Out of the Closet

It wasn't that it was a big surprise to the people who know me when I came out of the closet to announce to the world that I was homosexual. Truth be told, other than my mother I was about the only one who didn't know I was gay as I grew up. The signs were all there but as I was raised in, a fundamental background all sex was a sin and a subject not discussed in our household. I can't be sure if my mother ever noticed or just didn't understand the signs. One would think that because I preferred to play Barbie with the neighborhood girls to baseballing, or whatever they call it, with the neighborhood boys would raise a red flag. I realized early in life that I was the 'odd' man out but had no idea that it was just because I didn't belong in the heterosexual world of our neighborhood.

In my teen years, I was more asexual than anything else, I just didn't have the desires the other boys seemed to have. This made my mother happy as she called the boys who came to visit my older s****r noting but rutting a****ls. Even the college mother chose for me hindered my sexual development, as it not only was a religious school but close to home so she could watch over me.

After graduation and twenty-one, I married Darleen, a young lady from our church only because my mother said it was time for me to find a wife and settle down. Our wedding night was a disaster as neither knew what to do or cared to do it. After another couple of failed attempts, we just kind of forgot about our marital duties.

My first job was with a tax accounting firm and as I had a head for numbers it didn't take me long to become their go to guy. When the mayor found out he was to be audited he came to our firm for help and guidance. I was assigned full time to his staff until his audit was over. I was surprised at how nice Mayor John treated me right from the first day. Yet I found it unsettling the way he would lean over me to observe my work. With his hands on my shoulder and his face so close, I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck, I would find myself becoming aroused. Back home at night I kept getting erotic thoughts that always involved the mayor and myself.

When he invited me to spend a working weekend at the Mayoral Mansion, I accepted without a thought. When I arrived, he informed me that the staff had the night off as his wife and f****y were out of town. We went to his bedroom to retrieve some records and once there he said he was going to get comfortable. He took off his clothes and when he got down to his shorts it was oblivious he had an erection. As he reached for his jogging suit, he noticed I was staring at him. He put the suit back and came to where I was sitting and as he stood in front of me, his erection was mere inches from my face.

"Tim, why are you staring at my hard-on?"

I could feel my face turn bright red and yet all I wanted was lean over and kiss the tip of his penis. He must have read my mind as he instructed me to take him out of his boxers. I knew what I was doing was wrong and yet my desire was stronger than my moral compass. With trembling hands, I reached into his fly and grasped his organ. My first touch of another man's penis was all it took to open my eyes to my sexual preference. My sexual ignorance may have made a disaster of my wedding night but with the mayor, I knew what I wanted and that was to feel this man inside my mouth. The manly aroma from his groin and his slightly salty taste was driving me to a fever pitch but what I wanted was a taste of his sperm. When he came I was ready and as I felt his manhood twitch I closed my mouth around him not wanting to lose a drop. I could feel it on the roof of my mouth as he shot rope after rope of his sweet nectar down my throat. I cleaned him off one more time and as I tucked him back into his shorts, I thanked him.

The Mayor was amazed when I informed him that he was my first and when he offered to take my anal cherry, I accepted heartily. He was very gentle with me and had me relaxed and well dilated before he took me from behind. Later he took me while I lie on my back with my legs up and spread apart. I enjoyed this the most as I could watch as he pleasured us both. He held my erection in his hand and we climaxed together in blissful orgasm. The Mayor's stamina was amazing as he took me all night long and we even got into what he called a sixty-nine position where we could put each other's member in our mouths until we came.

It was two days later that he announced on TV that he was resigning and at the same time leaving his wife to be with his new lover, Tim Marshall. I was at our new apartment waiting for him as proud as could be. To think that he was giving up everything just to be with me was more than any one had ever done before and I cried tears of joy. I didn't mind that my first love affair was a public spectacle as my mother called it. Every one now knew we were a gay couple and so there was no reason not to walk down the street holding hands and even a stolen kiss now and then. As for Darlene I think she was happy to find out it wasn't her fault that we had so many problems trying to fulfill a marriage. We got a quiet divorce and I heard she met a nice man. It would do my heart good to see her happy.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Well that was great plan on reading more of our work thanks
4 years ago
I don't know why this is so funny but I'm rolling on the floor laughing at the way you censored the DIRTY (organ,member) words makes my impression of you just soo funny don't worry though I think its cute LOL^_^
4 years ago
Good story Ace your are very good thanks