School Girls Get Dirty

Tish sat there drawling little hearts and squiggly lines on her notebook as s****r Catherine droned on and on about south Asia. She looked at the clock. 'Damn, only 10:14" she thought to herself. Still 31 minutes until she got out of this stupid class. She decided it was time for a small touch up to pass the time and since make-up in class clearly wasn't tolerated at saint Mary's catholic school she raised her hand and asked s****r Catherine if she could be excused. "yes dear, you may" she replied

Tish scooped up her small backpack purse and left that God-awful classroom and headed for the ladies room. As she opened the door she near collided with another girl. Tish said gave an apology although it was the other girl's fault. She just rolled her eyes and pushed past Tish. "bitch" she mumbled under her breath as she set her purse down on the sink top and turned to the side to check herself out in the full length mirror on the wall of the bathroom.

Standing 5'4 with blonde hair, green eyes and tan skin she was definitely a teen beauty, though technically she wasn't a teen, after all, she was 18. She inspected her outfit, making sure everything was in its place. Her white blouse fit her very well with her 34b breasts and small waist line. She turned slightly checking out her cute little butt, clad in a maroon plaid skirt.

"Not bad" she remarked to herself.

Just at the same moment she heard a soft noise and stopped to listen closer because it was so faint she wasn't sure if she really heard it or if her imagination was just kicking in. There it was again. She could tell it was human and most likely female and thinking that maybe a fellow student was sick or upset she walked down the line of eggshell white bathroom-stall doors slowly, listening for anymore noises. She stopped at the third stall, the one with the broken lock on it, and softly pushed her ear to the door. This was it. She listened harder and now could make out a faint moaning noise. Tish was embarrassed yet turn on at the same time. And although she new it was wrong she allowed her hand to make its way down to her skirt and rub herself through the material. She opened the bathroom stall just a crack so she could watch this other girl get her dessert while she got hers. It was Natalie! She couldn't believe her eyes! She almost came right there when she saw the 5'8 brunette with her right leg propped up on the toilet seat and her plaid skirt hiked up around her waist with three fingers buried in her shaved, pink cunt. Tish began copying her moves and soon had to keep herself from moaning too. She accidentally leaned against the bathroom door, lost in what she was doing and had to catch herself from falling on her face. Natalie gasped, clearly embarrassed and shocked at being caught, and took her fingers out of her snatch.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" she screamed at Tish

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry..." was all Tish could manage to reply "i really didn't mean to embarrass you, I just heard noises and thought something might be wrong but then I saw you touching yourself and got so turned on and I couldn't help myself. Please don't tell anyone! They'll think I'm a dyke."

"Why shouldn't I tell everyone?"

Tish began to cry "please don't, i'll do anything, just please don't tell"

Natalie, who still hadn't gotten to reach her climax had an idea. "get on your knees" she commanded Tish


"Get on your knees"

Tish lowered herself to the ground and looked up at Natalie. "Now you're going to do everything I tell you or I tell the whole school that you like to watch girls finger fuck themselves. Got it?"



Natalie returned to her previous position, cunt right in front of tish's face. "Eat me out you little slut"

"But I don't know how..." Tish began to say when Natalie slapped her hard across her face.


She attacked her pussy. Licking and sucking everything. Natalie threw her head back and caressed tish's blonde hair while moaning. Tish was really getting turned on by this and chastised herself for being so skanky and having such dirty thoughts. But she couldn't help it so she spread her knees and moved her white cotton panties to the side as she began rubbing her own clit, now hard and poking out.

"That's it bitch, finger me while you suck on my clit"

So Tish pushed a finger into that moist, pink pussy. Natalie began to grind on her hand and she pushed another finger into her folds followed by two more. Four fingers. The brunette was stretch to her limits and loved it. She pulled out one of her perfect C cup breasts and began pintching her pink nipples.

"Im going to come" she cried

And with that Tish put a finger into her own tight pussy and decided to get herself a nut too. She felt Natalie's pussy walls contracting and this sent her over the edge. She sucked Natalie's clit even harder and they both began to cum. Natalie's juices ran down tish's hand. She removed it and began licking the girl-cum off her hand. Natalie got down to tish's level and kissed her passionately, tasting her own juices on the slut's tongue. She ran her hand between the blonde's legs, feeling her sticky nut running down her thighs. She caught some on her finger and fed it to Tish.

Just then the bell rang and the bathroom was flooded with girls checking out their reflection and chatting. The two girls quickly got up and straightened their clothes out. The next bell rang and the bathroom was deserted except for a few straglers that would be deemed tardy. They walked out of the stall, smiled at each other and went their seperate ways.
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1 month ago
She wasn't a teen after all she was eighteen .. contridiction
3 years ago
A nice little story.. Quick and sweet
3 years ago
nice story
4 years ago
ace as good as ever i have to say dude were do you get ur ideas from
4 years ago
It's OK, could do with more "filling out". I did enjoy it though