Steadily Shown His Place Ch. 04

After the meeting with Jim and Laura described in Chapter 3 I continued to meet with them on a regular basis. A process evolved where I would email Laura and ask if I could visit, and she would set the time. Eventually we settled in to a rhythm of meeting every couple of weeks. The deal stayed the same as what Laura laid out, I paid $50 plus the two packs of cigarettes each time. They always required me to wear a condom, and other than a brief hello I had to strip immediately when I arrived. As time went on things did relax a little and they weren't as harsh with me, we did become more friendly. As we became more friendly I occasionally would put out gentle feelers about relaxing some of their requirements.

Once when Laura wasn't there I asked Jim if there was any way we could forgo the fee, he and I had become friendly enough that occasionally we would sit and have a beer after he was fully serviced. While I appreciated the post coital (for him) camaraderie, it was a bit awkward as Laura didn't allow me to get dressed until I was about to leave, the moment I was dressed I had to go out the door. She said it was a respect thing, who knows what that meant. So now we are two guys relaxing with a cold beer, Jim is fully dressed and I am naked with a condom on my still hard dick. Jim would often 'apologize' for my condition, telling me if I needed to dress and leave so I could take care of that he would understand. But I digress. So it is just the two of us, he had just had a particularly powerful cum and knew I had really worked hard for him. I had followed the usual guideline; strip and hand over the cash and Marlboros even if Laura isn't there. We were enjoying some good football talk. So I tried putting out there thinking about a change in the fee arrangement. Jim smiled and laughed a sincere laugh. And with no hesitation he told me that if there was no fee there is no way he let's me visit. One of his younger, well hung friends would be there in my place. Case closed.

Another time I tried to float the idea of letting me jerk off at the end of the session. More than once both Jim and Laura had let it be known that while Jim was pretty much exclusively no reciprocation with guys, he had no issue with them taking care of themselves after he was done. Oh, and of course they let me know none of them paid any kind of fee. So, again during a relaxed moment after I had fully serviced Jim, I tried to politely ask if there was any way they could let me relieve my very uncomfortable erection. The condom would be worn and it would leave with me, and I could go across the hall if they don't like watching other guys pulling on themselves. Laura handled it this time, no hesitation, with a flat 'No'. Admittedly I got a tiny bit pissy, I pushed back asking why if all the other guys get to jerk off and they don't even pay. I knew I had made a mistake, and the look on Laura's face changed instantly. 'Get dressed and get out, maybe a couple of months away will help you remember your place.' I emailed Laura for weeks afterwards pleading forgiveness, only to be ignored. Finally she answered my email, but was very cold to me. To make a long story short, our next session I arrived wearing a bra and panties under my clothes, and handed over a carton of Marlboro Lights and $100. I learned my lesson. Much later Laura shared that it makes her hot to blue ball a guy, and she loved forcing me to endure that kind of frustration.

I never saw Dee again and for that I was grateful, though Jim later told me that she did come to understand first hand why I was willing to pay for the privilege of being his cocksucker. And yes, he confirmed, she did know. Eventually she was essentially doing the same thing, when Jim lost his job she offered to reduce his rent dramatically so she didn't lose access to his huge cock, though she managed to rationalize it some other way and Jim let her have her charade. After I had serviced him, on those visits when Laura wasn't there, he loved to tell me about her incredible tits and ass, and how she couldn't get enough of his cock. He knew very well what he was doing to me as I couldn't resist probing for the details, but only was adding to the misery of my achingly hard cock. He loved to make me admit I wished I had the kind of equipment that could get a hot piece of ass like Dee. For that matter he loved to make me admit I wished I had a cock like his that would make other guys drop to their knees, rather than being the one paying to get on my knees.

After about 18 months or so I got an email from Laura telling me that she and Jim broke up. She shared some details and was a little upset, and did admit she would miss his huge cock more than anything else. Now, several years later they have both long since moved on in relationships, they both have moved a couple of times. But after a period of initial hurt, Laura recovered and eventually found she couldn't fight it anymore. Less than a year after their breakup Laura started asking Jim to have sex with her again, no strings attached. This is clearly a pattern with Jim; ex.'s drift away for a while but eventually are back asking if he will please let them have his big cock again. Now Laura is basically in the same boat as me and a couple of other guys, she emails Jim and tries to get him to find some time for her.

After their break up I didn't see Jim for a couple of months, I had lost his email once I was moved to exclusively going through Laura to set up time to see him. I really missed seeing him, knowing I couldn't get anything even close to being in Jim's league.

