Incurable Obsession Ch. 02

The next two weeks were heaven on earth for me. I was like a dog in heat. I could not keep my hands or mouth off of her. I never slept in my own bed again unless someone else was in the house. I hated that. We were just like husband and wife when no else was around. I was like a crack addict but it was her gorgeous crack that I was addicted to. Just like a wife she insisted on hearing everything that went on between me and Gloria Pecca.

Gloria's s****r Rose was my mother's best friend as they grew up together. Mom was always over Rose and Gloria's house. Rose married and moved away but she kept in touch. Mom remained friendly with Gloria even though she was nine years older than Momma.

I enjoyed telling her because she was getting excited. She intently hung on every word. I explained to Mom about the games we would play and how it all started. She was like a c***d in a candy store as I related the conquest of Gloria Pecca or should I say my complete surrender to a sixty year old married woman.

I told Momma "Gloria never touched me until my 18th birthday. I always tried to look up her skirt or down the top of her blouse. She was 60 years old but I wanted to fuck her. She called me sweet pea or handsome when customers or her husband Al were not in the store. I constantly tried to brush up against her every chance I got."

Gloria would just smile and whisper, "Sweet pea I'm an old woman. Shame on you."

I explained to Momma that on my 18th birthday Al was going to Pennsylvania for a few days and Gloria said, "If you want a birthday present you'll never forget, come back to the store at seven pm." She gave me a key to the back door.

I showered for an hour to make sure I smelled good and at seven that night I let myself in and locked the door behind me as she instructed. I went up to the apartment above the store. Gloria may have looked chubby in a blouse and skirt but she was a knockout as she stood in a see through black bra and black see through panties and black net stockings. She smiled and purred, "You like sweet pea?"

I gulped and whistled and tore my shirt and jeans off. She kissed me and had me lie down on the dining room table. She then went to work on my body from head to toe. She licked, sucked and gently bit me. Gloria had the tongue of a serpent. She could wrap it around my prick and when she licked my neck and ears I went crazy. She sucked my tits ass, armpits and feet. She licked my prick tip to nuts. When she placed her full lips over the head of my cock I came immediately; she licked me clean and laughed, "Don't worry handsome. We have plenty of time to get this young prick hard again."

I removed her panties and bra and sucked her tits and fingered her pussy until my cock was harder than before. Gloria bent over the table and said, "Happy birthday handsome."

She spread her legs and cheeks and guided me into her sweet puffy pussy. I fucked her as fast and as hard as I could. After that night once or twice a month when Al went to see his b*****rs we would play games.

One game consisted of Gloria stretched out nude on the dining room table as though it was an examining table. I would pretend to be a doctor and gave her a breast, anal and vaginal exam. It was always the same. I would examine her tits one at a time by softly massaging and cupping them. I would play with her nipples by rolling them around with my index finger and thumb until they were hard as rocks. I occasionally sucked them and then rolled her over to examine her ass.

I would roll her over and massage the cheeks of her ass, ass hole and lower pussy. and then she would roll over and I would go to work on her almost hairless gray pussy. She had a huge clit that stood at attention. She instructed me to work around it in a circular motion until she could not stand it any longer. Then she rolled over on her belly and slid down off the table and I fucked her pussy from behind.

She taught me how to suck her cunt. She would tell just how she liked it. I loved it.

One night she said, "Al knows I fuck and blow you." I almost shit myself when I heard that.

She laughed and said, "Don't worry. He wants to watch you give me my exam next time."

I refused and said I was done fucking her. She said she was only k**ding and if I quit she would tell him what I was doing to her behind his back.

I explained to Mom, "as long as Al didn't know- the threat wasn't necessary. I loved the games as much as Mrs. P. did and we played them once or twice a month."

A variation of the game was where I was prone on the table and she was a masseuse. She rubbed me with oil and kissed my neck and ears and sucked my tongue. Then she licked my prick with her devil tongue and sucked and licked my balls. She wrapped her mouth around my cock sparingly. She always backed off and would not let me come until I begged her to get me off. Gloria could drive me crazy with that tongue. Once I was at that point she would lay her belly on the table and while standing spread her cheeks and I rammed my prick into that old cunt while she fingered herself.

Mom sternly said, "Make sure you tell me everything."

I told her about the night in July or August of 2003, we were in the final stages of the game. I rolled her over and started to fuck her, when I looked up and Al Pecca was standing off to the side and watching his wife squirm and beg to be fucked. He smiled and said, "Please continue it is beautiful and horny as hell." He had his huge limp cock out and was stroking it.

Momma gasped as I continued with the story.


Gloria said, "Please don't stop sweet pea ....he loves to watch...please don't stop, he has been begging me to watch us." At this point a truck could have driven into and passed us and I would not have stopped. My prick was on fire and waiting to explode. If Al could take it so could I.

Gloria said, "Al baby can you see his young prick sliding in and out? It is delicious. Can you see it Al honey? This is what you wanted to see baby. Sweet pea is fucking me baby. Oh baby his young prick feels so good. Look at that prick sliding in an out. Go nice and slow so Al can get a good look. Tease me sweet pea but don't let it come out. Look at it Al baby it's beautiful." Gloria suddenly rolled over and climbed back on the table and started sucking my prick. Al was nude, on his knees and stroking his big limp dick trying to get it hard as he slurped and sucked her pussy. Once a month they would beg me to come and fuck Gloria. They didn't have to beg very hard.

Some nights would start with us watching a porno tape. Gloria sat between Al and me. We would feel her up and take turns kissing her and sucking her tits while she played with our pricks. When she couldn't take the caressing any longer she sucked me off as Al ate her pussy. On occasion Al could get a hard on and he fucked Gloria while she tried to suck me off. We took turns fucking her. Al had a huge skinny prick. I secretly wished my prick was that long. My prick was much bigger in diameter. Gloria told me she preferred a thick prick.

One night while I was on the table getting my massage from Gloria I opened my eyes and Gloria started to kiss me passionately but my prick was still being sucked. Al was sucking my prick! I was shocked and appalled and my first instinct was to jump from the table but it felt so good I couldn't stop if I wanted to. I let him suck me off while I kissed Gloria and I shot a load in his mouth. Al licked me clean and then he fucked Gloria like an a****l.

Momma was beyond control at this point and almost screamed as she said, "My God, they both were fucking you?"

She was so hot she grabbed my prick and started sucking it. I grabbed her and we assumed the 69 position right on the floor. I assured Mom that was the only time he sucked me off. Gloria constantly called me and left messages for me to call or stop at the store. I avoided her and Al but the calls kept coming. Momma still loved to hear about Gloria and her serpent tongue.
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