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“Annie what do you say? He asks the heavy set woman.

“HHmm we could have some fun with him, couldn’t we, Earl ?! She replied looking at the smaller guy who then smiled and asked the tall well proportioned woman,

”What do you think Mary? You wanna fuck with him or just strip him and send him on to jail? Either way he’s gonna get fucked!” he said with a grin, and obviously becoming aroused himself.

Mary looked down at me over her mountainous breasts, she must have been at least 6 ft with long black hair and though heavy she was very well proportioned and had a beautiful body and face.

“ he does look healthy I think we should keep him at least long enough to teach him not to intrude into other peoples lives!”

She then grabbed me by the hair and bent down into my face. Her face went from a pleasant smile to an awesome grimace as she spoke through her teeth to me.

“What do you think, pervert? You wanna go to jail? Or resolve yourself to taking whatever punishment we deem proper for your criminal trespass! Well! What do you say!”

“I, I, I’m at your mercy Maam.” I replied looking down at her feet in shame.

“Good enough!” Sam said and stepped toward me with his cock in hand, he moved closer rubbing his hand over the thick semi hard length of his penis.

“open up! He ordered rubbing the head over my lips leaving a wet trail of his pre-cum on them. Mary’s hand was still tangled in my hair and she pulled my head back as I opened my mouth. His fat semi erect cock slid in my mouth and his hips began fucking it in and out. I hadn’t had a cock in my mouth since I was about twelve yrs old, but I took it in easily and hoped that by giving him the best head I could imagine, I would possibly buy my way out of this situation with out getting beat up or going to jail.

The fat head of his cock slid over my tongue as I wrapped my lips around its girth. I could taste his sweat, piss and pre cum on him as I sucked firmly on his massive member. As his hips fucked into my face, his cock swelled in my mouth, his was much bigger than mine and as he jammed it in my mouth I though he would rip open the corners of my mouth as his cock swelled harder in my mouth. But he slowed his pace and began pushing deeper into my mouth, gagging and choking me as it pushed ever deeper down my throat. His balls bouncing on my chin as he fucked my face. This brought laughter from the group as they moved closer. I was still on my knees and my hands were now trying to cover that fact that my own cock, was hard as a rock. I pushed it down between my thighs as best I could. When I felt my arms being pulled up and my shirt pulled up over my body.

Sam pushed me back, with drawing his now hard and throbbing cock from my mouth as my shirt slid the rest of the way off. I looked up as Annie ripped the shirt in to long strips while Earl and Mary held my arms.

“Hey, Earl, you gotta try him out! He can really suck cock !”

“Are you Gay boy?” “ Sam said stepping close enough to wave his cock in my face.

“No sir“.. I began but was cut off as Sam shoved his cock

back in my mouth, saying, “I don’t care what you are! Just shut the fuck up asshole!, suck my dick!”

I choked a bit as he crammed himself down my throat. My arms were tied tightly behind my back and I was pulled to my feet. Sam held my head down keeping his cock in my mouth as I stood bent over. Annie and Mary stood on either side of me and reached down spreading my ass, god that felt good I thought as I continued sucking the huge cock. Then I felt Earl step up behind me. Oh crap I thought as I felt his cock pressing against the pucker of my ass hole. I gave a muffled moan as I felt the girls hands slide over my ass cheeks and pull them open. Someone spit on my ass hole as Earl’s dick pressed in, with drew and then pushed back in, this time sliding in deeper.

He pushed slowly and it seemed he had a long thin cock as it felt like it went in forever. In reality this is a fantasy I’d had for years and I was actually enjoying this more than I’m sure they intended! I love using a dildo in my ass but he went deeper than I’d ever gone myself. I groaned again over the cock in my mouth as Earl began stroking in and out inch by inch deeper, stroke by stroke . Until he was withdrawing and plunging back in, bouncing his balls against my own. The two women stood by laughing as their men ****d me.

Mary said “Hey guy’s is he good? Why don’t you trade places? “

Yeah! Annie chimed in, “Why not? Make him suck Earl’s cock now! It’s only been in his own ass! Ha, Ha Ha!”

Good idea!” Earl said pulling out of my ass with a pop followed by a gush of air he’d pumped up my ass.

He Farted!” Mary laughed as Earl and Sam traded places.

Damn I wish he’d wiped his dick off before waving it in my face, there was no shit on it, thank goodness, but it did stink! His cock was not as fat as Sam but he had to be at least 10 inches long, and it seemed he wanted it all in my mouth as he pushed it down my throat. The taste of my own ass was extremely unpleasant, how I kept from puking I really don’t know. I felt Sam step behind me and jerk my hips up and a with a brutal thrust, buried his fat cock deep in my ass.

Annie laughed “look at his eyes bug out! ha ha, bet he never had a cock like my man’s got up his ass!”

Mary asked Earl “well how is he baby? Is he as good as me? “

“No way , you wanna finish me off? Now that he’s sucked his shit off my cock? “ Earl asked Mary, pulling out of my mouth.

Sam continued pounding his cock into me and now my ass was responding gripping, pushing and pulling at his cock as he thrust into me.

“Damn this mother fucker has a great ass! Sam bellowed out and then groaned loudly “damn him, I’m gonna cum!

I began moaning now that Earl’s cock was no longer choking me

“ Yeah! Yeah! Fuck me! Oh yes harder!” Sam jerked his cock out of my ass and reached out grabbing my hair, he pulled me down to my knees and stepped in front of me.

