A holiday with my Uncle part 2

The Next morning I was woken up by my uncle forcing his cock into my ass and one of his friends forcing his cock into my mouth and they both took their time taking it nice and slow to make it last as long as they could. They swapped positions a couple of times but ended up in the same position they started in as they both unloaded their cum inside me.
They both got up and left the room without saying anything and about an hour later my uncle came back on with 2 other guys and I thought I was going to have to go through it all over again but this time they untied me and took me outside to where an old oak tree had falling down and they f***ed me to bend over the tree and they spread my legs and tied me in position and as I looked round me I could see I was surounded by lots of much older men and a few different aged woman who were wearing strap-ons and again I could see cameras set up all round me too so I new I was going to be filmed again but this time I was going to be fucked by alot more men and maybe even some of the woman.
My uncle started of fucking my ass and once he had got going he called over one of the men standing round me and this guy came walking over and he must have been in his last 60's early 70's but all I new was that he was very.
As the guy got closer he started rubbing his cock making it grow to a full 6inches and he grabbed the back of my head and eased his cock into my mouth and slowly started to face fuck me.
This old guy took it nice and slow but my uncle was giving it to me as hard as he could but the good thing was he did not last too long before he was cumming inside me again and he pulled his cock out of me and the next guy came over and started fucking me and this happened all day with each one of the 80 or more men fucking my face and my ass and some of the came back of seconds and thirds but around 8pm I have taken the last guy and as he unloaded his cum deep down my throat he held his full lengh in me for a few second before finally pulling out leaving me gasping for air and I thought that I was finally going to be untied and hopefully taken back to the cabin but I was wrong. It was now time for the woman to have their fun with me and they all grouped round me but half of them had taken their strap-ons off so I could see their clean shaven pussy dripping wet infront of me.
They first called over a couple of the guys to untie me and move me over to a clearing a fw mitres away where there were two stakes sticking 4 feet out of the ground with rope tied to them. The men layed my on the floor and tied my hand to the bottom of the stakes before pulling my legs up towards my head but not too far and they then tied them to the top of the stakes leaving that rope abit loose so I could move my legs about.
One of the woman came over and lowered herself down on to my face and started grinding her pussy over my mouth and she ordered me to start licking and when I did not start a sharp stinging sensation shot across my ass as one of the other woman started to cane my ass and after the second swipe I started licking as fast as I could and as soon as the woman sitting on my face started moaning with pleasure the other stopped caning me.
Then this young girl moved in between my legs and she started to rub the head of her 9 inch strap-on around the entrance to my well used cum filled hole and she was using the cum to help lube up this huge black cock. then with no warning she f***ed her whole body weight on to me forcing this huge cock deep inside me making me cry out and this young girl pound my ass as hard as she could and it was alot harder than any of the guys had fucked me but my attention left the girl fucking my ass because the woman sitting on my face started to move faster as her moans got louder and her body started to shake and she ordered me not to stop licking and she she was cumming hard filling my mouth with her cum and she had to grab hold of one of the stakes to stop her from falling over and once her orgasm had subsided she got up and another took her place and we started all over again and again this went on for many hours with all the woman switching over from either making me lick their pussies or fucking my ass and by the end of the night I dont think I could have taken any more cum without exploding.
I was moved back into my room and again tied up but I was not going to sl**p, the woman started to come into the room with cameras and got them all set up and they made me swallow some pills which seemed to make my cock go rock hard.
Then each one of them took it in turns to ride my cock taking each load of my cum into their pussies and getting off me putting on some leather type panties with a small dildo inside the crotch area which went into the pussy to stop my cum from leaving their pussies and then it was all over at last and for the next 2 days I just slept without anything being done to me.
Then one morning my uncle came into my room and untied me and said I was free to go but I was not aloud to tell anyone about what had happened or the videos that had been taken of me would be spread around to all my friends and f****y.
But when I had the chance to leave a big part of me wanted to stay because I hate to say it but I actually enjoyed being used the way I did and it had opened my mind to new things and when I spoke to my uncle about it he said that I could stay and become a full time slut to any new visitors and also go out on to the streets to earn some money and I lept at the opportunity and am now used daily as a whore by men and woman and some times things that can not be talked about.

The end
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2 years ago
Loved it!!
3 years ago
Keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
Wow, that's a lot of fucking! I'm surprised you could even walk again after all that action. Another classic, thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
I'm hard!
3 years ago
Wow that was hard to read i got so hard that i jacked off three time and i think i can can jackoff one morw tim thanks for the great story
3 years ago
wow i went throught something similar but not 80 guys, only 12 to 20. Im still not sure other than I was royaly fucked.
3 years ago
loved the story
3 years ago
Filthy little whore............... I loved it!!!