sock away. He had discovered a good way several years ago, how to disguise what he was doing. He took a sock ready for the hamper and at the last minute, as he was about to cum, he would place it over his dick, letting the sperm jet its' way into the sock. It would be picked up and placed in the hamper in the morning by his Mother. Hopefully she would never be the wiser. If she ever turned it inside out in preparation for the wash though he would be discovered.

It always relaxed him. He drifted off to sl**p with visions of the latest Playboy model in his head, boy if only he could get a crack at one of them.

Katie stretched and yawned. She felt really tired tonight. After school she had practice for marching band. The bandleader had really worked them this afternoon. It seemed as though the flag instructor was always picking on her too. She seemed to do nothing right. She had wanted to quit marching band but Mom wouldn't let her. She had no really close friends, even Sandy wasn't as close to her as she would have liked. Sandy was so popular and outgoing, the opposite of Katie and that in itself did not lead to a very close relationship.

Of course she had Ben, her b*****r. She loved Ben and found that she could usually talk to him but then they also had their moments and would fight just like most b*****rs and s****rs. Ben was only a couple of years older but seemed so wise and confidant. When he started working at the local tire factory, he seemed even older. With Mom working too, she spent a great deal of time alone which only made her feelings of inadequacy even worse. She had begun having some recurring dreams recently that had very much upset her but they weren't the kind that could be discussed with Mom or Ben. Hopefully tonight would not be another dream night.

Unfortunately it was not a good night for Katie. She once again had her dream, the dream where someone was fondling her in her bed. touching her big breasts, massaging them, pinching her nipples. Whomever it was would then begin to play with her pussy, fingering her, playing with her clit. Just when she was ready to orgasm she would wake up. The trouble was her mysterious lover was always in the shadows of her room, and this scared her. It was the unknown component that had her so upset. It was frightening really." Who knows? " Maybe her mysterious lover was a r****t or some kind of homicidal maniac. Regardless, she would awaken, her pussy sopping wet and then proceed to finger herself, cumming quickly, in an explosion of sensuality.

"Hi Mom, how was work today," Katie cheerfully asked, as Marian came in the door. Katie was sitting at the kitchen table, homework before her.

" Oh pretty good," Marian replied, " but I'm still tired, my feet are killing me." Marian had gone back to work when Paul was killed in the auto accident, 11 long years ago. She still had problems sometimes, believing that it had been that long now, it seemed like just a year or two. Other times it seemed a lifetime ago.

" What's for dinner tonight Mom," Katie asked.

" Honey I just walked in the door and I don't have a clue yet."

In a matter of a little less than an hour Marian had thawed and heated some of her fantastic spaghetti suace, cooked the pasta and prepared her equally delicious garlic bread. Katie had finished her homework and was watching a documentary on telescopes on TV, Ben was in his room, taking his usual after work nap. As Marian worked, she thought about her c***dren and how well they were turning out. She actually had done what she had hoped for, raised them by herself and in the process done a pretty good job of it.

" Alright everyone, time to eat," she called out to her k**s. Ben needed a little extra notice so she walked to his bedroom door and slowly opened it. " Ben, time to eat. C'mon sweetie, wake up it's dinnertime."

Ben stirred from his nap, " thanks Mom, be right there." He arose, stretched and yawned and stumbled to the bathroom where he noisily urinated, continuing to yawn. He washed his hands, combed his hair, admiring himself in the bathroom mirror and proceeded downstairs.

" Hi Skeeter, how was school today?" Ben had used his cute nickname for her that he had used since she had been a little girl.

" Oh, OK I guess. Mr. Taylor just about worked us to death this afternoon at band practice though. "

"Well, he just wants you guys to look good Friday night at the game," Marian stated.

"Yes, but he doesn't have to keep riding us so hard. I still wish I could quit."

Marian reacted swiftly, " no young lady, indeed not. We've covered this before. You only have two more Friday nights to march and then it's over. You will graduate before next season so there won't be any quitting".

Katie busied herself with her dinner. It didn't matter much anyway. Her mother was right. It was pretty much done anyway. Then she fumbled her fork and dropped it on the floor. She was wearing a top that showed some cleavage and when she bent to pick it up Ben happened to look her way. She had no bra on! Her tits were on display in the most magnificent way. He felt his cock twitch. What was happening here? He had NEVER looked at his little s*s in a sexual way. He was not about to start now. Still, he could not get that image out of his head. He glanced quickly at her, sitting at the table, looking at her now covered boobs. Wow, she was really built. Ben had always liked big tits and he was now realizing that his s****r had quite a rack. Once again he tried to get the image out of his mind.

