My first true gay experience ch.1

I have always been shy round girls which ment that I have never had a girl friend. I had just turned 17 when I decided to try having some fun with a guy instead and I went on a couple of sites looking through profiles trying to see what might be fun and I saw a profile that made my eyes light up.

It said:

Male, 6ft tall, 8 1/2 inch un-cut cock looking to dominate a slut.

Strait away my cock twitched into life and became very hard and I sat at the computer staring for a while looking at his pics and what he likes and I decided to send him a message with some pics.

I love dressing up in my s****rs underwear and I love taking pictures of me in them so I sent him some of the pictures I had taken + some of me fully nude and within a couple of minutes he had replied asking me questions about me and wether I had been with a guy before and as soon as I told him I was a virgin he organised a time for us to meet at my place and it was all set.

I was shaking with nerves waiting for him to turn up and my cock was so hard with excitement, I just wanted to unload my cum but I had been told not to. There was half and hour left before my Master was going to get to me so I ran into my s****rs room to find some sexy underwear and then I went into her bathroom to have a shower and get all cleaned up for my Master before drying myself off and getting dressed into the underwear.
They wear red silk which I loved wearing, they felt so good on my skin and even better on my hard cock.

I was just walking out of her room when I hered a knock on the front door, I was shaking even more now, wether it was from the excitement or from the fear I dont know but I slowly walking to the door still only just wearing the underwear and all I could think about was the hope that was my Master at the door and not someone else.
I slwoly opened the door to be greated by this older looking tall guy.

"Hello slut" was all he said.

I took a deep breath before repling " Hello Master"

I invited him in and we went into the front room where my Master sat on one of the arm chairs and told me to slowly turn around so he could see my full body in my s****rs red silk panties and bra.

I then hered him satnd up and move towards me and then it went dark as he slid a black silk blindfold over my eyes and then with a loud voiced he ordered me to open my mouth which I did straight away and I straight away felt something being f***ed into my mouth. It had staps on it which were fastened behind my head.

He sharply grabbed my arm and he took me upstairs and into my s****rs room and f***ed me on to the bed.
He rubbed his firm hands all over my body exploring me, speazing at my nipples through the silk bra.

He then rolled me over on to my front and I felt him start to tie my hads together and then he spead my legs and tied each one to the bottom corner bed posts and I then felt him get off the bed.

It went quiet for a couple of minutes which seemed like hours as I layed on the bed all tied up.
I felt scared but I also felt so turned on.

I soon hered him getting undressed and he was soon getting back on the bed with me. I felt his full body lay on top of me and I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck.

He layed on top of me for a while before I felt his hand grip my ass and then f***efully pull the panties to one side and he wispered something into my ear.

"I am going to enjoy this slut"

And with that I felt a sharp pain in my ass as he f***ed his big cock into my virgin ass, I had never felt pain like it but I also kind of liked it. He kept forcing his cock deeper and deeper not pulling it back just pushing it in deeper until his full length was inside me then he pulled it all the way out and then back in again. He fucked me like this for ages fucking hard and fast. I had already cum in my s****rs silk panties and I could feel the cum allover my cock and as I was just starting to enjoy the feeling when I hered and loud slap followed by a sharp pain on one of my ass cheeks, this was followed by many more while he was still pounding his big cock inside my.

He then grabbed my hair and pulled me up and into the doggy position.

He kept hold of my hair and he kept pulling me back on to his cock fucking me even harder and faster than before.

I did not think I could take anymore when all of a sudden he frust his cock deep inside me one more time and held it inside me as I felt his cock unload it's cum. It felt that someone had turned a hose on inside my ass and he did not seem to stop cumming for a couple of minutes.

His body collapsed on top of me and I could feel his sweat dripping all over my body and it was quite a few minutes before I felt his cock slide out of my ass. I was so releaved but I also felt so empty not having him inside me.
We layed on the bed for about an hour when I felt my Master get up and start to untie my hands and just as I thought it was all over he f***ed my hands above my head until they were fully stretched out above me and he tied them to the top bed post so I could not move.
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3 years ago
amazing!!!!!!!!!! more more more!!!!
4 years ago
wow!! grr ate story!!
4 years ago
Nice! More give me More!
4 years ago
oh baby!
4 years ago
That was real erotic and sexy too you have to do more this one could be a serial thanks