My Asian Toy Ch. 2

In chapter one my little Asian cunt came to me for training. She did okay in the face of her nervousness, however I did feel a tooth when my cock was in her throat. Of course that was unacceptable.

So I dragged her to my desk and had her bent over and spread.

She looked back with tears in her eyes, I raised the crop high.

It whistled through the air, with a resounding crack as it hit her little butt cheek. She screamed, her whole body tense, her head thrown back. I had placed a full length mirror in front of the desk and the look of anguish on her face was wonderful.

Again, whack!...whack!....whack!.

She cried out "sir please..stop!"


Lovely red welts were appearing on her white ass cheeks. Three more good ones, whack!..whack!..whack!, and I dropped the crop. Her knuckles were straining where she was gripping the desk. Her whole body was shaking, her head dropped to the desk.

I roughly used my knee to widen her thighs even more. I cupped her now wet pussy which was hot to the touch. I gripped my 7" thick cock. I guided it to her oily slit.

I had one hand on her back as I began to rub the head of my thick cock up and down her pussylips. I could hear her quietly sobbing as I slowly worked my way inside her tight cunt. I realized that this was going to be a very tight pussy when it felt like a clamp on my cockhead. I moved my cock in circles, up and down, trying to get it lubricated with her juices.

With little in and out movements I advanced into her wetness. I could not believe how tight she was! I spread her butt cheeks and gave a little thrust.

"Umph!"..she grunted.

"Sir....please....your too big!"

"Shush"..I answered.

She was moving her hips from side to side trying to accommodate me. My cock was going in and out, in and out, a little bit at a time in her wet pussy. I pulled back, almost out.....then...I thrust! Four inches in her tight pussy!

Her head was shaking from side to side, her long black hair flying. A push, a nudge and a final thrust and I was buried in her wonderfully tight pussy. I held right there savoring the feeling.


Quietly she answered "yes sir?"

"How does this feel?"

"Oh sir, I can't believe it is inside of me."

I leaned over her back and grabbed a handful of her long hair, yanking her head painfully back.

"Tell me what I want to hear my little whore!"

I growled at her "c'mon slut, my slave...tell me what you came for."

With a resigned sigh she answered "Sir..fuck me sir."

With that I straightened up and pulled my cock out of her pussy. She yelped and I drove the entire length of my cock back deep in her pussy. Again, all the way out, then all the way in. Without mercy I began to fuck my little Asian toy.

Long hard strokes, building with intensity, I thrust inside the tight wet pussy. She was grunting with each lunge. I was trying to hurt this little pussy. The desk was shaking, I was bruising her thighs.

We were both breathing hard. I reached up and yanked her head back as I fucked away. Faster and harder, jacking her hips back to me. A fucking blur.

She was making incoherent noises and raising up on her toes. I was ramming away into her like an a****l, grunting like a b**st.

Then I began to slow down. Slowly I came to a stop deep in her. She slumped on the desk.

I patted her ass, then I spread her butt cheeks. Seeing her little puckered hole I said to her..."there's one more place for me to go slave."

"Sir no, please's no way you will fit..please!"

I pulled my cock slowly out of her tight pussy.

"Remember cunt, your here for my pleasure."

I got my little bottle of oil and lathered up my cock. Then I squirted a bit on her asshole. She jumped like I stuck her with something.

"" she quietly cried.

I rubbed her lil hole with my finger tip, getting it very oily. I could see her pucker up like a wink. I reached in the drawer of the desk and pulled out a short length of surgical tubing. I fastened this to the tip of the bottle of oil.

Smiling I brought the end of the tubing to her obvious tight asshole. Slowly I worked the tip in. Even the 1/4" tubing didn't go in to easy. She clenched and at the point I squeezed the bottle, send a fair amount of oil deep in her rectum.

She slumped on the desk and seemed resigned to her fate. I pulled the tubing from her now very oily asshole.

I brought my cock to bear, touching her there, at her tightest hole yet.

"Please sir" she begged.

"Push out little one" I said.

She hesitated then I could feel her asshole push out a bit at me. I pushed........the head popped in! She gasped, her back arched. So tight! Her ring of muscle gripped me, held me.

" too big" she cried.

The inside walls of her ass were very oily, which helped both of us. With a growl of lust I pushed, like an obscene hook my cock advanced, inch by inch.

"Ungg..ungg...oh..oh..ahhhh"..she moaned.

Two inches, three inches, I watched as her tight hole stretched for my thickness. She was trying to stand up, her face in the mirror one of disbelief. I f***ed her back down to the desk.

Oil was seeping out around my cock as 5 inches disappeared in her asshole. One hard nudge and I buried myself, my cock, all the way in her ass.

She could not move, she just stayed there, pinned. I ground into her, moving my hips side to side. The tight sensation was unbelievable, every nerve ending was on fire.

I slowly withdrew out, back. Halfway, then back in.

"Aaaaaaaaah...oh yes my slut, my asstoy."

I began my slow fuck of her ass, so tight, long strokes back, long strokes in. Her back humped and arched with each stroke.

She was ooing and ahing with each thrust. My cock fucking that sweet tight oily ass. My pace picked up. I was pulling back to the head then..a hard thrust back in deep. Faster..a bit harder. Her hole had loosened somewhat, oil was running down the backs of her legs.

Holding onto her hips I braced my legs and started to give her everything that I had. Fucking that ass..trying to hurt that ass. She was yelping and crying out for me to stop.

I was leaning into it now. I grabbed her head and pulled her back onto me. Meeting my thrusts. Faster.

Like a wild dog humping into her. Thrusting as hard as I could. Feeling myself get close..........

Then, without warning I exploded.


I bucked into her, cumming..... jets of sperm shooting out of me. My whole body spasiming. With my head on fire I saw her throw her head back..jerking, smacking the desk. Still thrusting, slower, pulling her to me, she collapsed for the last time onto the desk, like a rag doll.

I fell over on top of her exhausted. Our sweat mingled as I gave her little bites on the back of her neck. My softening cock slipped out of her loose asshole.

I pulled her upright, got an arm under her and lifted, carrying her over to a sofa. We plopped down, her head tight to my chest.

"Well my little Asian toy, how was that?"

"Oh are too bad."

" are glad you came right?"

Quietly she said.."yes sir."

"You did well today toy, we will see you again."
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