Death in the f****y part 2

We woke to find my s****r Nicole in the doorway staring at us with a look of shock on her face and when she saw us start to get up she ran to her room and slammed the door shut so I quickly got up and grabbed my pant and put them on as I headed to her room. I knocked on her door but there was no response so I knocked again and asked if I could come in but again there was no response so I slowly started to turn the handle and open the door and as I walked in she was laying face down on the bed so I walked over and sat down beside her and I put my hand on her back and started to rub it back and forth and as I went to speak she asked what me and mum had been doing and why so I thought rather than lie to her I would tell her the truth about how mum felt and why she could not sl**p etc and as s*s listened to what I was telling her she seemed to relax and understand why we did it and then mum came walking into the room s*s jumped up and ran to her and wrapped her arms round mum and hugged her tight and kissed her saying that she missed dad alot too and that she was there if mum ever needed her.
Mum smiled and kissed her back thanking her but mum did not stop kissing my little s****r she seemed to get more passionate and soon she had her tongue inside Nicoles mouth and was rubbing her hands all over Nicoles body and Nicole was soon doing the same and after a few minutes they started to walk over to the bed and layed down beside where I was sitting and mum started to undress Nicole showing her beautiful Teen body and boy did she look amazing.
As mum was undressing Nicole and the two of them were still kissing I soon found Nicoles hand rubbing over my cock and it had soon worked it's way inside my pants and was fully wrapped round my hard cock and she slowly started to wanked my cock and mum noticed what she was doing and she told me to remove my pants so Nicole could have better access to my cock so I did as she said and took them off throwing them to the floor and Nicole sat up and lent over me and took my cock into her mouth and she started to suck my cock nice and slow and after about a minute she stopped and looked up at me and asked if she was doing it right because she had never done anything like this before and that she was still a Virgin.
My eyes lit up as she told me this and I thought my cock was going to explode there and then but I just about managed to control myself even though it was very hard and I smiled at her and said she was doing a perfect job and she smiled back at me and went back to sucking my cock. While Nicole was sucking my cock mum had removed her dressing gown and had moved down between Nicoles legs and had started licky her pussy and very shortly after she had started Nicole started giving out these sexy little moans of pleasure as mum expertly licked her pussy. Nocole could not take much of my cock into her mouth without starting to choke and I did not try to f***e anymore inside her because it was her first time and I wanted her to enjoy it so I was realy gentle with her but she seemed to want to take more of my cock inside her mouth and she kept trying but only managed to get about five inches inside her which for her first time I thought was quite good. Mum then asked Nicole to lay on her back and when she did mum moved up Nicoles body kissing every inch of her sexy teen body and as she got up to nicoles head she sat up and swung her leg over Nicole and lowered herself down on to Nicoles face and she started to rub her pussy over Nilces mouth and soon Nicoles tongue was starting to lick her mothers pussy so I went down between Nicoles legs and started lick her pussy and they were soon both moaning out loud with pleasure and it was not long before they were both coming and mum stayed sitting on Nicoles face until she had licked all of her mums cum from her pussy and this had given me the chance to do the sam to Nicole. I could not beleave my luck that I was now able to have sex with both my mum and my s****r and most importantly I hoped that I would get the chance to take my s****rs Virginity. Once Nicole had licked all of mums cum up mum got up and sat down beside Nicole leaning back against the headbord and she watched as I slowly worked my way up nicoles body kissing her as I went and as I got to her breast I started sucking on her nipples and gently squeesed her soft perfect breast and again Nicole gave out some sexy little moans of pleasure as her nipples started to harden and after a few minutes of playing I moved up and started kissing her lips and I could taste mums cum as I kissed hersoft lips.
As we kissed I started rubbing my cock against her virgin pussy and I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter as I rubbed the head of my cock against it. Mum watched everything we were doing as she slwoly rubbed her own pussy and she watched as my cock slowly started to dissappear inside her daughters virgin pussy.
Nicole wrapped her arms round my back and held me tight as I broke throguh her virgin walls and I felt her grip tighten so I stopped and eased back slightly until she had relaxed before slowly pussing deeper inside her and it took a while before I was fully inside her and at that moment I stopped and just spent time kissing her so she could relax abit more before I started to make love to her because I wanted her to enjoy it as much as possible so that hopefully I can fuck her more often. After a few minutes I slowly started working my cock back and forth inside her and her cute sexy little moans of pleasure started getting louder and louder and we continued to kiss each other softly as we made love.
I was in heaven right now and was loving every second of it and did not want it to end and as Nicoles first orgasm worked its way through her body it was not long before I could feel myself cumming inside her and wow did it feel good and I gave her quite a big load considering the amount of times I had already come since yesterday. I layed on top of her for a while before pulling out of her and laying down beside her and mum got up and went to the bathroom and came back with a cloth to clean Nicoles pussy up abit aswell as my cock and she then layed down on the other side of Nicole and we both wrapped one of our arms over Nicole and we all fell asl**p completely warn out after all the fun we had just had together.

To be continued ....
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2 years ago
Great story of family incestual love, foreplay (to some limited degree) and consummated to their final climaxes' and satisfactions.
2 years ago
Beautiful! Pursued, conquered and exploited to total perfection--mother, son and teen daughter all performed brillantly and precisely!!

Lesson how IT'S (incestual consummation) done!
2 years ago
Great, From start to finish this was a very well authored production. Every aspect of this segment was delightful, lusty, totally incestual and a most pleasing ending.
2 years ago
3 years ago
WOW I would have cummed in your mom as well and got the both of them pregnant.
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
great can not wait for more!!!
3 years ago
My my. I have already wanked twice.
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
Very nice part 2, waiting the next installment
3 years ago
very nice, cant wait for more :)