One day I found an email in my inbox from his saying little more than Hi, how have you been? I wrote a few lines of pleasantries, but then got down to it and asked if I could come visit again, the sooner the better. Like the early days, he didn't reply for several days, probably knowing I would be there in 10 minutes if he gave me the green light. Finally after four days or so I got a reply from him. Again he had shifted to a cooler tone, didn't say yes, but didn't say no. Kind of said, yeah, we did have some good times and left it at that. I was out of my mind, and skipped all the other steps and went to begging for it. I told him how badly I missed his huge cock, how badly I wanted it, the same old deal or we could make changes if he wanted. I hit send.

A couple of days later I got a reply, a couple of very long days. I was certain I would get a reply, but knew he was making me suffer. Jim needled me about how badly I wanted his cock, letting me know he hasn't noticed any shortage of really big cocks out there. Subtle, but I got it. But then he shifted gears. He said he would be willing to go back to meeting, but the terms would need to change a little, nothing too major but he will need me to continue to do some things that other guys shouldn't have to do. Again, subtle but loud and clear. Basic terms would be similar, the fee would go up to $60, but I didn't have to bring cigarettes for Laura. He did instruct me to continue wearing a condom, and was very clear that the 'no touching, no cumming rule' was in place. In fact he specifically told me not to try to revisit being allowed to jerk off.

Then the new terms started. Jim told me I was still to strip when I arrived, but he expected me to be fully erect when I arrived at the door, that he considered this to be a sign of respect. Failure would result in me paying the fee, and being sent back out the door. On the theme of respect, effective immediately, he would prefer that I not call him Jim anymore, that Mr. Smith would be more appropriate. Again, zero tolerance, so it became Mr. Smith from that day on.

Finally, he told me he expected me to move to a role of more total submission, frankly he didn't need another cocksucker to add to his list, he got plenty of blowjobs. Oh to have such problems. From now on he expected me to wear black panties under my clothes when I arrive, more specifically black thong panties. He was very insistent that I have them on when I arrive, not put them on when I get there, and I will strip down to the panties when I arrive. He noted the thong pouch should show off my erection nicely.

To this day, those are the basic terms, and I do still see Jim. He has steadily come to enjoy taking advantage of the power of his big cock, regularly doing little things to reinf***e we both know I have to do what he tells me to do. Sometimes it is little things like telling me to get him a coffee on the way over, or even to bring him condoms (Trojan Magnum XL) to restock his supply for 'others that he meets'. He will often keep me waiting, hard and in my panties, while he talks on the phone or does some email, even giving me little chores to do around his place if he isn't ready for me yet. But the only detail that really matters is that he still has that big cock.

Eventually I began to email with Laura again. She was always witty and fun and very bright. Well, and she had DDD's. One day out of the blue she suggested we get together, she would enjoy seeing me again. I had no idea what she was thinking, but jumped at the suggestion. She sent me her address, told me to be there about 10 the following day. Oh, and one more confusing detail, she 'reminded me' to bring her two packs of Marlboro Lights and $50, and to wear a condom.

I drove to Laura's place the next day as we agreed; she greeted me at the door with a warm hug and invited me in. She said something like 'this is my place' with a big smile, but with not a hint of awkwardness pointed to a chair by the door as the place to pile my clothes. She didn't even stop, floating off to the kitchen as she asked if I wanted coffee. Thoroughly confused, I stripped down and followed her in to the kitchen wearing only a condom, clutching her cigarettes and money. She took them as if I had offered a bottle of wine as a dinner guest, then led me to the kitchen table to sit and have coffee. We chatted like old friends, only I was naked, as we drank coffee and she had a cigarette. It wasn't long though before the combination of her deep v-neck sweater and her sensual smoking style had my cock stiffening, a process I was helpless to stop. The more I hardened the more I was drawn to her cleavage and massive bustline and inevitably was fully erect. While drinking coffee at the kitchen table. I will skip some details, but eventually I was on my knees on the kitchen floor, masturbating my condom covered cock with strict orders to keep stroking but not to cum. My other hand held her ashtray while she smoked and listened to me plead to see her breasts.

The request was denied, as was my pleading to be allowed to 'finish' as she called it, as always I left her place blueballed. I have seen her many times since, I have never seen her DDD's nor does she ever let me get off. But she does delight in telling me what her well hung lovers get from her, things that I could enjoy too if it weren't for being short just a few inches of what she wants.
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Hey Ace whats up with this guy i know he wants to get fucked and swallow cum but to the x-wife have her way thats toomuch thanks