" I said Benjamin, do you have to work overtime again tomorrow? "

"Oh what Mom, what about working?"

" Boy, you must have been a million miles away. I asked if you were going to work overtime again tomorrow."

"No Mom, it was just the first three days this week. Didn't have to today and don't have to tomorrow," Ben said matter of factly.

"Well then, you should go watch your s****r march at the football game tomorrow night. The next game is away so it will be the last time you get to see her perform, and the rest of the band too of course. "

"Hmmm, I might think about that. Watch her twirl her little flag."

" It's not a little flag you big boob! It's very artful. We work hard on our dance moves and some of those flags are pretty big. If it's windy it's really tough. Then we have to run from place to place to pick up our different flags when the tunes change. It's not easy to do moron."

"Hey, hey, I didn't mean to criticize you. I know you guys work hard. I think I will definitely go and watch my little s****r march."

Katie was really pleased, she gazed at her b*****r for a moment. He really was a good looking guy. Ben was a full 6 ft. tall and well built. She was almost a foot shorter than he. The other girls in school all thought he was hot. Who knows, maybe he was. For her, he was just her b*****r.

Katie helped her Mom with the dishes, wiping each dish deliberately, gazing at the wall, trying to get the image of her b*****r being a stud out of her mind.

"Kathryn! Did you hear me???"

"Oh, what Mom. What did you say? "

"I asked if anyone had asked you to the Fall dance yet."

"Oh, no, not yet. It's OK. I'm not that cranked up about going anyway. "

" I don't understand you. When I was your age I really looked forward to dances, movies, whatever. I went to everything I could. "

"I know Mom, but all the boys I know are stupid. They all seem so juvenile. "

" Well I would like to see you enjoying your last year of high school. "

" It's OK Mom. I'll find someone, if I decide to go. "

Katies' hope was that her mom would just let it drop.

The dishes were done and the evening was entering its' usual pattern. Ben had taken a shower and was now in his room on his computer.

Marian was in the bathtub, she was the only one in the house that continued to take a bath. Katie and Ben both preferred to shower.

As soon as Marian finished, Katie would have her shower, lay out her clothes for the next day, watch just a little TV and then go to bed.

Katie was always amused how each evening there was the usual hustle and bustle; dishes clattering, either being brought out, used, washed or put away, at least 2 TV's going, sometimes Ben's CD player, water running, toilets flushing, bathing - and then finally, sounds started to shut down slowly, the house got more and more quiet, and finally a peaceful silence as each of them prepared for the next day. It was nearly always the same but it was a comforting sameness. Katie felt safe and secure with the familiarity of her f****y and its daily routine. She was thinking of this as she slowly drifted off, finding sl**p, though there was that usual thought, " gee I hope I don't have that dream again tonight," she thought.

Ben walked to his car at the end of his shift. He began the nearly 15 minute drive home, starting to relax and enjoy the idea that he had two full days off. He enjoyed his work to a certain extent and he certainly enjoyed the money. He was doing pretty well. His mom refused to take any money from him for room and board so he took every opportunity to assist in some way. He bought the things that she would not buy like steaks for all of them, once lobster tails and about a month ago a new washer and dryer. She acted angry about it but he knew that she did actually appreciate it.

He greeted his s****r with a "Hi Skeets" as he entered the house. She grinned at him and gave him a "Hi b*o" as he smiled at her.

" Hey that's a cute uniform. Have you guys been wearing those all season? "

" Boy you sure are observant aren't you. Those are the same uniforms that we wore last year too," Katie replied.

" I hope that's not your underwear," he quipped pointing to a pair of full sized satin panties lying on the couch.

"No silly, that's the outer ones we wear with our uniforms." With that she turned around, bent over and picked up her band shoes. Ben nearly gasped. The uniform skirts were pretty short. She was not wearing a thong but it was damned close to it. It was cut high and was pulled up between her ass cheeks. She had an absolutely gorgeous ass. It was truly an ass to die for. He actually started to get an erection. God she was hot. He couldn't believe how he had missed that the past few years.

"Ben, I need a favor," Katie asked, " Could you drop me off at the school by 4:30?"

