Lost Virginity to teacher

Many years ago when I was younger and still at school I lost my anal virginity to my much older black teacher. He was in his early fifties and I was a young teen and I was in alot of his classes especially his PE classes and every time I got undressed I could see him watching my every move with his dark glaring eyes. I just ignored him and wanted to get changed as fast as possible but one day after football he told me not to get undressed and to wait until everyone had left because he needed to talk to me about something so I sat and waited until the last boy left the changing room and Sir went over to the door and locked it before walking over to me and sitting down beside me.
Right now I want you to get undressed boy and we can talk, so I started to undress taking my t-shirt off first and then my boot and as I bent over to undo my laces I could not help but notice the huge lump in Sir's trousers and I tried to take my eyes off it but could'nt and Sir noticed this and just smiled.
As I took my boots off he started to talk.
Right boy I think you need some personal training and I have spoken to your parents and they agree with me. You are the best in my class but you could be better with my help so that is why I have asked you to stay behind and your parents wont be here to pick you up for another 3 hours.
I asked what sort of training he had in mind and he just told me that I would find out in time.
He ordered me to stand up in front of him and I thought he was going to make me take a shower infront of him but instead he pushed me against the wall, and stared at me, not saying a word... suddenly his lips were pressed hard against mine and I could do nothing but kiss him back.
He removed his shirt as we kissed and he pressed his bare chest against mine, it felt amazing and the smell of man sweat came from his body and I could not beleave that my cock was getting hard.
He sat me on a bench an he stood to full hight and he ordered me to remove his trouser so my shaking hands pulled down his trousers, his bulge was bigger than normal, much bigger. I removed the trouser and found he was wearing no underwear. I looked at him amazed at what I saw infront of me, he had a huge 10 inch cock and it was as black as night. I watched as it twitched infront of my face getting closer and closer to my mouth I tried to move away but he grabbed the back of my head and moved me closer. He was so much stronger than me and I just could not resist him and as the head of his monster cock pressed against my lips I could do nothing but open my mouth and let it slide inside me. He f***ed as much of his cock into my mouth as he could but I could only take about 4 inches before I started to choke, it was just to long and thick.
But he did not mind because he was still making me suck him getting his cock nice and wet ready for what he had in mind to do to me.
My eyes were watering as my old black teacher face fucked me forcing his huge monster cock even deeper inside and soon I had 7 inches inside me before he pulled out making me fall to the ground gasping for air. He grabbed my arm and led me into the showers and turned them on. He pushed me face first against the wall and he grabbed my hips pulling them back slightly making me bend over and I felt the head of his cock press against my virgin ass and just as I was about to beg him to let me go he f***ed the head of his monster cock inside me breaking through my virgin wall making me cry out in pain. He eased it out and added some sort of jelly to it and then f***ed it back inside me making me cry out again but this time he did not pull out he just kept pumping more and more of his monster black cock inside me. After a few minutes of him pounding my ass it felt like he was inside my tummy and I hate to say it but it was starting to feel realy good and my cock was still rock hard and worst of all it was getting close to cumming. Sir placed his hands on my shoulders so he could pound me even harder making the last couple of inches dissappear inside me before holding his full lengh deep inside my ass and filling me with his seed, his hot sticky black seed and I could not help but cum.
He pulled out of me onces his balls were empty and I just collapsed on the floor exhausted from his pounding.
He turned the shower off and took me into the changing rooms where he dressed me and himself and we waited for my parents to pick me up. I could not beleave what had happened to me and Just before they come to pick me up he told me that I will be going home with him most nights and not doing football because I was now his bitch and I would have to start dressing like one when I am with him and he ordered me for home work to get some of my mums and s****rs underwear and to wear them to school each day so he could fuck me in the ways that he wanted to fuck them.
I just agreed to what he ordered because I was not sure what he would do if I ignored him.
There was a nock on the door and we both got up and headed over to open it and just before we got to the door he told me to act like we had been at practice so we started talking about the team layouts etc as we opened the door to see my mum standing there waiting to take me home.
On the car ride home I was quiet and just thinking about what happened and mum did and talk to me because she thought I was tired and when we got home I went straight to bed to sl**p and hopefully not dream about what had happened.

To be continued

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luved the story...wow
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more, more, more, more, more
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Very hot; give us more!