Lost Virginity to teacher part 3

He took me over to one of the tables and told me to lay on my back and put my hands above my head so I did as he said and got into position and he tied my hand to the table and move down between my legs and grabbed hold of my hips and pulled me further down the table stretching my arms so I could not move them. He then called out to someone and this beautiful black young girl came walking round the corner asking what he wanted.
He told her he needed her help and also wanted to introduce her to their new sex toy. She smiled as she saw me and hered what he said and she asked what my name was and as I went to reply he said that it was Kazita or slut/bitch/whore or what ever they wanted to call me. She smiled and introduced herself as Sarah and told me she was Sirs wife....Wife... she was not much older than me yet she was married to Sir.
He told her to help tie my legs as he f***ed them uptowards my head and she did as he asked and rapped the ropes round my ancles and tied them tight to the top of the table. They both left the room and were gone her a while before I hered their foot stps coming back into the room and as I looked down between my legs there was 2 new men with them and he told that they could do what ever they wanted with me for 2 hours and I saw the men smile as they handed Sir a big load of money and started to undress. Sir and Sarah left the room after turning the cameras on and left the men to get on with things. One of the men came over to the table and climbed on top of me and sat on my chest. He was white and quite well muscled and had quite a big cock but nowhere near as big as Sir's but he must have been nearly 8inches and quite thick.
He started to move his cock cloer to my mouth and ordered me to start sucking so I did as he asked and took as much of his cock as I could and that is when I felt the other guy starting to play with my ass. This guy was black and from what I could tell he was quite well hung too and as he started to penetrate my ass he stretched it wider than it had been stretched before, it felt like someone was forcing a coke can into my as and it felt like a strange shape almost like a banana and I dont know what he was doing to me but Wow it felt good as he move back and forth inside me, well it felt so good that my cock grew hard and I was cumming in no time and the guy who was face fucking me looked round and cheered out this slut realy loved that dude, she cant get enough of our cocks and continued to f***e the rest of his cock deep inside my throat and was soon pumping me full of cum and it tasted great and I continued to empty his balls until he could not take it anymore. He got up off my chest and stood back and watched as his mate fucked me harder and harder and it seemed like I could not stop cumming and when he finally unloaded his cum inside me I cum once more and I was totally drained and as the two men left they told Sir that it was money well spent and would be back for more. Sarah came over to me and started to untie me and it took a couple of minutes before my muscles relaxed so I could finally move. Sarah took me upstairs to one of the spair rooms and I layed on the bed and she said that Sir would be up soon to sort me out. Before she left the room she told me there were some fresh clothes in the bedside table and smiled and suggested that I get freshened up before Sir gets up here and she left heading to their room. I opened the drawer and there were some silk night clothes for me to wear in bed so I took them into the bathroom and washed and cleaned myself before changing into the night clothes. They were all a light pink and all silk and I love putting them on. There were pink silk panties and bra and a pink nighty and once I was dressed I headed out into my room and got into bed. I was not in bed for long before the door opened and Sir came walking in completely naked and dimmed the lights and came over to the bed and lifted the covers and smiled as he saw what I was wearing and said I love it when Sarah lets my sluts wear her things I realy love this outfit and might have to get one for you.
But now it is time for me to fuck you how I like to fuck her and he climbed into bed with me and rapped his arm and leg round me and started kissing me slowly letting his tongue slide inside my mouth and I kissed him back loving how it felt. He used his leg to open mine and he moved himself inbetween them and started rubbing his cock against mine before lowering it till it was lined up with my ass and he slid it inside me nice and slow and he gently started to fuck me and I rapped my legs round his back as my ass sucked his full lengh inside me and it seemed to end so fast as I felt his cum pumping inside me and I let my legs ease off him so I was laying flat again with him on top of me and we layed there for a while kissing before he got up and left to go and sl**p back in his room and just as I was falling asl**p I felt the covers lift again and I opened my eyes to see Sarah climbing into bed with me and she wispered into my ear that Sir had sent her to keep me company because it was my first night in a strange house and she cuddled up to me and we both fell asl**p.

To be continued....
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3 years ago
you make me horny with those storys
3 years ago
Awesome story ready for more