"Sure k**, I need to get a quick shower and then I'll run you over there. "

"Thanks Ben, I really appreciate it," she said.

"No problem" Ben replied as he started for his bedroom, "I'll just be a few minutes. "

Ben undressed quickly, scooted to the bathroom and started the shower. He jumped in enjoying the hot steamy water cascading down his body. The image of Katie's beautiful ass drifted back into his mind. His cock was getting hard again. She was so hot. How could he even think about his s****r like that? He quickly showered, toweled off and dressed. Bouncing into the living room he said "OK s****r dear. You ready to go?"

"Sure Ben. I really appreciate this," she said as they moved toward the door.

"No problem honey, that's what b*****rs are for, " Ben said gleefully.

Katie grew pensive." Why was Ben being so nice to her?" He was treating her differently than before. Oh he had never been mean to her or done anything hurtful but he seemed somehow different. More solicitous, more caring, more gentle. Oh well, maybe it was just her imagination.

As they reached the school she turned to him and said " Ben, I really do thank you for doing this. You won't have to worry about getting me home after the game. The band is having pizza in the band room after the game and then Sandy's Mom and Dad will bring me home".

" OK Skeeter babe, I'll see you at home. "

With that Katie did something she had never done before, she leaned over and gave Ben a kiss on the lips. He was startled and blurted out " what did you do that for?"

"I just wanted you to know how much I love you and appreciate you. I really do you know Ben."

"I love you to Skeets, now you better get going."

"OK, Bye", and with that she exited the car and hurried toward the school.

Ben began the trip back home, deep in thought. It was certain that he felt different suddenly about his little s****r and he was beginning to feel that she also felt different toward him.

He gave his usual " Hi Mom" as he entered the house.

"Hi Sweetie, where have you been and do you have any idea where your s****r is?"

"Yes Mom, when I got home she was dressing for the game. I took a shower and then took her to the school."

"Oh, that's fine. Wonder why Sandy's parents didn't pick her up as usual? "

" I don't know Mom. They are bringing her home after the game though. The band is having a pizza party after the game and then they will bring her home. "

"Oh good. Have you eaten yet?"

"No, but I just want a sandwich and some chips or something, " then I'll head to the game.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Mom, I'm sure. Take an evening off from cooking."

He had his sandwich and headed to the ballgame. It was a pretty good game and the local school won in a close one. He watched Kathryn strut her stuff at halftime and she was very, very good. He was actually surprised at how complex her routines were. She was right, they were very accomplished and it WAS artful.

He returned home happy for Katie just as his mom was about to take her evening bath. He told her of the game and the band's performance.

"That's great Sweetie. Well, will you wait up for her? I'm really tired and I think I'll get my bath and then go to bed."

"Sure Mom, go ahead," he replied.

He watched some TV and decided that he could go to his room, get in bed and watch TV, and still listen for Kathryn to get home. As he relaxed, watching a late movie he inadvertently drifted off to sl**p. He was startled awake when he heard a door close. He arose and went to the hall way. He heard Katie start the shower and returned to his room. Apparently, everything was well. He returned to his movie and once again drifted off. He awoke with a start at the light tapping on his door. Then the door opened slowly, it was Katie. He suddenly realized that she was crying, sobbing actually.

"Katie, sweetheart, what the hell is wrong. Come over here."

" Oh Ben, it was awful. After the game some of the girls started teasing me about my, er, you know, my top."

"Your top what?"

"Oh Ben, c'mon, you know, my breasts!"

"What about your breasts. What's wrong with them?"

Oh please b*****r, you know how big they are. They are huge. They were calling me cow and Miss BigTits. Then some of the boys started in too. They started asking me why I didn't date, if I was a lesbian. Oh Ben, it was horrible".

"C'mere k**. He patted the bed beside him. Luckily he slept in a full size bed. She did as he asked and he put his arms around her. " I don't like it a bit when someone hurts a person I love," he said.

Ben realized that it would be impossible for her to get under the covers as he was sl**ping in the nude.

He kissed her on the forehead as she continued to cry.

"They are all a bunch of fuckin morons," Ben murmured.

Katy was startled. She had never heard Ben use that word. He was apparently as angry as he had said.

"I'll get over it Ben. I'm just glad that I only have 6 or 7 months to go before graduation".

"Ben, lift the covers and let me snuggle with you. I'm a little bit cold".

