Death in the f****y

Death in the f****y brings Mother, Daughter and son closer together.

It was the end of the week and I was working late again when my phone started ringing and when I answered it all I could hear was someone crying and then I hered mums voice asking me to come home quick so I lock up and rushed home breaking many speed limits on the way and when I got home I found my mum and s****r in the dining room in each others arms crying and when I asked what had happened mum just started crying even more so s*s came over to me and told me that our father had died in a car accident earlier today so I rushed over to mum and held her in my arms until she stopped crying. Over the next few days we sorted everything out and had the funeral but mum had been very quiet all the time and was sl**ping alot and hardly bothering to get dressed and one night as I was about to go to bed I hered her crying again so I went to her room to find her naked on the bed with a dildo in her pussy and it took me a few seconds to snap out of it and stop staring at her sexy wet shaved pussy. I quickly turned round and asked mum what was wrong and she made some sort of effort to cover up even though it was not that good.
She looked up at me and just said that she missed my dad and that every night before they fell asl**p they would have sex and he would make her orgasm many times. Then she told me that she had tried masturbating and other things but she just could not make herself orgasm and it was affecting her body and her sl**p.
I walked over to the bed and handed her a jumper to help cover herslef up and I then climbed into bed and wrapped my arms round her and kissed her and after a short while she fell asl**p or so I thought.
I waited an hour to make sure she was ok and then I decided to fall asl**p but I was not asl**p long before I was woken up by something pulling my pants down and when I opened my eyes and looked beside me my mum was not there so I turned my head slowly and looked down the bed to see the cover fully pulled down the bed and then I saw a sight that I should not have been seeing. The was a shape inbetween my legs and I knew straight away that it was my own mum undressing my and then I felt her grab my cock and she started to suck it quite slow and I found myself not wanting her to stop and all sorts of thoughts were rushing through my head as she took more and more of my cock into her mouth. I had always had thoughts and dreams about fucking my own mother and had masturbated with her panties many times in the past. But I still could not beleave this was actually happening to me for real.
I looked down at my mothers dark shadow as I watched her head moving up and down as she sucked on my cock, her own Son's cock and I was not sure what to do.

Do I say something and try to make her stop

Or do I let her carry on and let her have her fun so she can finally relax.

