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The tunnel of Lynn's ass was gripping me so fucking close. A wave of sensation fell over me. My body shuddered uncontrollably as I wallowed in the constricting pleasure of Lynn's ass. I pushed again, this time driving deeper. Lynn and I both groaned as the bulbous head of my cock popped past the ring of her sphincter.

Lynn's body tightened as I drove into her for the third time. I was beginning to develop a rhythm. The warm sheath of her ass felt so snug around the throbbing shaft of my cock.

Each thrust took me deeper inside of Lynn; each movement brought us closer to being joined. We were rocking back and forth, grunting and groaning in a guttural passion.

Lynn craned her neck to face me. She brushed away the blonde hair that had fallen over her eyes and said, "You fucking pussy!" Her words passed through her gnashed teeth, giving her voice a raw, feral tone. "Throw your back into it. Can't you come up with more than that? You've been waiting for this since August. Is that all the photograph is to you?"

Until that moment, I had been playing nice. I hadn't wanted to push too deep or too hard. But that changed. This bitch had the nerve to complain about how I was fucking her? Screw her! No more pity! She would be a limp subservient rag when I was done assaulting her ass. I flexed my arms and pulled Lynn back on my waiting dick. My pole slid further into her butt. I was now most of the way in - time to pick up some speed.

The next thrust was fast and deep. "Is that how you like it? You might like pussy but you also need the cock too, don't you?" I yelled as I smacked Lynn's sweaty ass. The sharp, wet, thwacking sound was followed by another. I looked down and saw a red mark where my hand impacted with her flesh. "You crave it, don't you? You slut? You whore? You fucking whore!"

"Oh fuck..." was Lynn's reply. My new pace had thrown her off-guard. Her mouth moved several times, as if she was about to speak. Each time her lips parted, however, the sound fell into a wail. Tears ringed around her eyes. A shiny sheen of sweat pooled at the small of her back. As my cock continued to tear into her, Lynn somehow managed to locate the words, "Good boy.... Yes, give that fucking cock. C'mon, don't be a pussy. Give it to me... ohhhhh, fuck my ass."

My throbbing cock was now pummeling Lynn's bunghole. The heat was intoxicating. Clearly, the friction in her butt was getting the best of her. She moaned with every thrust, whipping her hair from side to side. One of Lynn's hands had now moved underneath her body. From the jerking motions, I could tell that Lynn was feverishly strumming her pussy.

Moving quickly, I grabbed Lynn by the forearm. With sudden and deliberate f***e, I yanked her hand away from her aching pussy.

Lynn whined the word, "Nooooooo..." as she tried to pull her hand free of my grasp.

Banging my cock into her ass, I demanded, "No way. Not until you tell me what you are."

Between gasps, Lynn asked, "What I am?" She sounded genuinely confused, as she feebly tried to pull her arm free.

I paused and then said, "You are a whore." I punctuated each word with a thrust of my hips. "Say it."

Lynn looked at me. She was biting her lips, trying to stand strong. But then I slammed into her again three times in staccato succession. Lynn's body writhed, as raw sensation ripped through her helpless flesh. Her mouth went wide in a high, keening wail, "I AM A FUCKING WHORE!!!!"

I released her arm. In a devastating blur, Lynn went to work on her pussy. Within seconds, she was wailing again, "Ohhhhhhh yesssss... you bastard.... God, yeah.... FUCK YOU!!!!" A warm spray of pussy juice shot from her cunt. Lynn's liquid arousal bathed my balls. Her ass contracted wickedly, squeezing my cock with a vice grip.

I withdrew my cock from Lynn's ass as she settled down from her orgasm. She stared at me, trying in vain to find words. The sensation of the cum wiped her mind clean -- back to a blank slate.

I grabbed Lynn around the waist and flipped her over. She tumbled over the couch and landed flat on her back. I walked around to the other side and yanked her pants and thong completely off. I knelt on the floor and lined my cock up once again with her ass. The "O" ring of her butt was wide and loose. This time I would slide in easily.