"Uh well, OK k**, but I don't know about snuggling. I'm naked under here".

"Oh, gee, well so what, you're my b*****r. C'mon, give me some covers".

Ben hoped his mother was asl**p. He didn't know what she would think if she saw them, innocent though it was. As soon as she was under the covers she scooted over right next to him, dr****g her arm over his chest and he noticed that she was no longer crying.

"Katie, you are a beautiful and sexy lady, they are actually envious of you".

"Oh Ben, you really know how to make a girl feel good." With that, she leaned forward and planted the most tender kiss on his lips, lingering there for what was to Ben a very long time. He felt his cock stir and hoped that he would not get fully erect as she might notice. She pulled back and relaxed a moment then once again began a very un-s****rly kiss.

"I love you so much Ben. You mean so much to me."

"I love you too babe," Ben said matter of factly.

He realized his cock was continuing to grow. With the next kiss her mouth relaxed open just a bit and her tongue gingerly began to touch his lips. He now had a raging hardon and was fighting the urge to take her in his arms and begin the approach to making love to her.

"Katie dear, this has gone to another level. We really can't do this you know. "

"Do what Ben, what's wrong with kissing my b*****r?"

"Katy, I'm a normal human male. I have certain urges when I'm in this position."

" You mean you want to fuck me "? she asked.

" No baby, that is exactly what we cannot do, " he replied.

"I know that silly, I just need someone to hold me and tell me that I'm attractive and not a cow."

With this she molded herself to him and in doing so ran into a full 8 1/2 inches of rigid cock.

"Oh my, you weren't k**ding were you?" It felt like a metal rod or a big stick it was so hard. Katy could feel her vagina begin to ooze liquid like crazy. She realized that Ben was right. They needed to slow down and not tempt themselves.

Ben was stunned. He didn't really know what to do. His instincts were to ravish her, kiss and suck her beautiful big tits, to play with her pussy and finally to fuck her socks off.

"Maybe you should go back to your bed, " Ben said softly.

"Wh-Why are you sending me away Ben? I need someone right now, very badly."

" OK s*s, but we gotta be careful," Ben said seriously.

"I know Ben," she replied," kiss me."

She leaned forward and began to nibble on his lower lip, he groaned and began to kiss her back.

"Oh honey, we can't do this," he said, " It's bad, and also i*****l."

"It's i*****l to kiss your s****r?"

"C'mon Kathryn, you know what I mean. At 18 you can't be that innocent."

She once again kissed him, her tongue beginning the exploration of his mouth and he once again groaned. He jumped when he realized that her hand was headed for his cock. She reached her goal and wrapped her small hand around his very large cock.

"Oh baby, don't do that," Ben said f***efully.

"Why Ben. I'm just touching you."

"Because if you don't quit I am not going to be able to stop," he replied.

"Oh Ben, we're not going to fuck," startling him with her use of that word." But we sure can play some."

"Katy, you don't know what you are saying," Ben said seriously.

She began to unbutton her shirt, something he was hoping she would not do. Her shirt was now completely unbuttoned but she did not pull it open. Her hand returned to his cock and she began moving it up and down the length of his 8 1/2 inches. He knew now that he could not stop. He was going to fuck his little s****r and there was nothing he or she could do about it. He groaned again and pulled her shirt open gazing at those magnificent jugs. How could he have not noticed them before. They couldn't have developed overnight. He toyed with her nipples and they started to grow. At this point it was her turn to let out a moan. He swooped down, taking one of her hardened nipples in his mouth and began sucking gently on them. He heard her intake of breath at that point and felt her hand tighten on his cock.
"Oh Ben, baby that feels so good. So very good. My nipples feel like they are just gonna to pop open."

Ben now realized that they had to stop. Much more and he would be physically unable to stop. Katie had no idea what they were about to do, if she had, she herself would have put a stop to it.

At the same time Ben was terrified. He was terrified because he realized that with all of his good intentions and his determination not to have sex with Katie, he was doomed. She was so sexually exciting, so physically attractive and everything else he could think of that he knew that maybe not tonight but before it was over it was certain that he was going to fuck his s****r.
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6 months ago
Sweet story. There can be a special bond between siblings.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Beautifully written. I can't wait to read the rest!
4 years ago
A lovely erotic opening.
4 years ago
grt story cant wait to read #2 ace
4 years ago
fantastic, hornier than photo,s
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