Incurable Obsession Ch. 03

Life was an erotic whirlwind. She never refused me. We slept like husband and wife. I could never get enough of pressing her voluptuous body to mine. She loved receiving and giving oral sex. It was her preferred method of making love. Sixty nine while laying on our sides was as good as it got. Although she enjoyed it, intercourse was basically for me. I don't think she ever had a true orgasm fucking. I didn't care because I loved eating her pussy and then fucking her after she came.

She constantly questioned me about Gloria. During sex she would whisper in my ear, "Is this the way Gloria fucked you? Did Al suck your prick like this?"

I enjoyed hearing her talk like that because it was completely out of character for her. As a matter of fact I used to tell her when I was on the brink of cumming, "Your "fuck talk" is driving me crazy. I'm going to show you one of these days."

I started fantasying about the three of us. It didn't help that Gloria called at least once or twice a week. When Mom answered the phone she just chit chatted as she had always done in the past. When I answered she begged me to visit her and Al.

I finally decided that I had to visit them and fuck her in front of her husband. To be honest it was like winning the lottery knowing Al was watching his wife suck my cock before I fucked her. I called Gloria and told her to get ready. I could hear her swoon over the phone. I told Mom I was going out with the boys one night and went for my horny 66 year old piece of ass.

I let myself in and went up to the apartment. They were both waiting and were both nude. Gloria ran to me and jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist and started kissing me. Al dropped to his knees and was undoing my fly and trying to get my prick out of my pants.

Gloria slid down between us and f***ed him away. , "God damn it! I'm first Al. You watch while I fuck him." I removed my shirt and pants and loafers and she had me lie on the dining room table. She wrapped her mouth around my prick as only she could.

I groaned, "Jesus I forgot how good you did this sweetheart. I'm not going last long."

She said, "Don't you dare cum. I want that fat prick in my cunt" She mounted me and I didn't have to move. She fucked me as I watched in the dining room mirror. I thought her pussy was going to come completely out of her body every time she rose up.

She was telling Al, "Look at this prick in my pussy. Oh baby it is delicious. Look at it baby. When he comes in me you can suck my pussy baby. Sweet Pea I'm getting close! I getting so close! Don't you cum until I dooooooooooooooo!"

I shot a mammoth load in her cunt as she came. Al got an enormous hard from watching her bounce up and down on my prick. He pulled her off my prick and sucked her pussy clean. Just like an a****l he rolled her over to her belly and fucked the shit out of her.

As the night wore on we had a round robin of fucking and sucking. Eventually Al went to sl**p. We were all exhausted. Laughing, Gloria said to me, "Sweet Pea if your momma knew what I do to you she would kill me."

I shocked her when I said, "She does. She just doesn't know we're doing it tonight." Gloria was stunned as I told her about our i****tuous affair.

She said, "I knew it. I knew her pussy had to be on fire without a cock all these years. You can masturbate all you want but eventually you crave a real prick. I'm so glad it was you honey. You look just like your father. I'm so glad for both of you. Her pussy must be sweet. My god, it must be beautiful to see you making love to her. I would love to see it. I'm getting hot again just thinking about it. Please tell me about the first time you made love to her. How did it start?"

I told her about the morning of the wedding and about the reception and the fact that I had to wait a full week to get her alone. When I told her I started to f***e her and was ready to **** her before she finally gave in, Gloria was beside herself. I fucked her again and told her the next time Al went out of town we could surprise Momma. I told her I would not bring Al. Gloria agreed hungrily.

I was sure I could talk her into a three way because Momma was so afraid someone would find out about our i****tuous relationship she would do anything I wanted. She was getting addicted to sex and having her pussy eaten. The addiction made her helpless to end it.

I told Gloria, "I want to see you work your magic on her. Will you suck her pussy for me like you suck my cock?"

Gloria was panting at the thought. She said, "I'll eat her pussy like it never has been eaten and then you can fuck me. I'll get you both so hot you'll explode."

About a week later Al went out of town. Around eight PM, I told Mom to wait for me in the kitchen because I had a surprise for her and I would be right back. She had no idea what I was going to bring her but eagerly agreed to wait in the kitchen. I went to pick up Gloria. We were back home in ten minutes. We quietly sneaked into the foyer.

