Masturbating to Thoughts of You

It's almost noon, and I'm still wearing the silky black slip I slept in last night. My dark red hair is tousled, hanging down around my shoulders. It feels sexy, the way each little movement of my head sends locks of my hair skimming across my bare skin, tickling me; it feels like I'm teasing myself. There's music playing in the background, "John, Ain't It Hard" by Taj Mahal ... soft, slow, relaxing music. I'm thinking about you, about the emails we've exchanged, and I'm getting aroused. My nipples are hardening, sticking out, wanting attention. I brush them lightly with my fingers, then hold my breasts with my palms while I rub my thumbs back and forth across my rosy nipples... and I get goosebumps from the thrill of arousal.

I shaved my pussy last night, and it's tingling now with sensation. Whenever it's bare like this, I feel like I've got sex going on between my thighs; it gets hot, it feels so smooth, and when I walk, or dance (like I was doing in my bedroom a few minutes ago), rolling my hips in circles, my pussy is on fire; so sensitive to every touch, every contact - whether it's my own skin, the clothing I'm wearing, or the chair I'm sitting in, it all feels so good.

I read your emails again, and my pulse quickens. I begin to breathe hard, my breasts heaving with each breath. I imagine your body, your shoulders, your chest, your strong arms, your thighs, your buttocks, hips, stomach, hands ... I imagine running my eyes and hands over all of those parts .... and then looking up into your eyes, filled with lust, your face, mouth, lips wanting to kiss me everywhere....

My stomach starts to flutter, my pussy getting wet. I want attention so badly, I want hands on my body, I want to be touched, admired, kissed, wanted, touched ... touched ... touched.....

I touch myself instead. My hand slides down to my lap, underneath the hem of my slip, to my panties. I rub myself through my panties ... satin, so soft. I lean back in my chair, drop my head back, my hair hanging down behind me, my back arched and breasts pressed out. I press my fingers against my cunt, then I start rubbing in circles, my middle finger pressing the hardest, rubbing circles around my clit, just the satin panties as a barrier. My other hand goes to my breasts, rubs in circles there too, and squeezes ..I squeeze my breast, I get rough with it, maul it, pinch my nipple hard. That makes me groan ... the sweet pain, the arousing pain. I imagine you were the one doing it, imagine your mouth on my breast, your teeth biting and pulling and sucking my nipple.

My pussy is so wet now, it wants to be fucked. I slide my panties down my hips, lift my ass off the chair so I can slide them all the way off. My hand goes back to my pussy, feeling how smooth it is, so slick now with my juices. I rub my fingers up and down my pussy a few times, then finally thrust my middle finger into my hole. I slide it in and out for a while, sometimes running my finger up my slit to my clit, circling it quickly with a little bit of pressure, spreading my juices all over. So wet now. My middle finger slides back inside me, and I press it forward, press it against that soft spongy sensitive part of me. That makes me gasp, my mouth hangs wide open, whimpering noises escaping from my throat. Fuck, that feels good. I slide in another finger, and start to press hard and fast against my g-spot. I feel like my body is lifting up, it feels so incredible; I moan, oh, oh, ohhh, ohhhhh, oh god I want a cock inside me so badly.

I reach into my goody drawer, and pull out my vibrator. It's long, with a curved tip that presses against my g-spot when it's inside me. And it has a clit-teaser on it too. I slide it in, and turn it on; first I turn on the vibrations for the dildo part, the part that's inside me. Mmmm, I moan. Then I turn on the juice for the clit stimulator, and press it up against that most sensitive part of me. It turns me into a rag doll at first, just wanting to collapse on my back and feel the sensitive vibrations. I roll my hips around a little, thrust my pelvis up to meet the vibrator more f***efully.

I can't stand it, I want to be fucked so badly. So I jam the vibrator in and out of my pussy, slamming it in again and again and again, each time I feel it fill me up at the same time I feel it slam against my clit. I need to feel it deeper, so I move from the chair over to the sofa; I lie on my back, but rest my feet on the arm-rest, knees bent, and lift my ass up into the air, and slam it in again, over and over and over. I'm crying out loud now, almost crying for real because that's how much I want a real, warm, hard dick inside me. I slam it in again, this time I hold it hard against me, and rub it around in circles so it's vibrating hard against my clit. Harder and harder I press it, the vibrations sending shivers up my body.

So needful, so craving, so lustful, I turn over onto my knees on the sofa. I lay one arm down in front of me and rest my head against it, while with the other hand I fuck myself with my vibrator. I imagine it is a man, it is you, behind me, slamming into me hard, your hot dick inside me, your hands on my hips, tugging me back against you hard each time you thrust inside. I feel the vibrator against my clit, and I imagine it's your balls slapping against me as you fuck me. I cry out loud, fuck myself fast and furiously, and finally, finally, I cum.... shrieking as I feel all that built-up sensation erupting, my clit ultra-sensitive, my whole body orgasmic, as I cry your name and beg you to fuck me, to cum inside me...
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3 years ago
I'm looking for inspiration for erotic writing. Thank you for posting this story. Don’t worry I am not looking to ripoff other people's work. I just began writing my own blog and I am reading different stories to find what turns me on most. And I have no idea what I am doing. Not to mention this story is going straight into my favorites section.
4 years ago
i want to help her out
4 years ago
Who wouldn't want to help this young lady out?