“open your mouth pig! “ I did and he thrust the head of his dick in my mouth “ Now suck me off!”

I wrapped my lips around it using my tongue I sucked and mouthed his massive cock head. ““Just follow my hand jerk!” he grumbled as he stroked his cock “that’s it good boy” in a few seconds his hips twitched and thrust in my face as my mouth filled with stream after stream of his thick cumm. I sucked firmly as every jet spurted against the back of my throat. I wanted to spit but he wouldn’t pull out “Swallow it punk!” he growled as he slowly pulled out with drawing his still twitching and dripping cock from my lips.

As I swallowed Annie had knelt down and was stroking and licking at Sam’s wilting cock, cleaning up what I had left on and in him.. Mary was on her knees sucking Earl’s long thin pecker, she pulled her head back and stood up “I know, lay him on his back, lets use him for our mattress!”

With that I was laid on my back with my arms still tied behind me. Mary stood over my face “ “just a minute!”‘ She said and as I looked up at her pretty pussy, she opened up and splashed all over my face and chest. As it slowed to a dribble she squatted down and sat on my face mashing her cunt and ass over my mouth. She looked down into my face between her Amazon thighs with a big smile as Earl sat on my chest and pulled Mary’s hips up so he could fuck her from behind. I had a real close up view to say the least as Earl’s long cock slipped wetly into Mary’s open pussy.

After a few thrusts their juices began to drip from her pussy and I tried to catch each on my tongue. I stretched my neck up and licked at her clit and then at the underside of his cock as it pumped into her wet cunt. He quickened his pace and in a couple minutes he was grunting “I’m cumming!” and he stiffened up giving several quick hard thrusts against her ass. I sucked harder at her clit and she started cumming moaning and pulling at her nipples. He pulled out and a gob of cum spurted out landing on my chin.

But before I could lick it off Mary lowered her plump ass down over my mouth and ordered me to Suck it! Suck it all out!” I didn’t need to suck the cum out, it pretty much drooled out quickly so I swallowed and the sought out her clit again. Her pussy was very fleshy and her clit wasn’t hard to find. It was huge! Oh I felt incredible pleasure when I found it and sucked lovingly rolling my tongue over it as I pulled the swollen clit between my lips and tonguing at her piss hole, “Oh Sam you were right! This mother fucker can suck! Watch … I’m… gonna cum!” she said getting lost in the moment as her pussy exploded gushing her juices and what was left of Earl’s cumm into my mouth.

Annie wanted a turn it seemed, as she gave Mary a hand up as Earl stood up too. Annie squatted over my mouth facing my cock and sat on my mouth. Eat my ass! She commanded grabbing my balls and twisting them. I stuck my tongue out as the smell of her big ass filled my nostrils, I stuck it into her ass and gave her the best tongue fuck I could. As unpleasant as her bum smelled I still probed as deep as I could. In a few minutes she repositioned her pussy over my mouth and in only seconds came in my mouth almost as wetly as Mary had. I thought I was going to drown, or at least suffocate under her big wet ass. As her orgasm subsided she stood up When some one kicked me. I opened my eyes to see Annie’s big ass blocking out the sun as she sat on my face again. I did what I assumed she wanted and licked her ass clean. When Sam helped her get off me, I turned my head to the side and violently vomited everything I had eaten in two days. I retched so hard that one of my tormentors, in an act of compassion, rolled me to one side and onto my knees. In an uncontrollable spasm I gagged choked and crapped myself! Some one kicked me in the gut as the four of them laughed at me now laying face down in the mud. Maybe you’ll respect others privacy now!

Pig! Mary said to me. “Okay lets clean him up!” Sam said unceremoniously grabbing my pants still around my ankles, he proceeded to drag me on my belly through the bushes. My cock was trapped and dragging in the dirt and undergrowth, as he pulled me through the woods. The others followed him out and down the ridge. At one point he flipped me over onto my back and by the time we got to the bottom most of the globs of crud had been scrubbed away in the grass, but not the smell! I stunk!

They took me to the showers and turned on the water. I laid on the floor for a few minutes before trying to stand up. Mary and Annie pulled me up and all four of them washed themselves and assisted in washing my body leaving my arms tied behind me. I kicked off my sneakers and shorts as they had dirt and other debris in them, and enjoyed the water running over my now sore shoulders and back. Sam had d**g me over brush, sticks, rocks and gravel mercilessly and I was covered in abrasions and a few deep scratches, but I’m sure I was far better off than I’d been if they had beaten the crap out of me.

My ass hole was sore but in a pleasurable way, a just fucked way, my cock had lost its firmness yet still swollen but my balls were seriously aching. The two women washed my body off and together they cleaned my sc****s and played with my soapy rising cock and balls in the warm spray of the shower. Of course my cock swelled to its hardest as their hands slid over it, my balls and into my tender asshole.

“Check this out.“ Mary said, “he shaves his balls!“ she continued. Both ladies giggled a bit. I thought that I would be permitted to cum but it didn’t happen. I was rinsed off and pulled with my arms still tied behind, me toward a group of about ten nude campers, who had gathered and been watching myself and my 4 captors in the shower. Sam gave a brief outline of my offense to the small crowd and told them that I was to be “Tried” , that court would convene at sundown and for them to gather in the meeting hut. He pointed to an open structure nearest the group of tents and campers.
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4 years ago
Very hot. And Really rough. Your an amazing writer Ace.
4 years ago
Wow ace your on a roll keep it up as they say thanks great one will look forward to reading the next chapter