Lost Virginity to teacher part 6

I must have slept well that night because when I woke I found myself tied up with a couple of pillows wedged under me making my ass point into the air and I was tied in a way that I could not move an inch and I could not move my head round to see what was happening.
I felt some wet and soft touch the entrance to my ass and I could feel it circling my hole still nice and slow and soft and then it stopped and I felt movement on the bed between my legs and then the distinct feeling of lube being squirted on to my ass. I then hered Sarahs voice.

Your awake at last then slut, I have been looking forward to our time together where I get to do whatever I want with you.

With that I felt something big pressing up against my ass and without warning it slid inside my stretching my ass to it's limits again and I could feel it getting deeper and deeper inside me and once the full lengh was in me Sarah released my head and I looked round to see her naked body pressed up against me wearing this huge black strap on and she had the biggest smile on her face and she told me that she had always wanted to do this to a guy but never had the chance and that she was going to use me how Sir has used her.
Then she started to pull back about 6-7 inches before rammimng it back in and she grabbed hold of my hips and started to fuck my ass realy hard, harder that Sir had fucked me and she was realy going for it and she started to spank my ass as she fucked me making sure that both my ass cheeks got the same number of slaps making them both glow red and she grabbed hold of my hair pulling my head back saying she was going to ride me like a horse and she started riding me even harder and with her spare hand she started rubbing my cock just as hard and fast as she was fucking me and god did it feel good.
The pain from her riding my ass with her huge strapon was not in my mind anymore which helped me to relax and even start to enjoy what she was doing to me and I even asked to fuck me harder which she replied anything for my little ladyboy slut.

LADYBOY SLUT wow I loved it when she called me that and I think she could tell because she started riding me harder than I thought was possible, the sweat was dripping off our bodies and she seemed to show no sign of slowing down and I was getting very close to cumming and I was struggling to keep it inside me and thats when she came she f***ed the full lengh of her strapon inside me and I felt her whole body shaking against my hips and she lent over me slightly resting her hands on my back to help ballance herself for a few minutes till she regained her energy. I had unloaded the biggest amount of cum that I had ever down and the pillow below me was drenched with cum. She pulled her strapon out of my ass and moved round beside me and layed on the bed still breathing heavily and that is when I got to she the monster she had been ramming inside me and god was it huge and thick, it must have been 14+ inches long and all I could think to myself was my ass will never be the same again but I was also glad because I had loved what she had done to me and I wanted more and I am sure that she will happily do it to me again reguly.
After about 20 minutes she got up and took her strapon off and placed it into the bedside cabinate drawer and then she started to untie me and once I was free I grabbed her and f***ed her flat on to the bed and I got on top of her and rammed my cock inside her soaking wet pussy and I fucked her as hard as I could making her take my full lengh although it was only 8 inches she loved it and was soon cumming again in a very loud orgasm and I pumped my cum deep inside her and for once it felt good to be the one taking control and as we layed on the bed sweating and breathing heavily we started to kiss each other and the feeling of her lips pressed against mine was just fantastic and I did not want that moment to end and I think she could tell because she wrapped her arms round me and held my body tight to hers as she continued to kiss me and we stayed like this for hours before eventually getting up to have a bath together and for a change when she got out of the bath Sarah put a movie on and we spent the rest of the day and night making love rather than banging each others brains out and I would say that we both seemed to have the best time of our lives in them few hours we were together but in the morning it would be back to normal or so to speak because I was going to be put on the street to earn some more money before Sir came home.
In the morning when we woke we both got up and Sarah helped me get ready laying out the school girl outfit for me to wear today and as I got dressed I watched Sarah as she was doing the same but she was wearing these tight leather trousers with a white low cut top which just barely cover her breast and she was not wearing a bra so how they would stay in that top all day amazed me.
Once we were dressed she took me down stairs and out to the car and we drove into town and we then walked to a toilet block in the middle of the town and we made sure they were empty before going inside and she took me into one of the cubicles and told me to close and lock the door and that she would be in the next one filming everything I did.
On the right hand wall there was a hole drilled through it with tape wrapped round it and I knew what it was for and it was not long before I was prooved right as a guy went into the next cubicle and I looked throguth the hole and watch as he unzipped his flies and pulled out her cock which was quite small, well I suppose it was about average (6inches). I watched as he pissed into the toilet and I found myself getting hard and this distracted me for a few seconds and as I went to look back through the hole I found that is was filled by the guys cock so I immediately wrapped my lips round it and started to suck his cock slow at first till his full lengh was nice and wet then I started to suck him hard and fast and with in a minute he was cumming into my mouth so I swallowed every last drop of cum and he pulled his cock out and left and this is how most of the day went apart from a couple of times where a couple of the customers wanted to fuck me but by the end of the day I had lost count of how many cocks I had sucked or been fucked by but I enjoyed every second of it but the best was still to come.
Just before it was time to go Sarah told me to open the door and she left the camera mounted to the wall above me and she removed her leather trousers and as I opened the door she f***ed me on to the toilet and she sat on my lap and started kissing me and thats when I felt a warm wet sensation on my cock and lap, she was pissing herself and I looked down at her panties and watched her wet herself and as her warm piss worked its way through the fabric of my school skirt and panties and over my cock I nearly came there and then but managed to keep it in. Sarah slowly lifted my skirt and pulled my cock out and she let it ease inside her pussy and started to ride me nice and slow and I just could not last that long and was soon cumming inside her.
We both got up and tried to clean ourselfs up abit before heading back to the car and home and then to bed to spend the night together.

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2 years ago
plz wright more. i love them and they make me cum so hard.
3 years ago
love it more of this story please