Gloria and I both undressed in the foyer and then walked into the kitchen together. Mom was startled and stood up. She blurted out, "What the hell is going on? Are you two crazy? What the hell do you two think you are going to do?"

We went to her and gently pulled her dress off. It was a flimsy house dress wrapped around her and secured with a simple tie. She just had a pair of panties on under her dress.

Gloria's eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw Mom's tits. They were large melons while Gloria's were perky lemon sized delights. We both started to caress and feel her up and kissed her and sucked her neck and ears and tits. Mom loved to have her neck kissed and licked and we did not disappoint her.

She kept repeating, "What are you going do? Please stop. Please don't do this. I am not a whore. Peter, please don't do this to me. I'm still your mother. Peter please don't do this to me." She began sobbing. She had four hands and two pairs of lips and two tongues feeling, licking and probing her body immediately.

I whispered, "Schusses. Close your eyes and just enjoy it. It is alright. No one will ever know. This will be the best night of your life. We both want to make love to you. Schusses Momma. We both want to suck that beautiful black pussy. You always asked about her. I know you thought about this and tonight your fantasy will come true."

She was sobbing but knew it was useless to resist and she really didn't try as we helped her onto the island countertop in the kitchen. She was now defenseless and completely vulnerable. As I slid her panties off Gloria went to work on her like an aardvark. She was kissing, licking and softly biting her from head to foot. She even fucked her between her toes with her tongue. Momma was not resisting and her sobs turned into agonizing pleasure.

She was groaning and whimpering so much and together with the sight of Gloria licking and sucking her, I thought it was going to be the first time I ever came without actually touching my prick. Mom was straining her neck to kiss me as I fondled and toyed with her tits and nipples. It looked like a scene from a 70's porno movie.

By the time Gloria finally buried her head in Mom's pussy, mom was ready to explode. She started squirting and screaming. When she came it was the loudest most agonizing scream I ever heard. She looked at me with a dazed expression and was gasping to catch her breath. Gloria showed no mercy and continued sucking and slurping at Momma's pussy. Gloria looked up at me and smiled and I knew what she wanted.

I held Mom down just like Gloria used to hold me down while Al sucked my prick unmercifully. I held her by her arm pits. Her legs were trembling uncontrollably and she squirted again. Gloria was locked on to her mound of Venus with her upper lip and was working her clit with her tongue and lower lip. Mom was squirting and for a minute I thought Gloria was going to kill her.

Gloria pulled back and worked mom's clit with her thumb and lightly slapped her pussy. She looked like a wild a****l. Al and I fucked Gloria for three years and I never saw her in such a wild state. And she somehow managed to coo, "Cum baby. Cum Loretta. Cum for Gloria. Squirt for Gloria. Loretta your pussy is on fire. Squirt for me. Put the fire out ."

Mom was moaning and shaking and then Gloria mounted her. She straddled mom and started fucking her by rubbing her pelvic bone and pussy against Mom's pelvic bone and pussy. I released her arms and moved to the other end to watch Gloria's ass and cheeks fucking and grinding. It was absolutely electrifying.

I began to beat my prick while they were cooing and ahhing and kissing and licking each others lips and tongues. At that moment they were in a world all their own and I did not exist. Momma was hugging and grasping and showering Gloria with kisses and licking her face with her tongue. I came in my hand.

The movement of Gloria's ass and cheeks was spectacular. Mom started to squirt again in short spurts. She was getting ready to explode again and they both came together. Gloria finally rolled to her side and somehow sat up. She whispered, "Don't be mad Sweet Pea, I had to fuck her. I haven't fucked another woman in thirty years. She is so fucking hot I couldn't control myself. You are right her cunt is sweet and delicious."

Goria kissed me and I could taste mom's pussy and ejaculation on her lips and tongue. Gloria said, " Loretta can't talk right now but she really enjoyed it. Lets help her into the bedroom and you can fuck and suck both of us if you're up to it."

b*****r I was up to it. How could I be mad? I loved both of them and wanted to fuck them both the rest of our lives. Mom was like a rag doll as we both helped her into the bedroom. This was a night I never will forget.
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