I decided that I should say something but all I could say was that I was cumming and mum started sucking me harder as I started to cum deep inside her mouth and I could hear her swallowing every last drop.
After s few second she started moving up my body kissing me as she came up and once she was level with my lips I felt her tongue pushing through them and I opened my mouth and started to kiss her back and as we kissed I felt her hand on my cock once more and she got herself fully on top of me with one leg either side of me and she lined my cock up with her pussy and she started to ease it inside her and thats when I tried to say something but she pressed one of her fingers to my lips and gave out a quiet gentle shhhh noise and started to kiss me again as she lowered herself on to my cock and once my full lengh was inside her she started to speed up letting nearly all my cock out of her before slamming herself back down on my and boy did it feel good, I could not beleave that this was happening to me that I was having sex with my own mother and even worst was that I was loosing my Virginity to my own mother.
Again I tried to stop her but again I got the same answer so I decided to let her have her fun and to enjoy it myself as it was only going to be a one off.
After a few minutes of hard fucking mum had her first orgasm and boy was it noisy I was amazed that it did not wake my s****r.
Mum did not stop riding my cock even though she was starting to loose control of her body and she started to cum again and again and it was not much longer before I was getting close to cumming and when I told her this made her fuck me even harder than before and I almost shouted out that I was cumming as she took my full lengh deep inside her pussy and let me pump another load inside her.
She collapsed on top of me and it took us both a few minutes to get our breath back and mum did not move from this position all night as we slept together and woke in the morning still in the same position.
By the time we had woken up my s****r had already left for college and mum told me that she did not want to get up and she wanted to spend the day in bed with me and I told her we shouldnt but she said it was ok and that I was the only man that she wanted in her life her now on because I reminded her if dad even though my cock was abit bigger than his and this made her want me even more. I asked her what s*s would think about this and she said that she would come up with something and it will all turn out ok.
So I decided to go along with what she said and I phoned up work and told them I would not be in for a few days and they said that would be fine so I could spend alot of time with mum. As I was talking to my boss mum had already started sucking my cock again and it was hard to talk to him as she expertly sucked every inch of my 8 inch cock into her mouth and luckily I had just put the phone down as I cum inside her mouth and again she swallowed every drop and she came back up the bed and layed down beside me and asked me to lick her pussy and I can tell you I did not need to be asked twice. I moved down her body kissing her as I went and I made sure I took my time to help make her feel good and I especially took my time with playing with her breast. They were not huge but I would say they were the perfect size and I took my time to suck on each nipple make them nice and hard and then I slowly started to move even further down her body until I got to her soaking wet pussy.
I could not help but stare at it for abit as I could still not beleave that this was happening to me but I soon snapped out of it and moved my lips close to her pussy and I started to kiss, suck and lick her pussy and soon mum was starting to moan with pleasure as I explored her pussy with my tongue and I watched as her juices started to flow from her pussy as her first orgasm shot through her body and I watched as they ran down between the cheeks of her ass and over her hole and I moved my head lower and ran my tongue over her ass licking up all her juices and she seemed to like it when my tongue ran over her hole so I continued to lick her ass for a little while before moving away which mum did not seem to want me to do but I was going to be back there soon I just wanted to get her to roll over so she was face down. Then I moved back and continued to lick her ass before letting one of my fingers work it's way into her pussy and then another and I started to finger fuck her pussy while I licked her ass and again she had another orgasm but this was her biggest.
Once she had settle down again I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and started to rub them round her ass before letting one ease inside her and I felt her tighten up as I dont think she was inspecting me to do that and I looked up at her and asked if she was ok and she said she was but it was her first time so I let her relax abit more before letting abit more of my finger ease inside her before pulling it out and rubbing it over her pussy again to get more of her juices on it to help get more of it inside her and to make it more comfortable for her. I continued to finger her ass for a while longer until I knew she was ready and I slowly moved up her body kissing her all the way until my cock was pressing up against her pussy and I f***ed it deep inside her and fucked her quite hard for a few seconds until my cock was nice and wet with all her cum and I pulled my cock out of her pussy and I got a moan of dissappointment from her but I wanted her ass now so I started to rub the head of my cock against the entrance to her virgin ass and as I eased it inside her I watched as mum gripped her pillow with her hands and teeth and I waited a couple of second till she relaxed and then started to ease more inside her and each time I made sure she was ok and it took a few minutes before I was finally all the way inside her now non virgin ass and I very slowly started to make love to her easing it back and forth inside her and it was not long before moans of pleasure started to leave my mothers mouth and I hands were not gripping the pillow any more, infact they were playing with her breast and pussy as I slowly fucked her ass. She had a couple of small orgasm's before She had the biggest one of her life as we both came together and I filled her ass with cum and I wrapped my arms round her and rolled us both on to our side so we were more comfortable and so I could keep my cock inside her ass until it was ready to come out.
We kissed for a while before we fell asl**p and it was quite late when we woke and we woke in a way we did not inspect.

To be continued...
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6 months ago
i agree with both of bigdaddyg123 posts. great content but writing sucks.
2 years ago
The story is a great one, though unfortunately due to a death of the husband/father. For the mother to be grieving and the son's second action of consoling her is to fuck her "virgin" ass--just like a shit-fucker--is abominable!

Hopefully the writer's ability to form proper and understandable sentences, punctuations, etc., will improve. The writer's ideas and subject matter is good, and he/she should continue to write, but please dictate to someone that can write properly.
2 years ago
What is it with all the ass fucking?? Three or four times more effort is spent ass fucking than pussy fucking in many of these stories, and the time describing ass fucking is five plus more time than pussy fucking. Is it some latent homosexual urges that cause so many males to fuck ass?

What a of good pussy!!!!!
2 years ago
The son and mother pussy fucking was giganticly awesome.

The English, grammar and punctuation sucks, needs much work,
2 years ago
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
I could not stop wanking.
3 years ago
very nice start, going to go read part 2 now :)
3 years ago
Oh yes, make sure you write more real soon !!! Very hot...
3 years ago
Awesome start, looking forward to the next chapter
3 years ago
My vibrator cant wait to hear the rest!
3 years ago
I liked it a lot. Second part cuming soon I hope.
3 years ago
hope to continue reading your story
3 years ago
Great beginning. Will be watching for more.
3 years ago
Very good. Keep going