Quite an unusual sign! I thought, as I drove by the gated side road that led down to the private camp about a mile from my house. I’d’ driven by the camp for years and often wondered if the sign was just for the sake of humor or a real warning. I never had the courage to check it out other than to look it up on the internet, I was seriously tempted to join. I lived in a very rural part of the country for the same reason that the camp was here, I enjoy the freedom that privacy brings. The freedom to walk naked in my own yard and to even take a leak off the back porch if I so choose, are worth the hardships of being out in the boonies.

From the time I was very young I fantasized being a nudist myself As a k**, I had run with a group of k**s that had access to pornography at a very young age. We played a very adult version of cowboys and Indians. We ran naked through the wooded areas near our home and engaged in some rather bizarre games until puberty hit us and we went our own ways. Forever giving up the games of c***dhood. As life took me in a different path as well.

In nature opposites attract and my marriage proved that fact. My wife and I are different in so many ways, not that that’s a bad thing. We tend to balance out our differences and she keeps me out of trouble. Well most of the time. But the desire to relive the games of my c***dhood grew stronger as I got older. especially when I realized my wife had a fantasy of her own, one that she only revealed just recently, I really began revisiting my past and present fantasies when I realized her fantasies and my own were very compatible. She has given me hints over the years of her desire to have sex in high risk places and situations, and as well she gets a thrill out of watching others who are sexually engaged, and even enjoys some thing that really makes her dear to me. She likes to walk with me at the mall or through crowds at a local tourist area and point out and comment on particularly attractive women and men occasionally. She’s not bi-sexual (unfortunately) but she does have an appreciation of the beauty of the human body. She’s quick to point out those women who have been blessed with natural beauty, and other women who devote all their time and effort on their appearance, and of course those who just dress for the attention that comes from an exposed hip, butt cheek, ample or exposed cleavage and swollen nipples pressing against thin fabric, or peeking out of a loose blouse. The best part is that she doesn’t feel jealous and is confident in our relationship, she realizes she is more to me than just how she looks. I believe she gets a thrill knowing that at times for me its like being a k** in a candy store, who cant wait to satisfy his hunger at home!

Though she does have a voyeuristic streak in her she is turned off by the idea of the nudist camp being just down the road. I tried to talk to her about it but she wouldn’t listen. I tried to explain that its not about having sex its about being naked and unashamed.
That most people who go there are just like us they come in all shapes and sizes and go about the same things we do when we go camping only they do it naked. They don’t have mass orgies or swap parties or attack women. But no matter how I argued the point was moot. She just wasn’t interested in the concept of being openly naked around other people. So I decided that I would sneak down to the camp ground and make a hidden video to illustrate my point. I figured if I took pictures from a hidden location I could capture the natural behavior of the campers. Proving my point because of the candid location, she would see that there is nothing shameful about nudism.

She was going to visit f****y for a week so I took this opportunity to make my video. The morning after she left I awoke early and packed two cameras, extra tape, batteries and got dressed in shorts, a camouflaged tee shirt and sneakers and set out in the dark through the woods behind my house.
The camp was just east of my property so it was easy to find my way as the sun was just beginning to light the eastern horizon. Eventually I came upon an old dirt road which I assumed to be the drive way into the camp. I walked about an hour just off the road in the brush to stay out of sight and soon found myself on a ridge overlooking the road, a small lake and camp ground.

It was just like any other camp ground I’d been to. There was an office, a store, a large shower and two shelters for picnics or meetings. The only thing different was the rest room building, it had no walls, just plumbing fixtures and the roof. From up on the ridge I could see the entire camp along the beach of the small lake. It was late in the season and there were only a few tents and campers s**ttered about, the occupants still sl**ping as the sun rose above the horizon over the lake.

I took out one camera and captured the sunrise over the campground, a perfect start to my video, I thought out loud. Then I looked for a hide away, some where I could set up my cameras and get what I’d come for with out being seen. A little higher up on the ridge I found a clump of brush about 10 feet tall and probably 25 feet in diameter under the canapé of a large tree’s limbs. I was going to set up a camera in the tree and as I pulled myself up onto a lower limb I could see that the clump of bushes was actually like a donut. The center was open and about 15 feet across, there was some trash s**ttered about, which I thought strange, as there was no other trash any where else. I climbed down and walked around the bush and eventually found a small opening that led into the center, I crawled in and stood up. This was a great spot. I could see out and hear any one sneaking up on me and I had a perfect location to set up a camera overlooking the camp. I was only about 100 feet from the nearest camp site, but probably 50 feet up on the ridge.