Again, I spit on my cock lubricating my skin. Then I rammed myself home. This time I buried my dick balls deep with a single thrust. Skin slapped on skin with a sharp, wet thwack. Lynn squealed in shock as I slammed her with my meat. I pulled her legs up over my shoulders. I wanted to do this deep and hard. I had to use every bit of f***e that I could muster.

Lynn's eyes flashed with an electric excitement. I leaned down, bending her legs further backward. My chest touched against the leather of her corset. Our faces were inches apart. Her breath felt warm on my face. The faint scent of alcohol mixed with the aroma of her arousal. A raw intensity crackled between us as we bucked and thrust against each other.

Lynn's mouth broke into a massive grin. I squinted quizzically. Then she spit at me, before grinning again. \ That bitch! I roared and switched into overdrive. I pushed my hips as hard I could. Saliva dribbled down my face as I jack-hammered into Lynn's lean body. Oh fuck, this was too good! We were a****ls dripping in sweat, spit, and cum. The feral b**st was in control of our movements. Fuck, slam, fuck!

The pace was too much; the friction was too hot. My breath was ragged, as I pounded Lynn's ass. I was close. "I'm gonna cum," I moaned.

"You bastard! Noooooo," Lynn groaned.

"What?" I replied, the hazy cloud of lust almost fully descended.

"In my mouth." Lynn demanded. Her eyes were alive with need. "Pull your cock out of my ass and put it in my mouth. I want to taste my ass. I need to drink your cum."

There was no time to argue. Every second was precious. I immediately withdrew my cock from Lynn's ass. It slid free with an obscene "sploop" sound. Like a mad woman, Lynn whirled around and dropped to her knees. Gripping my shaft firmly in her left hand she rubbed it all over her face. Sweat and make-up smeared, making Lynn appear like a lewd raccoon. She picked my scrub pants off the floor and wiped down my cock. Then, with a wicked grin, she popped my cock into her mouth.

I put both of my hands on either side of Lynn's head and started fucking her face. Wet gurgling sounds rose up from her throat. I could see tears forming at her eyes, but I didn't care. Instead, I just buried her hands in her hair and drove her back and forth mercilessly. This was a BJ -- a pure skull fuck - without subtlety or art. All that existed was rhythm and desire. To ease my passage, she reached up and pulled her cheeks wide with her fingers. She was a hole, a fucking hole for my cock.

I couldn't take any more. Seeing Lynn kneeling, taking my dick deep made me lose my nut. A rope of cum, followed by a second and third, shot from my dick. My knees buckled as I trembled in orgasm.

For a long moment I stood there, my cock between Lynn's lips. Her tongue swirled softly caressing the head and glands. Panting and gasping, the two of us came down in silence. Eventually, Lynn released my dick and stood back up. She pulled up her thong and leather pants. Shaking her head in semi-disbelief, Lynn looked at me. A slight smile crept onto her face.

"We still have our agreement?" she asked, as she wiped her hand across her mouth.

I just nodded.

"Good," she replied. She stood in front of the hallway mirror and straightened her clothes. Lynn smiled at herself in the mirror. Her expression was odd and crooked, a tightrope walk between self-satisfaction and disgust. Tucking a stray strand of blonde hair behind her right ear, Lynn said, "You know I can't fucking stand you, right?"

I smiled and fell back naked on to the couch. The fabric was wet with our juices. Lynn's saliva still dribbled from my cock and balls. For a moment I weighed my words. Then I responded, "Absolutely, Lynn. The feeling is mutual."

Lynn turned to face me. I might not like her, but she was still one sexy bitch. Lynn nodded and said, "I know." Lynn opened my door and then stepped outside. She briskly turned around again, her face breaking into a full-on grin. "That makes the fuck so much better. I can't wait until next time."

And then she closed the door.
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