I went to work making sure that the camera was totally out of sight. As I finished the set up I noticed movement down below and began recording as the folks began stepping out into the morning light, naked! Just as I had told my wife they were of every size and description. All together there was about 50 people and of them there was only about 10 who were what I’d call attractive the majority were just average and perhaps a bit overweight but still made me wish I was naked with them. The whole scene and my spying began to stir my groin and I felt my cock swelling as my balls tingled. I took out the other camera and took several zoom shots of the people, taking time to focus and comment on the swaying breasts, flopping cocks and bouncing asses, as the folks went about their morning activities. Cooking breakfast and heading over to the shower and restroom structure. I was fascinated and intrigued as I watched these folks casually greeting each other and using the facilities both men and women shamelessly and openly mixing in the showers and at the toilets. “There was no men’s room or ladies room and no one seemed to mind, this is cool!” I said to the camera just before switching it off and leaving the other one to record the overview of the camp.

I had been curious about the trash that was s**ttered about and gathered some up in a pile. There was a pile of clothes and a bunch of Polaroid film backs most of which the image had been destroyed by the elements. Using a stick I poked at the clothing and found a shirt, a pair of short pants and men’s jockey shorts, all of which were cut and torn, there was also a pair of sneakers with out strings. This was peculiar, I thought, as I started separating the film backings, and found there were several that still had partial images, maybe these would answer the questions. I cleaned them up as best I could. Altogether there was about 20 that had some image left. I sat down in the center of my hide a way and examined the negative images. There were a lot of pictures of the camp ground from just about the same vantage point, obviously some one had had the same idea I had. I started wondering about the sign at the entrance regarding trespassers being sexually prosecuted, and the torn clothes, then I found negative images that were not of the camp ground.

Two naked men were holding a man who seemed to be wearing the very clothes that were laying torn to shreds in the bush. Now I have always found bondage very erotic but as I sorted through the negative images I realized this was some thing more than just bondage. There were two men and two women who were absolutely torturing this guy and at least one other person who took the pictures. My cock was stirring and tenting my shorts as I assembled the pictures in what I felt was chronological order. This guy was held by the two guys as his clothes were cut with a large hunting knife, and torn away by the two naked women the rest of the images were hard to make out but it looked as if the two women were holding this guy as the two men took turns fucking him up the ass. I couldn’t be too sure from the negatives but that’s what it looked like. I was getting quite a hard-on from the images even though I’m not into guys, the idea of being captured and ****d in the presence of women really was getting to me. I stood up, opened my shorts and pulled my member free and standing there with my pants around my ankles I proceeded to masturbate, imagining myself in the pictures and enjoying the air on my exposed privates and ass. Hey why not film myself jerking off, I thought, and I set my camera up and stood in front of it as I continued jerking off.

Then the shit hit the fan so to speak as I heard voices coming closer through the trees. I took a rushed step towards my camera and tripped over my pants tangled around my ankles, and fell face first into the dirt with a thump. I laid still, maybe they hadn’t heard me, I thought to myself. But it was not to be, as I heard a woman yell out “ Hey there’s someone over here!” followed by what sounded like a crashing and thrashing about in the brush around me. There’s no feeling like being busted with a boner, especially when my pants were down around my ankles. Not to mention having cameras set up spying on those who were about to have their hands on me in seconds. The thoughts of what happened to the guy in the negatives flashed through my mind but it wasn’t only fear I was feeling at that moment. I was more sexually excited than I had ever been in my life! I laid there with my cock pressing in the dirt and looked up as a very large, naked guy broke through the bush and stood up. He was in his fifties, balding and bearded, I figured, about 6’ 4” and easily over 300 lbs. from the expression on his face he was not in a good mood.

“What the hell are you doing!” He barked at me.

“ Uh, hi there…. Well,,, I was....a….” I started to answer him but it was clear he wasn’t interested in my answer, as I attempted to pull myself up on my knees, and cover the raging boner bouncing in front of me.

“Just shut up and don’t move, asshole!!” He barked down to me. Just as a tall but well built woman came rushing through the bushes saying,

“You got him Sam?”” She was followed by another smaller guy and a shorter very heavy set woman, all of them naked as well.

My little hide a way had just become a very crowded place! From my point of view I knew I was in trouble and I hoped that these folks weren’t going to go postal on me. Still kneeling I found my self at eye level with the big guy’s dick, which was throbbing and slowly swelling as he stood with his hands on his hips staring down over his heaving round belly at me covered in dirt and twigs. I had a horrible feeling that I would soon be sucking cock.

“We don’t care much for trespassers here especially those who spy on us with cameras!” he said angrily, and then continued, “We can call the police or we can deal with it in our own way. What do you say? “

He asked his fellow nudist’s as I knelt silently at their feet not knowing what to do, should I try to run? Won’t go far with my pants around my ankles! Trying to fight my way out was clearly not an option either. So I just knelt there looking as stupid as I felt.
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